Harry Potter: 10 Facts About Ron Weasley They Leave Out in the Movies

Ron Weasley is a seriously underrated character in the Harry Potter franchise. Despite the fact that he is an integral part of the famous trio, Harry and Hermione are constantly overshadowing him. At least in the films. Perhaps this is due to Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson's smoother transition into pop culture fame or simply due to the fact that more of Ron's lines found their way into Watson's script. Whatever the case may be, Ron is not only a loyal friend but a truly fascinating character.

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Like most of the characters, plots, and settings in the films, there is a lot left to the imagination when it comes to Ron (if you haven't read the books). Thankfully, the Internet is available to explain those not in the know of 10 things about Ron Weasley the movies left out.

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10 His middle name is ‘Bilius'

Ron always seems to be drawing the short straw, doesn't he? Besides having to find satisfaction in his hand-me-down robes, wands, and even pets, Ron just seems to be drawn to bad luck. Not that having a name like Ronald Bilius Weasley has anything to do with luck. The name Bilius has its origins in ‘bilious’ meaning bile, which certainly is a humorous notion. Bile has a connotation of temperament, and Ron definitely has a tendency to project his anger from time to time.

9 He's A Pure-Blood

Hermione and Harry both share the struggle in dealing with their status. Hermione is Muggle-Born, as is Harry's mother, and both of them are subject to prejudice because of it. Ron, on the other hand, comes from a family of only wizards, making him a pure-blood; a concept that is idealized by the likes of Voldemort and the Malfoys. In fact, the Weasleys are a part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, which is a circle of true pure-blood wizarding families that have been deemed so since the 1930s. Of course, Ron's father, Arthur Weasley and his association and support of Muggles taint the family name, which has Ron dealing with his own discriminatory struggles.

8 He Hated Saying Voldemort's Name

Harry is immediately introduced to the Wizarding World and given the same rules that have been followed by the community for years: do not dare speak the Dark Lord's name. Of course, Harry will not stoop so low and give into Voldemort's sense of fear. He always refuses to refer to him as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and calls him by his pseudonym. It takes a while for Hermione to come around, but eventually, she forces herself to start referring to Voldemort by his name. Ron is much less willing and always flinches when Harry says anything other than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. This really annoys Harry, but considering Ron is born during the grim times of the First Wizarding War and in a completely immersive wizarding family, it seems obvious why this is such a hard notion to let go of. Ron does eventually overcome this fear.

7 His Other Brother

Okay, so Charlie Weasley is mentioned in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and sure he pops up in a photo during Prisoner of Azkaban, but just briefly. Most fans agree that these don't really count. Charles is all but axed from the films, despite many dubbing him as their favorite Weasley brother.

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Charlie studies dragons in Romania; he helps Hagrid with his pet dragon, Norbert, and he neven helps to deliver the dragons for the Triwizard Tournament. In the books, he's described as the second-eldest Weasley brother, an outdoorsy type, a phenomenal Quidditch player, and is even a member of the Order of the Phoenix who appears in the final Battle of Hogwarts.

6 How He Really Finds Out About Harry and Ginny

Fans audibly unite in their dissatisfaction of Harry and Ginny's on-screen relationship. Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright's chemistry is awkward and stiff and their feelings for each other seemingly come out of nowhere. They share their first cringy kiss in the Room of Requirement and their relationship just sort of unfolds in front of Ron, without any real big defining moment. Thankfully, fans can reread the actual moment that Ron learns about his best friend's relationship with his sister...

After the Gryffindor's win the Quidditch Cup, they all meet up to celebrate in the common room. It's here that Ginny takes the initiative to put their relationship on display and they kiss in front of everyone —including Ron.

5 Weasley Is Our King

Once Ron finds his way onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team, it takes him some time to find his balance (literally and figuratively).  In the movies, he struggles with his self-esteem and skills on the field. He even accepts Harry's Liquid Luck in an effort to perform better on the field. Of course, Harry never really gives this to him and Ron helps win the match with his natural talent. We see the crowd fawn over Ron, which is a delight to see as he is never the center of attention or gratitude. He even gets a kiss from Lavender Brown (although this should have been Harry and Ginny's first kiss, but whatever). The crowd is faintly heard cheering in unison, but this cheer is much more prominent in the books.

The entire school dubs Ron as the King and for weeks they all chant "Weasley Is Our King" which is a full-fledged song. Unfortunately, this riveting moment is downplayed in the films quite a lot, and Ron's acclaimed chant is more seen than heard.

4 He Became A Prefect

In his fifth year, Ron surprises his family by becoming a Prefect. His other brothers, namely Percy, thrive in this role, but the position seems somewhat shocking to Ron and even his friends. Hermione is also named a Prefect the same year, though the decision to hand her responsibility seems natural. Harry is even a little offended that Ron is chosen over him, but of course, Dumbledore always has his reasons.

3 Sirius Gave Him An Owl

Ron notoriously loses his pet rat, Scabbers, when he turns out to be Voldemort's loyal servant, Peter Pettigrew. As a consolation, Sirius gifts Ron a new pet: an owl.

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The Weasley family never really had luck with pets, as their owl Errol had a tendency to fly into windows and fail to deliver the post. Ron's owl is named Pigwidgeon and Ron pretends to hate the creature. Of course, later Ron admits that he is fond of his new pet, especially considering he's not an Animagus.

2 His Career As An Auror

Ron, Harry and Hermione stand on the bridge at Hogwarts in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2'

Harry and Ron both expressed interest in becoming Aurors, the Wizarding World's covert Dark Wizard catcher squad. In order to become one, students must receive certain grades on their O.W.L's and then pass a series of tests post-graduation. Harry has a discussion with McGonagall about these prospects in the books, but Ron's pursuits aren't explored as much. Still, despite Ron's tendency to ignore his homework, Ron also becomes an Auror after the Battle of Hogwarts.

1 He Got His Own Chocolate Frog

As mentioned, Ron is a severely underappreciated character, especially when it comes to Ruper Grint's role in the films. He has much less screen time and dialogue, but Ron has always been a key asset in all of Harry's endeavors.

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He helps find the Sorcerer's Stone, the Chamber of Secrets, the Horcruxes; he helps destroy a Horcrux and essentially helps orchestrate the entire fight against Voldemort. Thankfully, the rest of the Wizarding World takes notice and Ron is memorialized with his own Chocolate Frog card. To this date, Ron declares that this is his greatest achievement.

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