Harry Potter: 10 Things About The Relationships That Haven't Aged Well

Part of the magic of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is the relationships between characters but they haven't all aged well, as our list shows.

JK Rowling's Harry Potter tells the story of a magical world, yet the real magic in the series derives from the beautiful friendships made at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

What good would the series be without the golden trio? How would we make it without the brilliant teamwork from comedic duo Fred and George Weasley? Even Filch's relationship with his cat Mrs. Norris is significant towards our love of the series.

Nearly every bond and connection in the Potter universe is brilliantly written by Rowling, yet some of these relationships would never stand the test of time in the real world.

Here are 10 things about the relationships in Harry Potter that haven't necessarily aged well.


It wouldn't be that far fetched to say wizards have a bit of an arrogant side when it comes to their magical abilities. Who wouldn't gloat about being able to fly on a broomstick? Yet sometimes witches and wizards in the magical universe seem to have a major superiority problem when it comes to their views on muggles. Most wizards see muggles as rather "dim-witted" and feel as though non-magical people lack the ability to be "special" in the same way that they are.

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Their views on muggles fail to acknowledge all of the technological advances non-magical people have on wizards. Why deliver a message via owl when you could just send a text? It's time for Wizards and Muggles to put aside their differences and come together to strengthen their ties. It's 2019 people!


Snape has an "unrequited love" thing going on for his childhood best friend Lily, yet the deeper we dig into the facts surrounding their relationship, the more we realize how creepy and one-sided it really is. Sure, there are a lot of beautiful elements to their relationship, but it doesn't come without its (glaring) faults. Snape maintains his obsession with Lily decades after they've broken all forms of contact. Why did Lily remove all forms of contact with him? Because he called her a Mudblood! Sounds like a solid reason to end a friendship.

If he truly loved her, why would he be so quick to hurt her? And if he loved her as much as he thinks he does, wouldn't he want to look out for her son rather than torment the kid on a regular basis? It just doesn't seem to add up.


It's safe to say that Ron is way too overprotective with his little sister Ginny. Ginny is a mature young lady who is fully capable of fending for herself, yet Ron seems to think she needs to stay locked up at the top of a tower for eternity, banned from any form of contact with the opposite sex. This is most evident in The Half-Blood Prince when he scolds Ginny for "snogging" Dean Thomas in public, despite the fact that Ginny is able to make her own decisions.

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He takes his overprotective behavior a step further when he discovers the budding romance between Harry and Ginny. Ron knows that Harry is a good guy and if anyone is going to be a proper gentleman to his sister it's his best mate. Yet despite this knowledge, he still gets weirdly possessive of his little sis and has some serious difficulties with allowing her to grow up.


We're just being honest here when we say Hermione could do a whole lot better than ending up with Ron. This is mostly due to the fact that Ron often mistreats Hermione and he doesn't seem to appreciate her as much as most sane people would.

He actively tries to make Hermione jealous throughout their years at Hogwarts, and he even goes so far as to give her the silent treatment just because she kissed someone years ago who wasn't him. That's just toxic behavior, especially considering the fact that Ron and Hermione weren't dating during this time. In fact, Ron was consistently putting Hermione down during their time at Hogwarts and he even shunned the poor girl over a rat. A rat! Who prioritizes their pet rat over their future wife?


The Dursley's are known for being awful guardians to Harry Potter, but the extent of their mistreatment goes far beyond what is considered legal behavior. The neglect sprung upon this poor young boy is so severe that we're shocked no one around ever thought to call child services on Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia.

Their behavior is fully unethical and we're kind of surprised over the fact that none of Harry's teachers ever seemed to get involved with the whole situation. Are all muggles designed to be as oblivious as JK Rowling makes them out to be?


Severus Snape is supposed to be the misunderstood soul who is secretly heroic, yet in reality, Snape is kind of the worst. He is a brilliant character without a single doubt and one of the best-written characters of all time, but that doesn't make him "good" or "admirable".  The potions master will take any opportunity to humiliate Harry Potter just because he reminds him of James.

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Snape really needs to get over the fact that he was friend-zoned by his crush at eleven-years-old, and he needs to stop letting it interfere with his everyday life. If it wasn't for all that childhood drama, Snape would've been cool as a cucumber with Harry Potter (who, by the way, happens to be a child.) It's time for Snape to move on and grow up. It's his job to do so, yet he completely abuses his position as an authority figure to rip on prepubescent kids.


Here's another classic example of Snape totally abusing his teaching position to bully helpless kids. Nice.

Poor Neville is a nervous wreck of a boy because of Severus Snape. If he didn't have the potions professor constantly ripping on him, who knows what kind of potential he could have accomplished? Teachers are there to teach, not bully. This should be a given, but Snape is just a man-child who gets off on ruining the lives of innocent kids as a part of his revenge plot.

When Neville faces the boggart in Prisoner of Azkaban to come face to face with his biggest fear, Professor Snape comes striding out of the cupboard. Does that sound like a healthy student/teacher relationship? We didn't think so.


You'd think as the titular character of the series, Harry would have a beautiful and romantic relationship in the end. There would be sparks flying everywhere and we'd all be rooting for the lucky person he'd end up spending the rest of his life with.

Unfortunately, this is not what we get with Harry and Ginny who have as much chemistry as a shoelace and a wet carrot. There's just nothing there. Their romance is slightly more highlighted in the books, yet in the films, it all just feels extremely forced and contrived. Harry and Luna, on the other hand...


Let's be honest. As attractive as Rupert Grint is, Ron Weasley would make a terrible lover. He is selfish, slow, and doesn't seem to have a single romantic bone in his entire body. This is especially evident in his relationships throughout his time at Hogwarts and we can see this most clearly with Lavender Brown when he only uses her as a way to make Hermione jealous.

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In Goblet of Fire he is the worst date of all time when he refuses to dance with Padma because he's all pissy about Hermione and Krum. Basically, he should learn to grow up before he attempts to make it work with a lady.


Although the thought of ending up with your childhood friend can be extremely romantic and endearing, it gets a little creepy when almost every character experiences this same thing. Practically all of the main characters end up with people they've met at age eleven which eliminates the opportunity for these people to broaden their horizons and discover what else is out there. It's as though if you don't find the love of your life by the time you're twelve-years-old, you're going to remain all alone for the rest of eternity.

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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