Harry Potter Updates: New Clips & Poster

This week, we've seen a burst of New Moon propaganda ranging from RPattz' confirmation of a fourth Twilight movie to an MTV Movie Awards clip premiere and a new poster all to sway teen hearts. Not to be outdone, the wizards at Hogwarts have announced that Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) will also premiere a clip from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the MTV Movie Awards.

With a release two months away, the MTV Awards Show has become prime real estate to let fans know the Harry Potter phenomenon isn't over. More importantly, it will finally go up against Twilight in a test of content and quality. I suspect Potter-director, David Yates, will provide a clip more polished that is geared towards getting teens to movie theater seats in two months time, and the other clip will be heavy in dialogue seeing as how New Moon only started principal photography on April 16. No word on how long each clip is, but Harry Potter does have few 30 sec. clips for your viewing pleasure.

That's right Twilighters, Harry Potter sees your MTV clip premiere and raises you "4 New TV Spots." What? You had a new poster this week too? Well, not to mention the plethora of Potter posters that are already out, but MSN premiered yet another poster while Warner Bros. has provided the clip originally aired on the Ellen show.

(Click for larger version)

Entitled "I'm in love with her," the clip features Ron starstruck and having a conversation with Harry in the Hogwarts dorms. The glimpse reveals the other "villain" attacking the school of magic, teenage hormones.

[media id=146 width=570 height=340]

My distaste for Twilight is well documented; trust me, you don't want to walk down that road. I prefer the quality writing of J.K. Rowling and wizards, over my historic appeal for vampires. If I was forced to choose, it's Harry Potter over Twilight any day of the week.

These TV Spots and those recent sweet character posters remind us that Voldemort is just around the corner. The Muggle and Wizard world isn't safe and the danger creeps closer and closer, perhaps even within the Hogwarts castle. Can Dumbledore prepare Harry enough for the inevitable final battle?

Check out the clip on the MTV Movie Awards, May 31st, and hit theaters July 15th for the next installment--Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter or Twilight? Which will have a better showing at the MTV Movie Awards? And ultimately, which will be the better movie?

Source: MTV Movie Blog, /Film, MSN

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