Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Memes Only A True Ravenclaw Would Understand

Harry Potter is a series that has created a rabid fandom. And as such, that means that there are countless memes being created basically every day. After all, this is fandom voracious and observant. It seems like every element of the world has been picked apart through memes, from the Hogwarts houses to the characters, and everything in between.

On that note; let's talk about Ravenclaws. Ravenclaws are said to be witty and wise and are generally known to be bookish. While Ravenclaw might get a little bit ignored in the series – the fans have made up for any lacking.Here are our top ten Ravenclaw memes. And trust us, the Ravenclaws in the crowd are going to appreciate these ones.

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10 Is This the Ravenclaw Symbol?

Many might assume that the house animal for Ravenclaw is a raven. But you would be wrong. The symbol is actually an eagle. And yet pop cultural items can't stop themselves from including a raven on everything. It's insane. And thus, jokes like these have emerged.

9 You Know You're A Ravenclaw When...

Perhaps that is how it identifies a Ravenclaw? By finding the overactive minds that won't stay quiet for even a single moment? That actually sounds fairly believable, doesn't it? Sorry, Sorting Hat. But we're also not all that sorry.

8 Ravenclaw House

We can picture the common room of Ravenclaw being full of half or mostly finished projects. And books, lots of books. Somehow that just seems appropriate, don't you think?Also, we don't like how seen this meme makes us feel. Make it stop.

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7 Ew

We know that this is the second meme on our list harping on the whole raven debacle. But like we said, it's a major irritant to many a fan. The fact that there are so many memes out there about this should be telling enough, don't you think?

6 That's So Ravenclaw

Also, if you didn't read this meme in the singsong voice that goes with the theme song, then you need to go and binge a whole lot more That's So Raven. Because you clearly need more of that in your life.

5 When Memes Collide!

Then there's Slytherin. And yeah, this meme matches too. If not for personality (though for some it is), then certainly for the way they're perceived. Then there's our beloved Ravenclaw! And yes, we absolutely are the nerdy science cat. And ouch, Hufflepuff. Perhaps Hufflepuff's nature is just harder to show off in a single meme comparison?

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4 How Many Students Does it Take to Change a Light-bulb?

Well, here that joke has split up the Hogwarts houses and how they would go about doing it. And frankly? This is so spot on. We laughed until we cried. And then laughed some more.

3 What Ravenclaws Do

Once again, this meme is making us feel so seen! Because yeah, we'd like to all think we're the whimsical literary character in a series. But we're just as likely to be the loopy one that nobody understands.

2 The Reason Why Harry Isn't In Ravenclaw

Would you: a.) try and catch one that's floating in the air b.) grab one off the ground and run. If you answered a, you're probably not a Ravenclaw. Then again, a Ravenclaw would have known better than to try and open the first letter in front of the Dursleys in the first place, so it's a moot point.

1 House Puns

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