Harry Potter: The 10 Most Powerful Witches & Wizards In The Ministry Of Magic, Ranked

In the Harry Potter series, even the most powerful wizards and witches have to answer to the will of the Ministry of Magic – the magical government in Britain. To enforce its will and maintain order, the Ministry employed some of the most skilled or influential magic users it could find.

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While this has led to some disastrous moments involving the newly-resurrected Lord Voldemort and his fanatical Death Eaters, the Ministry was able to redeem itself in its later years with the help of some new blood. Here are the 10 most powerful wizards and witches who served in The Ministry of Magic, ranked according to their raw magical power, the political influence they carried, and their overall impact.

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10 Barty Crouch Sr.

During his time as the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, the elder Crouch used merciless tactics against the Death Eaters when Voldemort first came to power. His hatred for the Dark Arts was so laser-focused that he permitted the use of lethal tactics over arrest.

He only stopped when his son was outed as a Death Eater. This not only tanked his public appeal but his self-esteem as well, reducing Crouch to a meek international representative. Still, he was capable of using powerful memory charms to protect his fugitive son, who he secretly protected for years.

9 The Longbottoms

Neville’s parents – Frank and Alice Longbottom – were recognized for being two of the most prominent Aurors during Voldemort’s initial reign. They “thrice defied” the Dark Lord in 1981 and were only defeated when they were outnumbered.

The two Aurors were tortured to the point of insanity by Death Eaters who wanted to extract information about their master’s possible whereabouts, leaving their son to be raised by his grandmother. Though they’re not shown in action in either the movies or books, their reputation speaks for them.

8 Nymphadora Tonks

Not only is Nymphadora a gifted Auror but she’s also a Metamorphmagus – a rare kind of witch who can change their physical appearance at will without the use of potions, spells, or curses.

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While she was officially affiliated with the Ministry during Voldemort’s return, she was a dedicated member of the Order of the Phoenix and fought to restore peace. She was killed by her aunt Bellatrix Lestrange in The Deathly Hallows alongside her husband Remus Lupin, leaving her son to be raised by her mother.

7 Theseus Scamander

Because of his impressive record and backstory, Newt Scamander’s older brother casts a massive shadow on his life and confidence. Theseus isn’t just a skilled and dedicated Auror but he’s also a war hero.

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Against orders from then-Minister Evermonde, Theseus and a thousand other magic users joined the British effort during the First World War. He returned a decorated veteran along with the other surviving witches and wizards, and his experiences in the battlefield would help him later in his career in magical law enforcement, especially during the hunt for Grindelwald.

6 Leta Lestrange

Born into the pureblood Lestrange family, Leta turned her tumultuous life and dark legacy around by working for the British branch of magical law enforcement. In the service of the Ministry, Leta proved her worth as a powerful witch and met her fiancé Theseus.

Her final redemption would come during Grindelwald’s ill-fated supremacist rally in Paris, where she was able to stand against the dark wizard’s powerful spells and destroy the crucial skull-hookah that granted him the ability to see into the future. Sadly, Grindelwald incinerates her in retaliation.

5 Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody

The grizzled and incredibly paranoid Mad-Eye Moody is perhaps the most well-known and feared Auror of his time. He overpowered and arrested many wizard criminals and only killed his targets when it was absolutely necessary.

Over the course of his eventful career, he lost many limbs, but this didn’t stop him from doing his job – if anything, his injuries may have only made him even more alert. As seen in The Goblet of Fire, his reputation preceded him wherever he went. It sadly makes sense that he met his end at the hands of none other than Voldemort himself.

4 Dolores Umbridge

No-one in the Harry Potter canon has unleashed the Ministry’s full might as much as Umbridge did, who used her position as High Inquisitor to exercise her draconian brand of order fueled by a bottomless hatred of Half-Bloods. Her dueling abilities are unproven, but she showed her strengths in arguably worse yet (technically) legal ways.

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It’s no wonder she enjoyed even more power when the Death Eaters took over, spreading her inhuman policies beyond Hogwarts. Rowling confirmed that Umbridge was imprisoned in Azkaban following Voldemort’s death, putting an end to the embodiment of the Ministry’s worst traits.

3 Kingsley Shacklebolt

Regarded as one of the strongest senior Aurors working under the Ministry, Shacklebolt is well-regarded among his peers for his experience and knowledge. Outwardly he presented himself as a Ministry informant, but his loyalty lies with Dumbledore and his Order, feeding the Ministry false and useless information.

During the final battle for Hogwarts, Shacklebolt organized the remaining wizards and even survived a duel against Voldemort himself. He was appointed temporary Minister for Magic after the Dark Lord’s defeat but was permanently instated in due time, revolutionizing the Ministry for the better.

2 Harry Potter

From the very beginning, Harry was destined for great things. Not only because he was the legendary “Boy Who Lived,” but because he had the makings of a great wizard. After years of hardships and trials, his full potential was realized later in life.

The Cursed Child confirms that, at 17-years old, Harry became an Auror and was promoted to the division’s leader at 26. In a few years’ time, he became the overall head of Magical Law Enforcement where, according to Rowling, he worked to eradicate corruption and prejudice within the Ministry with the help of a familiar face.

1 Hermione Granger

It goes without saying that Hermione is one of the best witches in all of the Harry Potter canon, making her a good candidate for the Ministry’s top spot. By the time of The Cursed Child, Hermione succeeded Shacklebolt as Minister of Magic after dedicating a good amount of her professional life to working in the Ministry.

Being a Muggle-born who survived the worst that Voldemorts’ forces had to offer, Rowling confirmed that Hermione (along with Harry) used her skills and position to continue Shacklebolt’s reforms and drastically improve the lives of every witch and wizard: pureblood or otherwise.

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