Harry Potter: 10 Most Helpful Pets, Ranked

For fans of the Harry Potter series, thinking about all of the magical creatures that exist in the world can be really exciting. While there are many magical creatures that you wouldn’t want as a pet, unless you’re Hagrid, some of the most average seeming pets can actually be quite useful in the Harry Potter world.

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From the exotic pets Hagrid has had to your average toad or owl, there have been some rather interesting and useful pets in the series. We’ve ranked the most helpful Harry Potter pets leading up to the most useful of all.


Of all the pets in the Harry Potter universe, Neville’s toad, Trevor, is probably the most useless. While toads are listed as one of the three pets that Hogwarts students can keep, most people don’t keep toads as they are the least cool and least useful.

While an owl can deliver mail and a cat makes a good companion, a toad isn’t either of these things. While Trevor might have been rather useless, Neville did care about him. After all, many pets people have aren’t really useful, but we love them anyway.


Pygmy puffs aren’t really a useful pet, but they are definitely cute ones. These pets are a miniature version of a Puffskien. They are a round shape and covered in fur, and they don’t mind being held and cuddled. These pets were actually bred by Fred and George and sold at their shop in Diagon Alley.

While these small pets can’t really do anything that useful for their owners, they make a great lap pet. You could easily carry them around with you wherever you go, and their cute appearance and cuddly nature makes them quite appealing as a companion.


Scabbers is not your average pet because he’s not really a pet at all. Instead, he was the animagus form of Peter Pettigrew. Considering the fact that Scabbers was actually a human in disguise, you’d think he would be a little more useful than he was. He was quite a lazy pet, and Ron always complained that he didn’t do anything useful or have any magical powers.

While it’s said in the books that some magical rats can be quite flashy and intelligent, Scabbers was the most useful rat there was despite the fact he should have been the most intelligent.

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While many of the people in the Harry Potter universe have more normal pets such as rats and cats, Hagrid is the king to have creatures that no one else would ever even consider. Fluffy, the three-headed dog, is quite a ferocious beast. Fluffy is used to guard the sorcerer's stone and is quite vicious.

However, Hagrid doesn't seem to be scared of him at all. He knows how to use music to calm him down. While Fluffy is too wild to be super useful, he definitely makes a good guard dog because of his large size and aggressive nature.


Voldemort's snake, Nagini, in a scene from Harry Potter

While Voldemort isn’t someone that you think would have a pet considering the fact he has such a disregard for life, Nagini is in many ways his pet. Of course, he mainly seems to keep her around because she’s so useful to him which is why she’s on this list.

While Nagini is a rather nefarious pet, she definitely has a lot of uses. Because Voldemort can speak to her using Parseltongue, he is able to have her do things for him like attack people. Plus, as gross as it may be, he did use her milk to keep himself alive.

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While Hagrid tends to have a lot of dangerous pets that are more dangerous than useful, such as Aragog and Norbert, Fang is the most normal pet he keeps. Fang is just a regular dog who is said in the books to be a boarhound.

While he isn’t a magical animal by any means, dogs can be quite useful to have as pets. He can be used as a guard dog, and, even though Hagrid says he’s somewhat of a coward, he also seems to be quite loyal.


Crookshanks the Cat in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Crookshanks is another animal that seems to just be a regular pet. As a cat, he has the regular uses of a common housecat such as being able to catch mice and being a good cuddly companion. However, Crookshanks is smarter than your average cat.

He knows what’s going on with Peter Pettigrew and becomes Sirius’ friend and helps him by doing things like stealing the passwords to the Gryffindor common room. Part of what makes Crookshanks so special is that he is part Kneazle.


Definitely one of the most useful pets that anyone in the wizarding world can have is an owl. These magical owls can be used to carry messages back and forth which makes them extremely valuable.

Hedwig definitely seems to be one of the most perceptive and useful of any of the owls. She is always an expert at carrying Harry’s letters to the right person, even if they are on the run and hard to track down such as Sirius Black.


Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff, One of Many Fantastic Beast

While Hippogriffs aren’t your average pet, they are docile enough and able to keep as a sort of pet. You just have to respect them and have them like you. While Buckbeak starts out being in a herd, he becomes more of a pet after he’s sentenced to death.

He then is used by Sirius while he’s on the run, and he’s a great pet to have. Buckbeak is very useful because of the fact that he can fly. This makes him an ideal animal to have for getting around.


Richard Harris as Dumbledore with Fawkes the Phoenix in Harry Potter

Fawkes is far from your typical pet even in the magical world. In many ways, he seems less like a pet and more like a companion. However, he does also function as a pet to Albus Dumbledore.

Fawkes is extremely useful because he’s a legendary phoenix. His tears can heal even grievous wounds, and he can carry immense weight. Plus, Fawkes is also extremely intelligent and can live forever.

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