Happy Harry Potter Day Muggles!

Right about now I know a lot of you out there are real excited. Maybe you're at your job, at home, or already camped out by your local cineplex - but wherever you are, if you're reading this then you too are likely afflicted with Harry Potter fever in anticipation of the midnight hour when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince debuts in theaters!

Of course, others of you are saying, "Kofi, what's the big deal bro? This is like what, the sixth Harry Potter flick? Why all the hoopla?"

Well I'll tell you 'why all the hoopla' this time around:



Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is being touted as the best installment of the series so far. Some bloggers around the net are (gasp!) even floating the notion that the film is worthy an Oscar Nom for Best Picture. Of course many said the same thing about The Dark Knight around this time last year - but now that the Academy has widened the Best Picture catergory to a whopping ten nominees, Harry Potter might actually have the chance that Batman never did.

If you want to know just what makes Half-Blood Prince so darn good, you'll have check out Screen Rant's official Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince review.



There are millions of Harry Potter fans out there who worship J.K. Rowling's books and have been loyal (if not always agreeable) followers of the movies. However, for those who haven't been on board ever since the first page of the very first book, Half-Blood Prince offers a long-awaited window of opportunity: the part in the epic story where you know things are "getting good."

In Half-Blood Prince, the war between wizards light and dark officially ignites and for those who hardly know what "Hogwarts" or "muggles" are, this latest Harry Potter installment nonetheless promises some spectacular wizard-on-witch-on-wizard action (see the clips if you haven't), set in the now-cherished "dark tone" of The Dark Knight.

As Screen Rant guru Vic Holtreman said, "It's the Empire Strikes Back of the series." Need you hear more?



Films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man spoiled a lot of us. After seeing those movies many of us had the audacity to start demanding summer blockbusters that were actually quality films as well. The audacity!

Flash-forward a year later and where are we at? Scratching our heads at Terminator Salvation; trying to stay awake during the parts of Public Enemies that didn't involve ear-splitting gun fire; or possibly questioning if we really just saw the pile of sh mess that was Transformers 2 or simply suffered some terrible waking nightmare.

Suffice to say it's been a less-than-awesome summer at the movies so far. Thank god for Star Trek.

Well, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is looking to be the cure for 2009 summer blockbuster blues. That feeling alone (remember the thrill of actually watching a good summer movie?) is enough to get me in the theater this weekend.


So there you have it Muggles, all the reason in the world to be excited if you aren't already. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters at Midnight! And for those who want to see it twice, the film will be premiere in 3D IMAX on July 29th.

Here's are some final images to help get your half-blood pumping (click on any one for a larger version):


Image Source: JoBlo

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