Must-Own Gifts For Harry Potter Fans Sorted Into Slytherin

If you've been sorted into Slytherin, you're one of the lucky ones. Gryffindor is overrated, Ravenclaw is snooty, and what on earth is Hufflepuff even doing? Their best? Not good enough. Naturally, a Slytherin deserves only the best which is why this list has only the greatest gifts for the greatest Hogwarts House.

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Whether you're a member of the Slytherin House looking to treat yourself or someone searching for the perfect gift for that special little snake in your life, these products are the epitome of "must-have".

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10 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Slytherin Edition

SEE IT NOW: $16.22

With all the new editions of the Harry Potter series coming out, it's hard to keep up with which style you'd want. Most fans first copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was the original and it might've even been an old, battered second-hand copy.

This black and green design will make a Slytherin fan want to sell their books and buy them again in the Slytherin Edition. It's dark and represents everything that the Slytherin House is. Although it comes in both hardcover and paperback, we'd have to say hardcover is the only way to go.

9 Slytherin Wax Seal

SEE IT NOW: $29.50

If you're obsessed with wax seal stamps and this Slytherin seals will likely push you over the edge. Letter writing is a dying practice that needs to come back. With Hogwarts seal stamps we have faith there is hope for it yet.

Now when you pen a note and tie it to your owl’s leg, the addressee will know exactly who the letter is coming from before they open it up. This kit not only comes with the stamp, but also silver and green wax. Are you sold yet?

8 Slytherin Crest Ceramic Mug

SEE IT NOW: $14.27

Whether you're a coffee drinker or prefer the delicious taste of tea, this mug is going to take your hot beverage drinking experience to the next level. You'll never have to worry about someone taking your cup because they'll always know that it's yours. Plus, any smart person knows not to touch a Slytherin's things.

The bold and sleek black finish really makes the startling green pop. Give this to the Slytherin in your life and you’ll have sealed the deal on an unbreakable and loyal bond.

7 Slytherin Flag

SEE IT NOW: $14.99

Nothing says patriotism more than a banner or flag, so can you even call yourself a Slytherin if you don’t own one with the house emblem on it? Can’t you picture your home with this banner hanging up? It’s the perfect way to show off your house colours with pride so everyone knows you’re an ultimate Slytherin.

What we love about this banner is that you can hang it up anywhere. On your door, in your living room, bedroom; you could even set it up as a garden decoration!

6 Slytherin Insignia Sculpted Wax Pillar Candle

SEE IT NOW: 24.95

Many have an unhealthy obsession with candles, but the sad part about candles is that once they’re done there’s nothing else to do with them. But not this candle.

After you’ve burned through it, you can still reuse it by placing tea lights inside. It’s the candle that lives forever and there are very few things better than that. The only downside is that it “does not light by yelling Lumos at it”. Considering the life length of it, you’re getting one of the best deals out there when it comes to candles.

5 Top Trumps Collector's Tin

SEE IT NOW: $12.51

Top Trumps is the best way to see who really is rated the best, but what's the point in having a game if you can’t take it with you anywhere and play it with everyone? That’s why this Slytherin Collector Tin is something any Top Trumps player desperately needs, especially when they’re a Harry Potter fan. You’ll be the envy of every Hogwarts House and rightly so.

The travel size tin is the perfect and subtle way to carry Top Trumps with you anywhere but once someone sets their sights on it, it'll be hard to get them to say no to a game.

4 Patch Knit Scarf

SEE IT NOW: $19.99

A scarf is an underrated article of clothing. In fact, it’s so much more than that. It is an accessory that can take your outfit to the next level of fashion, comfort, and warmth. Of course, those are three things that every Slytherin looks for whether they’ll admit it or not.

This Slytherin scarf is the perfect way to let the world know your Hogwarts house while also staying fashionable and warm through any season or occasion. If the scarf isn’t enough, you can always add a hat and stockings to your outfit to achieve ultimate Slytherin fashion power.

3 Lord Voldemort's Wand in Ollivander's Box

SEE IT NOW: $37.50

While not every Slytherin is a fan of the Dark Lord, one can still admire the power, determination, and strength he had. If you are one of those people then you absolutely need a replica of Voldemort’s wand in its very own box right from Ollivander's Shop.

The wand is exactly 14 inches long, but don’t go off and trying to cast any Unforgivable Curses. Just because it belonged to the Dark Lord doesn’t mean anyone should be following in his footsteps.

2 Voldemort Funko POP

SEE IT NOW: $10.99

Many movie fans collect Funko POP figurines because what’s not to love about them? It’s the grown-up way to own dolls and no one’s going to judge you for it. It’s also a great way to own the most adorable version of your favorite characters, especially the villains.

You thought Voldemort couldn’t be cute? You thought wrong! Right from his soulless eyes and noseless face, this Funko POP figurine is the next best thing for your collection. Add on Snape and Dumbledore and you can recreate some of your favorite Harry Potter movie scenes.

1 Stuffed Snape

SEE IT NOW: $5.09

We were all in the same boat when Snape finally met his end.  All we wanted to do was give the poor man a hug, which is what you would have been able to do if you had owned this plushie Snape doll. None of us are above stuffed animals and we know you aren’t either.

Snape is the bravest man Harry Potter ever knew and thus, an iconic and inspirational symbol that every true Slytherin needs and deserves to own in their home. Although he stands only 4 inches tall in real life, this plushie will still make a big impression in your collection.

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