Harry Potter: 10 Little-Known Facts About The Longbottom Family

"Potterverse" is not an exaggerated term for the world J.K. Rowling has created. The Harry Potter series introduces the reader to hundreds of complex characters. Each could have their own series written about them, and they would be as deep and complex as the tales of Harry Potter. We'd especially love a series devoted to the Longbottom family.

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Neville Longbottom has been a fan favorite since the first book debuted. Who doesn't love an underdog story? When we first meet him, he's shy, clumsy, and forgetful. He lives with his grandmother and nobody knows where his parents are. As the books progress, we learn more about the Longbottom family tree, from embarrassing secrets to heartbreaking tragedies. After reading this list, you may just find yourself tweeting to J.K. Rowling for a Longbottom series.

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10 The Longbottom family thought Neville was a Squib

When Neville was a newborn, he didn't show any signs of possessing magic powers...or so the Longbottoms thought. Baby Neville in fact had a high aptitude for magic. He just didn't show it off. For example, when Neville had just been born, he used magic to warm himself by tightening the blankets around him. The midwife on sight assumed that Neville's father Frank was the one to do it. She was the first in a long line of people underestimating Neville's magical abilities.

9 Great-Uncle Algie almost killed Neville when he was a baby

It was a complete accident, of course. It was a result of the previously-mentioned belief that Neville was a Squib. This was a great source of embarrassment for some of the Longbottoms, as they are a proud pure-blood family. In a reverse-Salem Witch Trials, Algie was known to purposefully put Neville in danger, hoping that Neville would use his powers to save himself. One instance saw Algie holding baby Neville upside-down out of a window. Algie then grew distracted when his wife Enid offered him a slice of lemon meringue pie and dropped Neville out the window. Much to the relief (and pride) of the Longbottoms, Neville's wizarding powers kicked in and he made a safe landing.

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It's worth noting that Great-Uncle Algie isn't entirely deranged. He's the one who gave Neville his beloved pet toad, Trevor, in addition to other thoughtful presents.

8 As a student, Augusta Longbottom was dreadful at Charms but skilled at Transfiguration

Neville's grandmother Augusta is forever giving the poor boy a hard time. She needles him, constantly pointing out his flaws and making Neville feel like an embarrassment to the Longbottom name. When Neville completes his O.W.L.'s, Augusta scoffs at his high Charms mark and subsequently scolds him for his mediocre Transfiguration grade.

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Professor McGonagall kindly reveals to Neville that Augusta failed her own Charms O.W.L.. McGonagall encourages Neville to pursue his interests and natural talents, rather than follow the path that Augusta carved out for him.

7 Voldemort chose to attack baby Harry over Neville based on a prophecy

Sybill Trelawney told Dumbledore the prophecy about the birth of the one "to vanquish the Dark Lord", who was to be born at the end of July. This described both Harry and Neville. Voldemort caught wind of this prophecy and chose to go after Harry. This is because, like Voldemort, Harry is half-blooded. Voldemort saw himself in Harry and thus was more afraid of him. We all know the Dark Lord failed in his attempt to kill Harry and the rest is history. The Potterverse would have looked a whole lot different had Voldemort set his sights on Neville. Maybe he would have died. Or maybe the series would become...the Longbottomverse.

6 Frank and Alice Longbottom were members of the original Order of the Phoenix

Neville's parents were highly skilled Aurors and instrumental figures in fighting against Voldemort in the First Wizarding War. For their abilities and loyalty, the Longbottoms were recruited by Dumbledore to join the Order of the Phoenix. Alas, the outcome of this brave commitment would not end well. Frank and Alice were tortured to insanity by the Cruciatus Curse performed by Bellatrix Lestrange and a gang of Death Eaters. Though they survived, Frank and Alice were both committed to St. Mungo's Hospital. Though Neville visits when he can, neither parent recognizes their son. Though they don't appear much in the series, the heroic efforts of Frank and Alice Longbottom are considered some of the bravest of all.

5 Neville saw his grandfather die

Neville's family history is, to say the least, quite traumatic. Not only do his parents not recognize him, but he witnessed his grandfather die. Little is known about Grandfather Longbottom, including how he met his end. What we do know is that, like Luna Lovegood, Neville is able to see Thestrals—winged horses—and they are only visible to those who have witnessed death. We know that Neville was raised solely by Augusta, so the departure of Grandfather Longbottom had to have occurred early in Neville's life. After all this unspeakable family horror, it is a true testament to Neville's character that he's as cheerful as he is.

4 Alice may realize that Neville is her son

We know the grim fate of Frank and Alice Longbottom. Poor Neville has to experience his own parents not recognizing him every time he goes to visit. However, there is one faint glimmer of hope.

During every visit, Alice makes a point of giving Neville a gum wrapper. It is obviously Alice's way of demonstrating kindness and even if she can't say the words, she knows somewhere in her mind that she has a special bond with Neville. Neville keeps every single wrapper. J.K. Rowling has said that this interaction between mother and son was based on a person she knew, whose mother was living with Alzheimer's.

3 Augusta Longbottom is stronger than you think

She may be the mean, Howler-sending granny with the ridiculous handbag, but Augusta Longbottom has some serious fighting moves. When Voldemort came back into power, Neville was instrumental in leading the rebellion against him at Hogwarts. In an attempt to quell his efforts, Auror John Dawlish (under Voldemort's command) was sent to Augusta's home to capture her.

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However, Dawlish didn't realize what he was in for. Augusta easily used her magic to best him and he suffered injuries so severe he had to be taken to hospital. Augusta escaped, but rejoined her grandson for the Battle of Hogwarts. Both survived and Augusta was instilled with a sense of newfound pride for Neville and his bravery.

2 Harry couldn't have defeated Voldemort without Neville

True, Harry had several allies aid him in vanquishing the Dark Lord. However, Neville played an especially pivotal role. As the battle progressed, the only Horcrux left to be destroyed was Nagini the snake.

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As Neville fought valiantly in the Battle of Hogwarts, he proved to be a true Gryffindor and as a result, the Sword of Gryffindor appeared to him in the Sorting Hat. Neville swiftly used it to chop off Nagini's head. With all Horcruxes destroyed, Voldemort was no longer immortal and Harry was finally able to destroy his foe once and for all.

1 Neville was (briefly) an Auror

Neville Longbottom put up with a lot of grief, by both friends and enemies. He was told repeatedly that he wasn't good enough. But Neville proved everybody wrong. In small doses, Neville learned to stand up for himself. He may not have been an ace student, but he excelled in Herbology.

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In the days of Dumbledore's Army, Neville was one of the quickest learners. He put his life at risk for others on more than one occasion. Neville proved he had abilities and beyond to follow in his parents' footsteps and become an Auror. He was, for awhile. But in the end, Neville chose a more peaceful life and became the Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts. He married Hannah Abbott and the couple lived above the Leaky Cauldron.

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