Harry Potter: The 5 Most Admirable Ravenclaw Traits (& The 5 Worst)

As far as Harry Potter Hogwarts houses are concerned, it’s usually Gryffindors and Slytherins that get talked about the most. As Harry himself, and so many of the main heroes are Gryffindors, they get the most positive attention in the books. And, as most of the villains are Slytherins, they get discussed often, even if it’s not usually in a good light. The other two houses might not get as much time spent on them in the books, but they definitely deserve more love. Ravenclaw is a Hogwarts house that many fans identify with since it’s the house most associated with knowledge and creativity. But, there are also some negative things about Ravenclaw.

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Here are the five most admirable Ravenclaw traits and the five worst.


Cho Chang and Ravenclaw students

While Ravenclaws might not get the most focus in the books, as a whole they can come across as a bit stuck-up. Now, they aren’t the only house that can be arrogant as both Gryffindors and Slytherins have this side of them as well.

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However, Ravenclaws tend to be a bit more arrogant about things such as intelligence and logic. This doesn’t mean that all Ravenclaws have this side to them, but some of them do.


One of the best and most well-known Ravenclaw traits is intelligence. While this might seem like it only appeals to one type of person, there are actually people in Ravenclaw that have all kinds of intelligence. For example, Luna isn’t super interested in book smarts, but she is interested in learning. One of the things about Ravenclaw's intelligence is that they often care about learning for its own sake. While people in other houses can also be really smart, they often use learning as more of a means to an end.


Considering the fact that Ravenclaw is all about intellect, it’s not surprising that this can lend itself to being too worried about being perfect. Ravenclaws can be a bit fussy and nitpicky, and they can be rather particular. They seem the most likely to care about aesthetics as well as doing things the right and perfect way. While other houses such as Sltyerhin and Gryffindor might be more willing to cut corners, Ravenclaws are more on the perfectionist side.


Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood of House Ravenclaw

While Ravenclaws can be really intelligent when it comes to things like book smarts and learning facts, they aren’t super black and white about learning either. They are also known for being rather creative and ingenious. Characters like Luna Lovegood are a good example of this. The intelligence of a Ravenclaw can manifest in many ways, and for some people in this house, creativity is a big part of how they see themselves and express themselves in the world.


Marietta Edgecombe in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

One of the big flaws with the Harry Potter house system at Hogwarts is how it separates the students from each other. It creates a rivalry where students from other houses don’t interact much. While all of the houses can stick to their own and be a bit judgemental, Ravenclaws do so in a way that is a bit colder and removed. They tend to stick to themselves and be a bit distant from some of the dramas and issues that the rest of the school tends to have. This can make them come across as cool and a bit uncaring.


Similar to their creativity, Ravenclaws can also be rather original and independent. This independence is the more positive side of their tendency to be aloof. Because of this, they tend to stay out of trouble and do their own thing. They are also more introverted much of the time, and this can inspire them to be creative and original. Luna is a good example of this, and it’s a shame that other characters who are in Ravenclaw aren’t explored more.


Because of the fact that Ravenclaws are all about intellect and learning, they tend to be a bit more strict about how things are done. While Gryffindors are daring and all right with breaking some rules and Slyterhins are cunning and sneaky, Ravenclaws tend to be a bit more uptight. They aren’t as likely to be rule breakers, and they can be strict on themselves and on others.


Luna Lovegood Reading the Quibbler from Harry Potter

This is another positive Ravenclaw trait that manifests itself in many ways. The most obvious example of this is Luna Lovegood as she tends to be very individualistic in how she looks and expresses herself.

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But, most of the other Ravenclaws such as Cho Chang, also tend to seem rather individual and introverted. It’s hard to identify Ravenclaws as a collective because they are all more likely to be individual and inward-focused.


The ghost of Ravenclaw Tower at Hogwarts Helena

While Ravenclaws have a lot of positive traits such as being intelligent and creative, their more introverted nature and how precise they can be also tends to make the more judgemental. They definitely think they are smarter and more put together than students from other houses.

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They aren’t as self-righteous as Gryffindors or as prideful as Slytherins, but Ravenclaws also have a judgemental side to them. They just tend to be judgemental of different things.


Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter Share A Moment in the Movies

Intelligence can mean a lot of different things, but surface-level intelligence can sometimes only go so far. One of the best things about Ravenclaws is that many of them also have a good deal of wisdom. This is why they are able to understand things like riddles and be a little more insightful. They aren’t as likely to get involved with house rivalries and get along pretty well with the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs even if they do stay somewhat aloof.

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