Harry Potter: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Room Of Requirement

Harry Potter's world is full of magical places and objects, but the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts is perhaps the most wondrous of them all.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is absolutely chock full with every kind of magical object, place, or idea that most people could conceive of. And while there are a lot of significant magical locations within the mythological world of Harry Potter, there is no place that is more important or that is given more detail than Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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Hogwarts is home to a seemingly limitless amount of magic and mystery, but one of the castle's most unique and charming features is something called the Room of Requirement. The Room of Requirement is exactly what it sounds like, it's a room that transforms into whatever the room's seeker needs at that very moment. It's one of the strangest concepts in the Harry Potter world, and it's a plot device that is used to great effect throughout the story. But here are 10 things that you probably still didn't know about the room of requirement.

10 The Room Can Only Appear To Those Who Need It

Harry Potter - Luna With Patronus

This might seem like an obvious caveat to something that is literally called the "room of requirement", however in order to actually find the room the finder has to sincerely need it. There have been plenty of people at Hogwarts who have desperately wanted to find the room at one time or another, however the room will not appear to someone simply because they want to find it. There has to be a specific need for the room in the moment that it's found, and obviously the room will change it's contents and appearance to mold to whatever the seeker needs most.

9 The Room Can Take The Same Form For More Than One Person

The room of requirement needs a certain level of specificity to appear at all. The person who finds it obviously has to need it for a specific purpose, but the room isn't something that specifically belongs to them, if that makes sense.

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For instance, one of the most obvious and common reasons that anyone at Hogwarts would need the room of requirement is because they need to hide something. But when the room transforms into a hiding place it's not just a hiding place for that specific person, it transforms into a room where everyone who has ever needed to hide something has actually hidden it.

8 The Room May Be Unplottable

Death Eater Practice Dummy in Room of Requirement From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This isn't something that has been canonically confirmed so much as something that can be inferred based on the facts presented in canon, but it would seem that the room of requirement is unplottable. Being unplottable essentially means that the location can't be traced, it has both been magically hidden from sight and enchanted so it can't be put on any map. Obviously the room of requirement fulfills the hidden from sight qualification, but Harry also notices that the room of requirement never appears on the Marauder's Map, causing Hermione to speculate that the room of requirement is likely unplottable.

7 You Can Only Follow Someone In If You Know Its Current Purpose

Given the purpose and function of the room of requirement, it's no surprise that there is often times someone who wants to follow another person into the room for whatever reason. But while that is actually possible, it is exceptionally difficult. The room of requirement obviously operates on a certain set of rules, and one of those rules is that it can serve the same purpose for more than one person, but they both have to need the same thing in order to get the same room. So if someone wants to follow another person into the room then they have to know the purpose it's serving for that person and be seeking it out themselves.

6 It Has Other Names

Any Harry Potter fan will be familiar with the room of requirement, however that isn't the official name for it. It actually doesn't have an official name, the room of requirement is just the most common way that it's been referred to, and that title is more of an explanation of the actual function that the room serves more than anything.

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But when Dobby the house elf first tells Harry Potter about the room of requirement he also refers to it as the come and go room, which once again seems to be an obvious reference to the behavior of the room but not an official name for it.

5 It May Have Been Damaged By Fiendfyre

Undoubtedly one of the most memorable scenes that takes place in the room of requirement in the Harry Potter series is the confrontation between the golden trio and Draco Malfoy and his goons during the Battle of Hogwarts. During that confrontation, Vincent Crabbe conjures something called fiendfyre, a type of cursed fire that appears to have the ability to destroy almost anything. And it hasn't been confirmed or denied in any of the Harry Potter media, but considering the fact that this fiendfyre manages to destroy a Horcrux it seems logical to assume that the fiendfyre may have done some kind of permanent damage to the magical room itself too.

4 It May Be Sentient

Room of Requirement in Harry Potter

Magic isn't something that needs to be or even always can be explained, and the room of requirement is obviously a little piece of the Harry Potter world that is unique but mostly unexplained. However, the very nature of the room would indicate some ability to "think" on some level. Obviously the seeker of the room guides how the room appears, but the fact that it can transform into whatever someone needs at a certain time would indicate some kind of almost telepathic abilities on the part of the room of requirement. I guess it depends on your definition of sentient, but it does appear that the room has some kind of sentient abilities.

3 It Has Limitations

Although the room of requirement is able to provide almost anything that a witch or wizard could need at a certain time, it, like anything, has certain limitations that cannot be overcome. For instance, the room cannot provide food for the person who requires it (because one of the basic magical laws that cannot be broken is that something can't be created from nothing).

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And obviously while it can provide a room that fulfills the need of whoever is using it at the time, what the room can provide is limited by whatever can be created and maintained within a physical room.

2 It Has Common Uses

The room of requirement can become almost anything that a witch or wizard really needs at one time or another, however it comes as no surprise that the room tends to take on just a few typical forms very often. It's exceptionally handy when Dumbledore's Army is looking for a place to practice magic, but most residents in Hogwarts castle need it for the same normal reasons. The most common forms of the room of requirement seem to be a bathroom, a place to hide things, or a place to hide people, and that's really easy to predict given what most students would get up to in school.

1 It Has Loopholes

This may seem obvious to anyone who really thinks it through, but when it comes to using the room of requirement effectively, specificity is really the key. If the user of the room of requirement is looking for a place to hide something in general then they'll get it, however if some other random person is looking for a place to hide something then they'll be able to find whatever has been hidden by the previous person. But if the room of requirement's seeker is looking for a place to hide something from a specific person, then that specific person will never be able to find it.

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