Harry Potter: 12 Ravenclaw Logic Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

When it comes to the houses in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, everyone has their own preferences. People who like Hufflepuff are generally decent and fair. Those who favor Gryffindor are bold and brave. The ones who choose Slytherin are cunning and ambitious. And, those who prefer Ravenclaw prize intelligence and learning over everything else. Regardless of which poison you pick, there are always some great laughs to be had at every single Hogwarts house.

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Whether Ravenclaw is your fave or the Hogwarts house you like the least, everyone can appreciate a good meme aimed towards the home of "wit beyond measure is man's greatest pleasure." In the fantasy world of Harry Potter as well as in the world of Harry Potter fans, it's always Gryffindor or Slytherin hogging all of the attention. But Rowena Ravenclaw and her squad deserve some recognition too, ideally in a batch of hilarious memes.

12 Well They're Not Wrong

Only a true Ravenclaw would understand this mem. If you're trying to seduce a member of the "wit beyond measure" crew, then you'd better not throw something at them that's factually inaccurate. Don't mistake Ravenclaws for a house that can't take a joke, honestly their sense of humor is probably the best out of all of the Hogwarts houses, they just need something to be legitimately clever in order to enjoy it.

If you want to engage any Ravenclaw in a battle of wits, even if it's all in good fun, you'd better not show up unarmed.

11 Where School's Always A Party

Is anyone really surprised that Ravenclaw has the most amazing after school activities? These kids were made for school. They're what school was made for. If you ever want to have the full-blown Hogwarts experience, the Ravenclaw common room is really the only place to get it.

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Plus, we all know they're smart. Getting their school work and homework done should take half the time that it takes for the other houses. Which leaves much more time for what? Partying.

10 The Perfect Murder

This is exactly why you never want to leave a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin alone for too long. When you combine the genius with the diabolical, it's a recipe for disaster. Or, at least, a disaster for everyone else who isn't them.

Granted, the whole icicle as a murder weapon thing isn't the most original idea. However, in a world of wizards, the simple and straightforward way of doing things without magic is often the best way to commit a crime and get away with it. Let's just hope Hogwarts doesn't have too many available icicles.

9 Don't Mess With The Claw

Now, that's the kind of crossover the world can get behind. Ravenclaw clearly isn't known for being the most aggressive or violent of Hogwarts houses, but a clawed raven should make someone think twice about messing with a student.

Plus, it seems kind of on-brand for Ravenclaw. They're always thinking of the newest, strangest, and most innovative ways of making things easier for themselves and the rest of the world. If you want to evolve your standard raven to the next level, why not slap some Wolverine style claws on them and see how that works out?

8 He Has A Point

Harry actually makes a pretty salient point about the whole Ravenclaw being symbolized by a raven thing. Putting aside the house's name, ravens are well known for being exceptionally intelligent birds. However, it's also possible that Rowena Ravenclaw was having a bit of fun by picking an eagle as the mascot.

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Perhaps choosing a symbol so painfully close to the obvious is the intention, and the eagle emblazoned on the crest of house Ravenclaw is actually a bit of a cheeky joke.

7 Come At Me Bro

Puns might seem like the most basic form of humor ever invented, but it takes a really brilliant mind to come up with a truly excellent pun. Getting punny isn't always funny, but a funny pun? Amazing. However, a pun joke about pun jokes? That is some next level meta-thinking.

Ravenclaws are meant to be the brains of Hogwarts, but this doesn't require being overly complex. Nay, acting brainy sometimes entails simplifying things as much as possible, which is perfectly summed up by "comet me bro."

6 Harry Wasn't Ravenclaw For A Lot Of Reasons

Harry Potter may be the lord and savior of the wizarding world, and he has dozens of wonderful qualities that make him a truly worthy opponent to the darkest of dark wizards. Out of his many lovely and virtuous qualities, his ability to do the smart thing at the right time isn't one of them.

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Not to be too overly critical of kid Harry, but come on bro! Just grab one of the thousands of letters that aren't mid-flight.

5 Don't Interrupt Reading Time

If there's one thing about Ravenclaws that shouldn't come as a surprise, it's that they love to read. Ravenclaws don't have any particular house rivals within Hogwarts, but that's not because they're above fighting.

Simply put, Ravenclaws can't be bothered with other students, especially those who aren't quite as bright and brilliant. It wouldn't be too surprising if Voldemort launched a full-scale attack on Hogwarts and the Ravenclaws didn't even notice because they were too wrapped up in their current favorite book.

4  Well At Least You Know Something

Adulting is hard, and most people could use all the help they can get. Journeying into the real world of jobs and bills is not a fun time for anyone, and it's rare for anyone to exit high school or college fully aware of what they want to do with their lives.

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So, why not take some hints where you can get them? If you know your Hogwarts house, that is at least a start.

3  Always With The Smart Solutions

Look, whenever anyone is faced with a problem they want to hear solutions and not form another pile of problems. Most of the Hogwarts houses don't have a firm grasp on this idea; however, Ravenclaw does. That said, it would be distinctly un-Ravenclaw to not point out the obvious logical fallacy in this meme.

In theory, the answer to the original question should be "1," right? Because all you need to change a light bulb is one Ravenclaw and a willingness to avoid getting anyone from any other houses involved to make a mess out of an un-messy situation.

2 The Stress Of Being A Brainiac

Every kid has to go to school, whether they're a wizard, witch, or muggle. So being one of the brainiacs should be a dream come true for any student, right? Wrong. Everyone assumes that the Ravenclaws have it the easiest, but all of that brainpower comes with some serious downsides.

Namely, having the capability to do something doesn't mean you'll have the energy. Sure, Ravenclaws have an advantage over most other Hogwarts students, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's always puppies and rainbows!

1 The Hat Always Knows

via Classintp

Seriously, anyone could figure out that a kid like this is destined for Ravenclaw. The sorting hat is one of the more unique aspects of Hogwarts, and even children raised in the wizarding world are destined to be impressed by a sentient headpiece that basically chooses their future for them.

Only a truly insufferable know it all would see something like the sorting hat and say "hey, maybe I should argue with this thing." These kids asking existential questions about the validity of the sorting hat are guaranteed to enjoy their tenure at Ravenclaw.

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