Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Golden Trio Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Harry Potter Ron, Harry, Hermione

In the wide world of books and movies, there are few trios that are more famous and more beloved than the so-called golden trio. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this moniker, it's the fandom term for the Harry Potter holy trinity of Harry Potter himself, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley. The story of these three friends is one of the most compelling and heartwarming in the history of all fiction, and the popularity of these characters individually and as a group is totally unparalleled.

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And just like pretty much every other thing under the sun that is remotely popular, the golden trio of the Harry Potter universe is a friendship squad that has become the subject of many a meme. All of the iconic moments that this iconic trio has experienced is exactly the kind of material that memes were made for, so here are 10 of the best golden trio memes out there.

10 Low Blow Guys

As much as we appreciate any good meme, is this really necessary at this point? I mean first of all, it's the easiest diss that anyone could ever throw at Voldemort. His lack of nose is easily the most noticeable and most repulsive part of his appearance, and no matter what he achieves everyone else on earth still has that over him (although honestly, it's really weird that he can give Wormtail a fresh hand but doesn't bother fixing his busted face).

But also, there's really no need to be shaming anyone for their appearance, especially when there are plenty of way more legitimate reasons to drag Voldemort.

9 The Good Of The Many Above The Good Of The Few

Okay, so let's preface this whole thing by making it clear that Hermione absolutely deserves a lot of pity and understanding for accidentally transforming herself into a cat when she and the boys were planning on using polyjuice potions to make themselves look like Slytherin students.

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But Hermione was already transformed into the cat and just had to wait it out, and if her waiting longer meant that Harry and Ron had more opportunities to do what needed doing then so be it. Plus, this is the literal genius Hermione Granger we're talking about. How in the hell couldn't she tell the difference between a human hair and a cat hair?

8 Making Memories

Well now that we all live in a world where people need to take pictures of every meal they eat and everything they ever buy so that they can post it to Instagram because it's apparently just too fascinating not to share with the world, why exactly wouldn't the golden trio memorialize themselves destroying the most powerful dark wizard of all time with a few selfies too?

The golden trio was blessed with some seriously photogenic faces, and if they were going to die trying to win the Second Wizarding War then there's nothing wrong with ensuring that the world wouldn't forget them once they're gone.

7 The Boy With A Death Wish

No matter what Harry Potter did he was always going to be faced with life-threatening situations at some point in his life, but it is more than true that he oftentimes put himself in life or death situations when he really didn't need to.

Harry was incredibly lucky to meet friends like Hermione and Ron, who would typically try to reel him in when he was about to run headlong into danger, but who would also go along with him if he couldn't be stopped. Harry maybe should have thought about the safety of others every once in a while, but luckily Ron and Hermione were there to remind him when he forgot.

6 The Night Stalker

Ron has a reputation of being the funny goofball out of the golden trio, but this meme so accurately points out that Ronald Weasley is actually a low key creeper. He is always reading into things when he really shouldn't be and he's weirdly suspicious of Harry and Hermione almost all the time.

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And if that's not enough, he always seems to know weird things like this. Yes, Ron and Harry shared a dorm room as kids, but Hermione had been living with Harry for weeks at this point and she wasn't so acutely aware of everything that Harry did that she somehow managed to learn Parseltongue just from hearing him talking in his sleep.

5 Always Meant To Be

One of the best things about the Harry Potter series and the entire golden trio is that their story was truly one of friendship. It's pretty rare that a super popular series doesn't put romantic relationships at its front and center, so seeing the way Harry, Ron, and Hermione interacted with one another was a welcome reprieve from the standard.

However, it was also plainly obvious to anyone with eyes that Ron and Hermione were destined to be together from the start. They resisted temptation for literally as long as they could, but Ron and Hermione were fated to become husband and wife the moment that Hermione criticized Ron's pronunciation of "wingardium leviosa".

4 On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

The golden trio was what, 12 or 13 when they were in Prisoner of Azkaban? That is far too early for children to be dieting or worrying about their figure, and Harry should be especially unconcerned with those kinds of things when he's facing mortal danger like Lord Voldemort or Sirius Black (obviously Sirius was no danger to Harry, but he didn't know that at the time).

And really, if you're very likely to be murdered by the darkest and most powerful wizard who ever lived before you even reach your 20th birthday, just don't worry about what you eat and live it up while you're still alive.

3 Well It's Not Awkward If You Don't Realize It

But see, herein lies the paradox within this meme. Yes, it's obviously awkward when someone is playing the third wheel, and it's even more awkward when the person who is the third wheel doesn't actually know that they're the third wheel.

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However, it's obviously not awkward for the person who is just clueless like Harry is, it's only awkward for the Ron and Hermione of the group. But this whole scenario in the movie was really weird anyway, it's totally understandable that they'd all want to comfort each other after something horrible happened but have none of them ever seen or participated in a group hug before?

2 It's Not Like They Have Privacy From Each Other Anyway

Anyone who knows the golden trio knows that Hermione Granger could afford to chill out a little bit. But we also all know she's not going to. When the three of them were on the run from Voldemort and had nothing to do all day, it's painfully believable that Hermione would have taken it upon herself to continue Harry and Ron's magical educations.

It's very easy to believe that Hermione would do something like correcting the grammar and spelling of Harry's diary too. And yes, that is a bit of an overstepped boundary in any normal circumstance, but the golden trio really doesn't have boundaries at this point.

1 Gotta Respect The Glow Up

Everyone knows that Harry and Hermione were never going to be in a relationship, and neither of them ever had any kind of romantic attraction or interest in one another. And frankly, even if Harry had expressed an interest, Hermione only ever had eyes for Ron from the moment she actually started exploring an interest in boys.

But it's hard to deny that Hermione Granger's glow up from childhood into her teenage years and into adulthood was more extraordinary than anyone could have ever expected. Harry didn't want Hermione to be his girlfriend, but any boy would be crazy not to want that beauty on their arm.

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