15Dumbledore’s Torment

The 6th Harry Potter book was a difficult read for many fans. The death of Albus Dumbledore seemed like an almost insurmountable loss not just for Harry—but for readers everywhere. The circumstances of his death were even more painful and infuriating because we had to wait for the next book

to truly understand what happened. Hours before his death, Dumbledore took his favorite pupil on a horcrux hunt that required the headmaster to drink a potion that brought back his worst memories.

In the book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we hear Dumbledore shout things while he’s forced to drink the terrible potion, things that clearly have to do with the death of his mother, his sister’s attack, and his defeat of his best friend and lover. If Ariana Dumbledore does turn out to be an Obscurial, Albus might have had even more horrible memories. Even though we don’t always agree with Dumbledore’s methods, we can agree that seeing him experiencing that much torment isn’t necessary.

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