Harry Potter Prequel: 5 Characters We'd Want To See (& 5 We Wouldn't)

You may or may not have heard about this by now, but a rumor spread that Warner Brothers was working on a Harry Potter prequel series for their streaming service. Unfortunately, it seems like that rumor has already been debunked. But it still got us thinking.

According to the rumor, the production of the series was in the very early stages - hence why nobody knew much about it. They did site some parameters, such as it being a prequel based on or around Hogwarts. Pretty cool, right? Maybe all the hype and excitement will convince the higher-ups to actually go forward with something.

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There are so many characters we’d want to see more of. And okay, there are some that we’d be okay with not seeing more of too.

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10 Want to See: The Mauraders

A Marauders series is probably top on every Harry Potter fan's list. And with good reason! Knowing that the series will be a prequel likely based in Hogwarts is merely giving us all the extra hope we could have ever wished for.

Following the adventures of James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter would be so much fun. Even if we do ultimately know how their stories will end. Some of their antics might even put the Weasley twins to shame (but not by much!).

Okay, so we know that we're cheating by listing the Marauders as one here. But it's safe to say that fans would rather see this team together, than separate, right?

9 Don’t Want to See: Grindelwald

No offense, Grindelwald, but we're hoping to not see you in the prequel series. For one thing, Grindelwald didn't even go to Hogwarts. For another, let's just keep him to the movies for now, sound good?

While Grindelwald's character has a lot of potential for an interesting series, most of the dramatic points about him would do better with a bigger budget. Though we're not against the series being set during the height of his time – seeing the secondary effects of what he's doing could be interesting.

8 Want to See: The Founders of Hogwarts

The Hogwarts founders

Godric Gryffindor. Helga Hufflepuff. Salazar Slytherin. Rowena Ravenclaw. All of these characters are ones that fans would love to see more of.

For years fans have been begging to see a Founders of Hogwarts movie. Or series. Or books. We're not picky! We have so many questions about how the Founders themselves got together, how they built Hogwarts, and why they made some of the decisions they did.

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Add in the fact that we're all curious about the characters themselves, and you've got a lot of potential for a series.

7 Don’t Want to See: Snape

Snape is probably one of the most argued about characters in the Harry Potter world. People either love him, or hate him. But regardless of how you feel about his character, here's hoping he isn't the main focus for a prequel series. We're fine with the idea of him making appearances in a Mauraders series or something like that. But no more than that, please

Snape's best plot arcs all happened towards the end of his life. Showing him in any other form would be an injustice, and honestly would take away from the controversial character.

6 Want to See: Mad Eye Moody

Ever wondered what Mad Eye Moody was like before he became a paranoid Auror? Well, we have! Was he a paranoid child? Or did that habit get burned into him through years of hunting dark wizards?

Seeing a young Moody navigate Hogwarts would be interesting. And it would allow for the series to bring in dozens of new characters along with him. So they'd theoretically have more freedom to work with.

5 Don’t Want to See: Voldemort

Sure, they could go back and show us a young Voldemort at Hogwarts. But we've pretty much seen all of the important parts about his character. The flashbacks during the Harry Potter series (specifically with Tom Riddle's Diary) gave us the highlights, if nothing else. We can fill in the blanks from there.

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As with Snape, we'd be okay with seeing him on the peripherals. But we really don't want to see a series focused on him.

4 Want to See: McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall is another character we wouldn't mind seeing more of. Ideally within her own timeline (no offense to Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald). We know the hard facts of McGonagall's life, but that doesn't mean we have a good idea of what type of person she was during that time.

McGonagall had a surprisingly difficult and interesting life. It's one of the reasons her character is so dynamic. And we would love to see her in action. We'd also settle for seeing a slightly younger version of her trying to herd the Mauraders around.

3 Don’t Want to See: Dumbledore

Let's just leave young Dumbledore to the Fantastic Beasts franchise for now, okay? Though honestly, we'd be okay with seeing him as a secondary character. After all, if the series is going to be set only slightly before the Harry Potter series – Dumbledore will be present. We just don't want him to be the main character.

Dumbledore is a great character, but he's also tough to get right. And realistically they'd have to cast a whole new actor for him (unless Jude Law or Michael Gambon would be willing to make an appearance), which would be number four for those keeping track.

2 Want to See: Hogwarts Ghosts

The ghost of Ravenclaw Tower at Hogwarts Helena

Another fan favorite when it comes to requests: the ghosts of Hogwarts! And boy, there are plenty of ghosts to choose from here. Admittedly, if the series is going to be completely based in Hogwarts, it may be difficult to portray the lives and untimely deaths for these characters (since many did not actually die on Hogwarts grounds). But there's still plenty of potential here.

There are several things that have never been explained about these ghostly additions to Hogwarts. Such as how and why they came to be there. While two of the house ghosts have obvious connections, the others don't.

1 Don’t Want to See: Newt Scamander

Once again, let's just leave the Fantastic Beasts characters to their series. At least for now. We'd be okay with seeing Newt Scamander as a cameo (especially if Eddie Redmayne portrayed him). But he's got enough going on right now, no need to do a deep dive on his earlier days. Though we would like to learn more about his expulsion someday.

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