Harry Potter: 10 Possible Netflix Spin-Offs We'd Love To See

Harry Potter is a fantastic world with endless possibilities. The main series itself has captivated fans for years, and more recently the Fantastic Beasts franchise has been getting a lot of attention. Still, there are plenty of other avenues that the world could be exploring.

For example, can you imagine the possibilities if Netflix was able to sign a contract to gain access to the world? The series it could produce! Of course, we’d prefer that they try to stay as accurate to the canon as possible…

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While there are bound to be endless ideas from the Harry Potter world that would make great Netflix series, here’s a list of ten of our favorites. Some of these have admittedly been asked for again and again by the fans…but hey, if we ask enough times maybe they’ll listen?

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10 Hagrid’s Menagerie

Hagrid is such a kind and perfect soul, a truly standout character in the series. His compassion for all animals makes him a unique person. A series following him could focus on all of the magical creatures with an unfairly negative reputation.

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Many fans have joked that the world needs a series where Hagrid goes Crocodile Hunter, and honestly they’re not wrong. Of course, it’d be preferred if Hagrid kept his mannerisms to those we know and love.

9 Quidditch

This one may be slightly controversial; people seem to either love or hate Quidditch. But how fun would it be to see a Netflix series focused just on the sport? They could either follow favorite known characters, like Ginny or Krum, or they could go a completely different route. Show us a year of Quidditch games, right up to the World Cup.

It may not be a real sport, but it’s certainly complicated enough to keep people discussing it. And let’s not forget the potential for injuries, fighting, and other action-filled sequences.

8 The (Original) Order of the Phoenix

The Original Order of the Phoenix was a set of amazing characters, most of whom ultimately were not favored by luck. They were brave though, and willing to give up their lives for what they believed in. The original Order consisted was surprisingly large, but had a lot of iconic characters involved. Some of the best-known characters involved in the Order included; Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Edgar Bones, Aberforth Dumbledore, James and Lily Potter, Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Frank and Alice Longbottom, Moody, McGonagall, Mundungus Fletcher, and Hagrid.

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The original Order of the Phoenix was up against impossible odds, and yet they did it anyway. Their story, while undoubtedly heartbreaking in many cases, would be wonderful to see turned into a series. It’ll have a range of emotions, of course, but it’ll also be action-packed and show us a side of the fight we’ve never seen before.

7 Death Eaters

While we’re discussing the Order of the Phoenix, why not talk about their natural counterpart, the Death Eaters? A Death Eaters series would be dark, but realistically, would it be any darker than watching those we love fight and die in an Order series? Granted, the perspective would be fairly skewed…

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A Death Eaters series would allow us to see a different side of the fighting than we’ve ever seen before. If we went back to before Voldemort fell (for the first time), we could see them at their highest point. It’d be fascinating to see how many there truly were, how they interacted with one another, and anything else you could possibly think of. There are certainly plenty of iconic characters that they could choose to focus on.

6 Professor McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall is best known for her time spent as a Hogwarts professor, as well as for being the head of the Gryffindor house. But she actually has a fascinating past which she could share. The fact that she’s a fan favorite certainly wouldn’t hurt her series chances either, of course.

McGonagall has a complicated past, when it comes to relationships. She’s also a perfect example for why the Animagi are so carefully monitored as she used her ability to transform to blend in and gather information time and time again.

5 The Founding of Hogwarts

We know a little bit about the founding of Hogwarts, but wouldn’t it be grand to see it actually occur on the small screen? We could see the four founders establish their rules, define the different houses, and naturally bicker and argue all the time (presumably).

Seeing the original founders in all their glory is exactly what many of us fans are hoping for. To finally get to see their personalities as real characters, to see how they interact and what they care about most in the world.This series has a lot of potential, but it’s also one that’s been asked for again and again. A lot of course material is already available, but it hasn’t been so firmly defined that the creative team would feel stifled in the making of this series. It seems perfect, right?

4 Any Other Magical School

We’ve seen a ton about Hogwarts (though we certainly wouldn’t say no to more), but what about other magical schools? We know a bit about Ilvermorny, thanks to the Pottermore website, but even then our knowledge is limited. We’ve seen some of the Beauxtatons and Durmstrang students, but again we’ve never seen their schools.

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And then of course there’s got to be other schools in other countries. We know that India likely has the highest wizard population, so they surely have their own school (or more). And there’s no way that any other country with significant magical numbers would skip out on their education either.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn about some of them? There is so much potential here, especially because J.K. Rowling has defined relatively little about any of the other schools – leaving them as blank books waiting to be filled.

3 Dumbledore and Grindelwald

A lot of information has been added to the Harry Potter canon about Dumbledore and Grindelwald. However, most of the relevant information seems to have been added outside of any series itself. Mainly we’re talking about the interactions Dumbledore and Grindelwald had before their relationship went south (thanks to the whole dramatic difference in opinion and ethics).

A series following the two younger versions of these famous characters would be fascinating. It would also put a lot of the complaints to rest – the ones stating that important character information like this shouldn’t be revealed on Twitter, but instead become part of the canon in a more organic form. Plus, quite frankly, it’d be fun to see a younger Grindelwald and Dumbledore in general.

2 The Aurors

A series about the Aurors is quite possibly the second most requested series out there. Most of the thanks for this obsession has to do with the fan made Auror trailer floating around out there. Ever since we witnessed the possibilities, it became impossible to let go.

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There are plenty of possibilities for the series to follow. They could create an all-new set of characters, perhaps bringing them into the modern day for example. They could follow Moody, Tonks, Scrimgeour, Shacklebolt, or even Harry Potter himself. They could show us the Aurors on the hunt for Voldemort and his people, or even Grindelwald and his. There are so many options.

Being an Auror is arguably one of the most dangerous wizard jobs out there, so if they were to make this series, it’s sure to be full of action and excitement. Plus we would hopefully learn more about the requirements to become an Auror, as well what they do when they’re not actively on the hunt.

1 The Marauders

Having a series about the Marauders is probably the most asked for request from Harry Potter fans, and with good reasons. We’ve had some opportunities to see the adult versions of the Marauders…and we’ll never get to see them in any later dated series.

But we could see them as the hooligans they were as students! This is where they managed some of their best feats, after all! Three boys successfully became Animagus – an extremely difficult challenge – and they did so in secret. Together the four created the infamous Marauder’s Map; a map so powerful that it can see through the invisibility cloak and track all people within the grounds.

Many of us are desperate to see the young crew at their best, and at their worst. Partially it’s because we’re so fond of their characters (well, most of them), but it’s also because we’re curious as well. These young men changed quite a lot during the years, and it’d be brilliant to see more of them.

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