Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Voldemort Logic Memes That Are Too Funny

Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort is one of the most powerful and terrifying villains in the history of books and film. He went from a creepy, sadistic little kid to the evilest dark wizard of all time, and then transformed into a variety of grosser versions of himself in his quest to become a fully formed snake man and kill Harry Potter.

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Tom Riddle takes himself far too seriously. It is not that weird to change your name, but going with Lord? Maybe take it down a notch bro. But those overly serious types are the most fun to shamelessly (or lovingly) mock, and it comes as no surprise that many people love to drag Lord Voldemort within an inch of his life via meme. Here are some of the funniest Voldemort memes on the world wide web.

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10 But You Wouldn't Want To Say That To His Face

Voldemort throws the fit of the century as soon as things don't go his way. Not only is Lord Voldemort like a teenage girl, but he's also like the living embodiment of all of the worst qualities stereotypically associated with that age group.

Plus, most teenagers are very perturbed when they don't get what they want but they don't act as if going on a killing spree is a reasonable reaction. Voldemort is a high school dropout who got nearly everything he wanted for quite a while, so it's no surprise that he has become such a spoiled brat.

9 He's Surely Not The Only Hogwarts Student To Do It

Although to be fair, most Hogwarts students wouldn't take their first shot at platform 9 and 3/4 in King's Cross station going face first. While most students had some assistance in getting into the hidden platform, Tom Riddle was an orphan, he may have just been left to his own devices and Dumbledore assumed he could figure it out.

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That doesn't quite explain why Voldy has those incredibly creepy and weird reptilian nostrils, though. Either way, plenty of Hogwarts students have had a difficult time actually finding their ways to the Hogwarts train, but that's not an excuse for anything Riddle commits later. Obviously, Voldemort still had his nose when he attended Hogwarts, but it is still fun to imagine the Dark Lord smashing face-first into a brick wall.

8 It's Funny Cause It's True

Oh, if Harry only knew. Yes, his rad lightning bolt scar was, unfortunately, a constant reminder of the fact that Voldemort murdered his parents, but it would have been helpful if Harry realized that Voldemort left behind some other souvenirs as well.

Giving someone a scar is one thing, but accidentally forking over a shred of your shriveled, gross soul? That is a whole other thing. Granted, Harry becoming the Boy Who Lived was surely a much better outcome than the alternative.

7 Hopefully, Things Aren't Quite That Bad

Look, most people have not been blessed with the gift of being photogenic. Even those people who do seem to have an uncanny ability to look great in two-dimensional freeze-frames eventually wind up with a rather dumb photo.

That said, even on our worst days, most people aren't going to quite match the reanimated lizard-person corpse that Voldemort resembles. Luckily out of all of Voldemort's many sins, physical vanity doesn't seem to be one of them. But he looks busted in photos, regular people often times look busted in photos. Celebrities and evil wizards, they're just like us!

6 Interesting That Dumbledore Is Janis

Imagining any squad of characters as some kind of alternate universe Mean Girls is always fun, but it's sincerely a surprise that, under any circumstance, Albus Dumbledore could be seen as Janis Ian. Regina George, maybe. Cady Heron? Perhaps. Ms. Norbury, absolutely.

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Also not to be rude, but Voldemort berating anyone for how they look takes a lot of nerve on his part, especially someone with Albus Dumbledore's long and lustrous locks. Otherwise, Voldemort is the perfect Regina George, the jerk that everyone pretends to like because they're too scared to do otherwise is Tom Riddle to a T.

5 That Awkward Moment When...

What exactly is that look in Peter Pettigrew's eyes? A mixture of fear, awe, and straight-up revulsion? Holding babies can be terrifying, but at least hanging out with a regular infant is better than having to cart around this weird looking lizard Benjamin Button old man-baby.

While dropping a baby is probably the most mortifying thing that can happen, most infants don't have the power to magically murder you out of rage.

4 It's The Thought That Counts

Perhaps that's another reason that Voldemort failed in his goal to destroy Harry. Voldemort somehow managed to come up with every scheme under the sun to stop those meddling kids from foiling his plans for world domination, but it never occurred to him to mix things up and just go hard at Harry during Christmas?

Hogwarts would have been nearly empty, so he could have had some Death Eaters just snatch Harry and no one would have been the wiser for like a week. It's too easy to be an armchair Dark Lord, but Voldy could have done something different.

3 Voldy Just Can't Measure Up

Well when you put it that way, it's almost kind of an embarrassment to the entire wizarding world that Voldemort was the greatest dark wizard of all time. It's possible that Voldemort just dreamed too big but didn't have the skill set required to make those dreams come true.

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But it's also nice that Voldemort started out with more humble goals and presumably was going to go on to bigger and better things if he succeeded at his first goal. Except he didn't, despite trying like seven times.

2 Make It Fashion

Voldemort waited over a decade to finally end Harry Potter once and for all, so he's going to make sure that his cheek highlight is looking it's best for his superstar moment. Voldemort has many flaws, but one of his most damning is that he is his own ultimate hype man.

He can't just be satisfied coming up the winner and killing The Boy Who Lived, he has to practically blow up Hogwarts and force everyone he's ever met to watch him put Potter in his place. If Voldemort wasn't so wrapped up in showmanship, perhaps he wouldn't have lost.

1 Neville, What's Good?

When it comes to killing people using magic, Voldemort is supposed to be the expert to end all experts; however, he goofed by going after the Potter family to try and kill the one person who was an existential threat to him. Not only that, Voldy's target was a baby and he still failed.

A highly motivated and angry cat could have probably gotten the job done. Voldemort blew it when he was trying to kill the easiest kind of human to kill.

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