10 Underrated Harry Potter Characters That Quietly Saved The Day

Harry Potter might be the main hero in the series, since he was the one who defeated Voldemort, but there were many other people in the world who were doing great things and helping to save the day. While characters like Hermione, Ron, and Dumbledore might also be talked about often because of how instrumental they were in the fight to save the world from Voldemort, there were many other supporting characters who made a big difference.

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We’ve collected a list of the most underrated Harry Potter characters that saved the day in a less obvious way. It's not all about wand-waving heroics and big set-pieces (although some of these characters did bring us both).

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Kreacher Harry Potter
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Kreacher Harry Potter

Kreacher is somewhat of a complicated character, seeing as he did do some awful things and was responsible for Sirius' death in a roundabout way (as the books explain). However, he was someone who endured years of abuse and horrible treatment. When treated kindly, he was loyal and good.

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He was loyal to Regulus and instrumental in helping him get the locket Horcrux. He also helped Harry, Ron, and Hermione after they stayed at Grimmauld Place and showed him kindness. Plus, he helped fight in the Battle of Hogwarts.


Hagrid might not be exactly an underrated character on the one hand, as he is loved by fans. However, he is often underrated for how important he was to the story. He was mainly essential because of his relationship to Harry and how much he cared for him.

He was one of the only people who really had Harry’s best interests at heart and always had his eye on him. He was a father figure, essential to Harry's well-being during his time at Hogwarts. He was often used as a bit of light relief, with his clumsy ways ("I shouldn't have said that"), but he had a super serious role to play in the series' events.


Ginny Weasley often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to important Hogwarts students. Sometimes people only remember her as Harry’s main love interest. However, she had a lot more to offer. She was a member of Dumbledore’s Army and a great witch in her own right.

Only in the books do we get the full picture of her magical prowess (that formidable Bat-Bogey Hex). She was also a Quidditch star. Plus, she was instrumental in leading the newly formed Dumbledore’s Army at Hogwarts while it was under Voldemort’s rule.


Molly Weasley is another Weasley who deserves her due. She was an essential mother figure to Harry and his friends throughout the series. While she might sometimes have been too overprotective, it was good that Harry had someone who worried he was being put through too much.

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Plus, she was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix and even let her home be used as the headquarters. Her role as a parent and a witch dedicated to doing the right thing shouldn’t be overlooked. Nor should her magical abilities.


Tom Moorcroft as Regulus Black in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

While Sirius might be a fan-favorite character, in many ways Regulus is just as, if not more, admirable. Regulus might have gone along the path his family set for him, but he ended up turning against Voldemort and trying to defeat him.

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While he definitely made a ton of mistakes, the fact he turned on Voldemort and stole the locket Horcrux from him makes him instrumental in the process of defeating Voldemort. Like Sirius, he also sent an important message to fans about families, and how individual members can forge their own destinies regardless of reputation.


The way Fleur Delacour is portrayed in the books isn’t always the most favorable. As such, she definitely isn’t a fan-favorite character. While at times she could be a little stuck up, she was an extremely talented witch, enough so that she was chosen to participate in the Triwizard Tournament.

She was also a good person and not shallow like everyone assumed. She was also willing to help Harry by being one of the Harry decoys in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Another vital witch who made a significant contribution to the cause.


Tonks is a character that many people could relate to because of her fun personality and amazing ability to change her appearance at will. While she might be extremely fun, she’s also an overall heroine. She became an Auror when she was only 25. The fact that Mad-Eye Moody had her as his protegee also says a lot.

She was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and gave her life in the Battle of Hogwarts. She is truly an all-around powerhouse, who helped lay the groundwork for Harry's victory in a very real way.


harry potter luna lovegood

Luna is another character who many fans love, but she doesn’t always get her due to her accomplishments. Given her upbringing, she does sometimes have some wacky ideas, but she has a heart of gold, too. She is an extremely loyal friend and willing to put her life at risk to help Harry.

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She also helped restart Dumbledore’s Army along with Neville and Ginny after Voldemort took over. This takes a lot of guts to do. While Luna might have had her head in the clouds at times, she was always ready to stick up for what was right.


Cedric Diggory is another character in the series who died too soon because of Lord Voldemort. One of the best things about Cedric was how he was a good person through and through. He exemplified the Hufflepuff values of fairness and friendship.

While he might not have had a chance to fight back against Lord Voldemort, it’s clear that he would have do so valiantly if given that chance. He always treated Harry fairly and was more than happy to split the rewards of the Triwizard Tournament with him. Things could have turned out very differently without Cedric's contribution.


When it comes to Hogwarts professors, McGongagll is definitely one of the best. While she could be rather strict, she was also very fair and had a good heart. She did care about her students and had a side to her that was a bit of a softie.

She was instrumental in helping to look out for Harry, and she was also an accomplished witch and member of the Order of the Phoenix. While Dumbledore might have been the one pulling all the strings, McGonagall had a crucial role to play from the sidelines. She was a fierce defender of Hogwarts and even became Headmaster after the Battle of Hogwarts. Heck, Harry might not even have had the chance to find Ravenclaw's diadem without her efforts.

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