Scream Franchise Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Billy Loomis And Sidney Prescott In Scream With Hogwarts Sorting Hat

In the '90s, Scream turned the horror genre on its head with a self aware story of a masked killer stalking teens. With characters aware of the “rules” of horror movies, a heroine determined to be more than just a final girl, and a catchphrase that prompted discussions all over the world, Scream became an instant classic. Sidney Prescott earned her place as a next generation classic scream queen after her predecessors of the '70s and '80s. 

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The movie spawned three sequels (so far), as well as an homage via a slasher series on MTV. If the characters of the franchise had been able to attend Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, perhaps they would have had an even better chance of making it to the end of the movie. 

10 Gale Weathers: Slytherin

Gale Weathers became a true friend to Sidney as the four movies continued, but in the first film, she was a reporter looking for answers. Some might believe her quest for the truth and investigative instincts could sort her into Ravenclaw, but Slytherin is a better fit for her.

Gale’s ambition drove her in her earliest appearance. She wanted to be more than a reporter broadcasting small town stories. Gale wanted the spotlight and the biggest story she could get her hands on. Even the deaths of her cameramen couldn’t slow her down while she tried to unravel the clues to Ghostface’s identity in multiple movies.

9 Dewey Riley: Gryffindor

Dewey Riley Scream Franchise Gryffindor

A slightly bumbling deputy in the first movie who let his crush on Gale get in the way of his work, Dewey Riley proved himself to be more than capable of taking on the bad guy. Dewey is definitely a Gryffindor.

Though he wasn’t yet the most experienced of deputies, he placed himself on protective duty for Sidney and her friends in the first movie. Dewey put himself in the line of fire regularly to make sure the residents of Woodsboro were safe. With each successive movie, he became better at his job, and more aware of people attempting to manipulate him for information. He never let anything stop him from trying to bring the killer(s) to justice.

8 Kirby Reed: Hufflepuff

Kirby Scream 4 Hufflepuff

Kirby, one of the new generation of characters in Scream 4, actually shares traits from a lot of the Hogwarts houses. She’s got a head for pop culture and horror, and her knowledge leans her toward Ravenclaw. Kirby is also incredibly brave, trying to find a way to survive and save people she cares about in extreme situations, just like any Gryffindor. At her core, though, Kirby is a Hufflepuff.

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Her finding ways to survive was out of loyalty to the people around her. She stuck by Jill throughout the movie until they were separated in the climactic sequence. Kirby used her movie knowledge to try to save Charlie, but in the end she’s tricked into exposing herself.

Interestingly, Kirby is the only character whose survival is left up in the air for the franchise. If it turned out her character survived the attack, she could wind up as one of the main characters again in future installments, and the audience would get an even better idea of what Hogwarts house she belonged to.

7 Cotton Weary: Hufflepuff

Cotton Weary Scream 3 Hufflepuff

Cotton Weary is best known among Scream fans as the man falsely imprisoned for murder. When Sidney’s mother was killed before the events of the film, she believed she saw Cotton at the scene. It was Sidney’s testimony that put him away.

Initially not too happy with Sidney, Cotton didn’t let her belief in his guilt stop him from attempting to turn his life around, working hard to earn a living and lead a successful existence despite his history. He even publicly spoke with Sidney to let her know he didn’t blame her, and helped her get away from the real killer, refusing to give up her location in the third movie when pressed for it. Cotton wanted justice served as much as anyone. He certainly belonged in Hufflepuff.

6 Randy Meeks: Ravenclaw

Randy Scream Ravenclaw

If any character in the franchise makes an easy job for the Sorting Hat, it’s Randy Meeks. He was a true Ravenclaw.

Randy was the audience’s first introduction to a horror movie buff. Not only was he able to recite movie history and quote scenes, but he made the “rules” of horror easily digestible for the audience. Randy even planned for the event of his death, putting his knowledge on tape for Sidney to use in the future.

5 Jennifer Jolie: Slytherin

Jennifer Jolie Scream 3 Slytherin

In the third Scream movie, the fictional Stab franchise, inspired by the Woodsboro murders, had become a huge deal. Jennifer Jolie snagged the role of Gale. Much like the woman she portrayed, Jennifer allowed her ambition to guide her.

Jennifer wanted to a be a star, but she was willing to put in the work. She followed Gale, learning what she could about the reporter, to make sure she perfected her role. Jennifer also decided to stick close to Gale when a new Ghostface emerged. Her reasoning? Ghostface likely wouldn’t kill the real Gale, so she was safe as long as she stayed by Gale’s side. That reasoning didn’t work out for her, but even in death, her ego was evident. She yelled at Ghostface that he couldn’t kill her because she was playing the killer in the movie.

4 Roman Bridger: Slytherin

Roman Scream 3 Slytherin

On the one hand, Roman appeared to have a lot of Hufflepuff in him. His motivations were the family he never had and a sense that he hadn’t been treated fairly by the world. Of course, his need for revenge and the way he went about achieving it all spoke to his more dominant Slytherin side.

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In Scream 3, Roman revealed himself as Sidney Prescott’s half-brother. Their mother gave birth to him after being assaulted while she was an up-and-coming actress using a stage name. When she rejected the adult Roman, he set his plan in motion. It was Roman who set Billy Loomis on his path to Ghostface. Roman bided his time until he could get to Sidney in the third movie, also revealing that he wanted the recognition she was getting as the survivor. 

3 Billy Loomis: Hufflepuff

Billy Loomis Scream Hufflepuff

Though Billy is definitely the villain in the first movie, he’s not exactly slick or ambitious enough to be a Slytherin. Instead, like those characters whose loyalty motivates them to be heroes, Billy is a Hufflepuff.

All of Billy’s motivation comes from a place of betrayal. His father having an affair with Sidney’s mother caused the Loomis family to dissolve into chaos. Billy took his anger out on Maureen Prescott, and later Sidney and her friends. The loyalty he felt for his mother, and his unbalanced sense of justice, led to his actions in the first movie.

2 Jill Roberts: Slytherin

Jill Roberts Scream 4 Slytherin

Sidney’s younger cousin seemed like Sidney 2.0 in the fourth film. In reality, Jill was a lot more conniving than Sidney ever was. She was definitely a Slytherin.

Jill tricked all of her friends into believing she actually cared about them, when what she really wanted was to use them in a plot to make herself famous — by killing them all. She even seduced her friend Charlie into being her partner in crime, planning on framing both her ally and her cheating ex-boyfriend for the killing spree. What Jill wanted more than anything was to have fans, people who adored her for being the survivor, just like her cousin Sidney.

1 Sidney Prescott: Gryffindor

Sidney Prescott Scream Franchise Gryffindor

At the center of every Ghostface spree is Sidney Prescott. If the Scream franchise ever ventures into another film, it’s likely Sidney will still be involved in some way. As the person constantly putting her life on the line to save herself and her friends, Sidney is definitely a Gryffindor.

Sidney didn’t just survive the Scream movies. She also went back into dangerous situations to save her friends, testified in multiple court cases, and provided eye witness accounts of events, despite all of the attention and trouble it brought her. Sidney wanted the bad guys to pay for their crimes and the good guys to live their lives. She’s a true Gryffindor.

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