Harry Potter: 10 Hufflepuff Logic Memes That Are Hilariously True

Harry Potter features four different houses but perhaps none are more memeable than the Hufflepuffs.

Harry Potter is one of the most popular and long-lasting fandoms in existence. It's inescapable. Memes about every aspect of Hogwarts life permeate the internet. All the ridiculous parts of every book, movie, character, and plot twist have been scrutinized and exaggerated into thousands of incredible memes.

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For Harry Potter fans, no question is more important than "What's your house?" The community and rivalry in the books has bled into the real world as people don the hypothetical Sorting Hat. And, unfortunately, poor Hufflepuff is usually considered one of the lesser houses. Here are some hilarious memes about Hogwarts'  most overlooked house.

10 How Do Hufflepuffs Like Their Coffee?

The Hufflepuff house virtues are loyalty, patience, and hard work. Admirable qualities, certainly, but not very intimidating ones. Compared to some of the other houses, Hufflepuffs tend look like marshmallows.

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That doesn't stop some Hufflepuffs getting a little too big for their britches. Of course, it would take an insightful Ravenclaw to give them a reality check. Guys, the edgy look isn't good on you. Leave that to the Slytherins.

9 Hufflepuffs Don't Care

Just to rub some salt in the wound, all the other three houses have great mascot animals. Lions, falcons, and even snakes have some element of majestic or power to them. Looking at them gives you an idea of what the house is all about. And then there's Hufflepuff's badger.

It wasn't until 2011, when the video "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger" appeared on the meme scene, that badgers finally had some claim to fame. Hufflepuffs latched onto the fiercely apathetic honey badger immediately, and this is proof their mascot can hold its own against the other houses.

8 Miscellaneous House

As ridiculous as it is to divide up a bunch of 11-year-olds based on the word of a talking hat, the Sorting does usually end up putting kids where they best fit. That's magic for you.

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Unfortunately for Hufflepuff, almost (almost!) no important characters hail from their house. They end up being treated like spares. Even their own founder, when everyone else was rattling off their ideal qualities, said: "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same!" Thanks for that, Helga. Really inspiring.

7 What The Hell Is A Hufflepuff?

Obviously, Dumbledore is following in the footsteps of the founders here. Even Ravenclaw gets dismissed in this line from Starkid's 2009 parody A Very Potter Musical.

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It's got to be discouraging when your headmaster doesn't even know what your house is. Though, in fairness, Cedric doesn't offer much of a rebuttal. What does a particularly good finder even mean?

6 Pretty Much The Same Thing, Right?

The special treatment Dumbledore gives Harry throughout the series is legendary. Even other characters in the series get tired of him being headmaster's pet. Couldn't poor Hufflepuff house get some of that attention? Of course, Harry was basically being groomed as a child sacrifice the whole time, so on second thought...

5 Aren't You Tired Of Being Nice?

Okay, okay. Hufflepuff gets ragged on a lot by pretty much everyone else in the fandom. You can only be told your house is pointless so many times. One of these days a Hufflepuff is going to snap. And despite the rude things people say about them, Hufflepuffs are just as capable of jinxing you into next week as any Slytherin. They're just more likely to feel bad about it later.

4 Huff Le Puff

Being in Hufflepuff isn't all bad. Apparently, they have the best weed in the whole school. What do you think Professor Sprout is growing in all those greenhouses? And being right next to the kitchen would be very useful to deal with midnight munchies.

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That is a good point about Cedric. Taking your homework into the bath hoping for it to somehow make sense sounds exactly like something a high person would do. Let the zen of the hot water open your third eye, man.

3 And There's The Hufflepuff

It's amazing how the simple things in life can demonstrate the differences between people. Simple things, of course, like the laser knife that automatically toasts bread when you slice it. And imagine what you can use that laser knife for. Of course the Slytherins and Gryffindors go straight for the violent options, torture and murder respectively. Then Ravenclaws come in with some interesting facts about the mechanics of stab wounds.

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But Hufflepuffs have humbler tastes. What does a Hufflepuff want from this laser knife? The toast, obviously! Why go through all the messy trouble of stabbing someone when you can slice bread and automatically make toast? How nice to view the world through Hufflepuff eyes.

2 The Coalition For The Better Treatment Of Hufflepuffs

The newest big-screen adaptation of J.K. Rowling's magical world is the Fantastic Beasts series following the adventures of prominent Hufflepuff alumnus Newt Scamander. When Eddie Redmayne was cast in the role for the series' first entry in 2016, he gave an MTV interview calling himself a proud Hufflepuff and proclaiming all the things that make Hufflepuff house great.

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He wrapped up by saying "Also Hufflepuff is J.K. Rowling’s favorite house so frankly f—k you." Coming off a little defensive there, but we get it, Hufflepuffs have taken a lot of hits from the Harry Potter community. It's got to be nice to have a big name join their coalition.

1 Your Arguments Are Invalid

So what's the truth? Are Hufflepuffs boring? Leftovers that didn't fit into the other houses? Or are they the best of us, the patient loyal friend we should all strive to be? Can they be dismissed as simply "the stoner house" while Gryffindors and Slytherins continue to be the main characters?

Of course not! And there's one big reason why. Nymphadora Tonks, owner of the coolest magical power in the entire Harry Potter canon and certified badass, is a Hufflepuff. She's crystal clear evidence that not only can Hufflepuffs be brave and witty, but they can look good doing it. Thank you, Tonks. We owe you one.

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