Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Slytherin Logic Memes That Are Too Funny

Harry Potter is such a popular franchise that fans have made hundreds and thousands of memes about their favorite books, movies, characters, themes, locations, spells, creatures, and more. You name it and someone in the fandom has created a meme for it and it's probably caught on and made the rounds on social media.

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Even individual Hogwarts houses have their own various memes. We decided to focus specifically on some of the most hilarious Slytherin memes available on the internet because Slytherins often get shafted as one of the darker or "evil" houses when in reality, most of them are as silly and over the top as anyone else.

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10 Is this what baby Slytherins are like?

Every time we saw Slytherins depicted in the Harry Potter universe they were typically shown as rambunctious teenagers or sinister adults. Pretty much every villain in the universe was a Slytherin during their time at Hogwarts, including the most notorious dark wizard himself, Voldemort!

But all Slytherins have to be kids at one point or another, right? What is a typical Slytherin like? Do they hang out with snakes, read them bedtime stories, and tuck them away into their little snake beds? It's pretty adorable when you think about it. Whoever came up with this theory might be on to something.

9 How Gryffindors end an argument versus how Slytherins do

There are plenty of differences between Gryffindors and Slytherins. There is the obvious, which is that the symbol of Gryffindor is a lion and the symbol of Slytherin is a snake, but there tends to be plenty of personality differences too. Well, what about the way one of them leaves the room after a loud argument?

Gryffindors would be polite and close the door behind them but a Slytherin, just like a snake, would do the thing that makes you more annoyed than anything else - leave the door wide open! How frustrating is it when someone comes in your room (where the door is closed) but then walks away and doesn't bother to shut it behind them!?

8 Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Lord Voldemort?

Everyone knows how irritating it is to be relaxing at home, only to have your personal time intruded upon by a door-to-door salesman or someone trying to convert you to a new religion. But what if your visitor was just a normal snake trying to spread the good word of his lord and savior, the king of parseltongue himself, Lord Voldemort?

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It would be kind of hilarious if snakes had the capability to talk about the Dark Lord on a regular basis, complete with tiny snake pamphlets and all. Although, Voldemort only treated Nagini with actual respect, perhaps its Nagini making housecalls.

7 What was the film budget in the early days?

In some of the earlier Harry Potter films, perhaps the budgets were just a little too tight for comfort. Could it be possible that some of the main cast actually took on secondary background roles to become glorified extras in a few scenes? Hogwarts had to fill out its student padding somehow.

Okay, the reality of that being a thing is super unlikely considering how popular the franchise is, but the girl in this photo does look eerily similar to the actor portraying Crabbe. Maybe it's a long-sister we didn't know about! Despite this most likely just being a coincidence, it's still fun to come up with some ridiculous theories, or in this case, jokes.

6 A Ravenclaw and a Slytherin put their heads together and...

One of the best parts of Harry Potter is it gave us a brand new way to figure out people's personalities. Ever since the story became immensely popular, fans have loved to figure out what house they belong to and how their personality traits match up with other people belonging to that house.

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Ravenclaws, thought to be the most erudite and clever of all the houses, would wind up playing babysitter to the mischevious Slytherin groups. Ask a Slytherin to come up with an idea and, going by the track record set by the books and movies, there is a possibility murder could be on the table.

5 Is this the perfect bag for a Slytherin?

It's hard to believe someone designed this bag without having a Slytherin in mind. But of course, if it was really designed in 1968, that's not exactly possible. Unless Harry Potter has been real all along and this is a magical heirloom that somehow wound up in front of prying Muggle eyes.

Either way, there is no denying this is a bag so fashionable you could see Bellatrix Lestrange herself using it on the regular. Especially if, like one of the commenters suggested, it only opened with Parseltongue, it would certainly take some ingenuity to create a security method like that and who better to invent something of this high caliber than a Slytherin?

4 Slytherin online description versus actual description

Slytherins are often thought to be the villains and it's not surprising why they were always made out to be that way in the story. However, that being said, many believe Slytherins have gotten an unfair reputation over the years. Are they all evil? Of course not. Everyone is capable of being good or evil, their Hogwarts house can only predict so much.

That's why this particular meme is so amusing. It talks about how in reality, Slytherins are pretty dorky people who may get caught up in ridiculous schemes (perhaps with a slightly darker bent than most) but at the end of the day, they play dodgeball and screw up just like the rest of us.

3 What do Slytherins do in the bathroom?

If you were creating a super-secret underground lair full of unspoken evils that can only be awoken by a special Parseltongue and Slytherin's heir, where would you put it? Through a secret entrance circa the bathroom of course!

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So if a Slytherin is asking if they go to the bathroom in the middle of a lesson, you should be a little wary about what they plan to get up to in there. Are they really gossiping, using the toilet, or checking their hair in the mirror? Or could they really be doing something nefarious like low-key opening the Chamber of Secrets yet again?

2 All the different ways Slytherins are depicted by people

Everyone has different opinions about who Slytherins are and how they behave based on the experiences they have with them. Gryffindors view Slytherins as their arch-rivals so they would view them as evil beings who all worship Voldemort. Hufflepuffs see Slytherins as bullies, like when they dressed as dementors in the middle of a Quidditch game.

Ravenclaws see them as idiots. Plastic surgeons just hope they shell out their galleons for nose-removal surgery, and Slytherins themselves seem to think they're always partying and celebrating in the Great Hall! At the end of the day, they hang out like normal kids as friends and brew lots of potions in the dungeons.

1 Slytherins may have started the situation

When something bad happens or a catastrophe strikes, who are you going to blame? Gryffindors like to say they're dealing with the situation head-on, trying to put out the fire before it catches. Ravenclaws do the smart thing and immediately excuse themselves from the situation so they're no longer involved. Hufflepuffs play dumb and ignore the entire scenario. And Slytherins... well Slytherins most likely started the situation!

That isn't to say Slytherins are all evil or bad, but they do have a knack for getting up to no good and starting up mischief now and again. They're always quick to defend their own too so if you mess with one you may have to deal with blowback from the rest.

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