Harry Potter: The 10 Worst Things Hagrid Ever Did

There is no doubt that Hagrid is one of the most beloved characters from the Harry Potter series. It seems there is not a bad bone in his body, and he acts as a real role model and a sounding board for Harry himself throughout the movies.

The half-giant and half-human works as the gamekeeper and keeper of keys and grounds for Hogwarts school, and Hagrid, for all his flaws, always does his best by the school and its pupils. But it is his special bond with Harry that makes him a key character throughout the series.

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However, even though Hagrid is beloved by most staff and students in the movies, that doesn't mean that he is a perfect person, and within this article, we will highlight ten of the worst things that Hagrid did.

10 Not Telling Harry About Platform 9 3/4

Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid at the Entrance to Diagon Alley

During the first time Harry Potter and Hagrid meet, the half-giant helps Harry pick up various items that he will certainly need when he starts life at Hogwarts, from an owl to books, and most importantly, his wand.

However, one major piece of advice he decides to leave out is how Harry actually gets to Hogwarts itself. Hagrid simply hands him his train ticket and expects that this boy who has lived a total muggle life will know exactly how to find a mysterious platform that technically doesn't exist unless you're aware of it.

While it obviously isn't the worst thing he does throughout the movies, it doesn't exactly get him off to the best of starts, as a simple explanation could have saved Harry having the worry.

9 Dudley's Tail

HP Hagrid Magic

This is a moment that had a lot of fans laughing out loud and isn't one that had people questioning Hagrid's character, but it still classifies as something nasty which is why it makes this list, as Hagrid gave Dudley a tail.

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One of the main reasons that it is an issue is because practicing magic in front of muggles is heavily frowned upon and is not something Hagrid should have been doing, especially in front of another student.

However, it was also a little unfair on Dudley himself, as even though he is a spoilt brat and deserved to be punished in this scene, he is only that way because of his parents, who are the real problem in that family.

8 Continuing To Use Magic

HP Hagrid Umbrella Wand

Speaking of Hagrid's use of magic, this is another one of the worst things he does in the movies as Hagrid shouldn't even be performing magic under any circumstances as the Ministry of Magic actually ban him from performing magic under any circumstances.

Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts after he was framed by Tom Riddle for opening up the Chamber of Secrets, meaning he never learned many top charms and spells. He is essentially half-trained.

Another major reason he shouldn't be doing magic is that when he was banned, the Ministry actually snapped his wand, meaning anything he does is being performed with a broken wand, making things even more dangerous.

7 Raising A Dragon

Hagrid loves magical creatures and beasts of all different shapes and sizes, and you would think that a man with as much knowledge on them as Hagrid would know that growing and raising a dragon inside of his tiny hut was a poor idea.

Thankfully, the dragon (or Norbert, as he calls it) is taken away from Hagrid's care before any issues arise, but this is another poor bit of decision making on his behalf, highlighting that perhaps he isn't the smartest of characters. All we can be thankful for is that the dragon never got to grow in his care, or who knows what would have happened to Hogwarts.

6 How To Charm Fluffy

"I should not have said that," becomes a line that Hagrid is incredibly well-known for saying over the course of the movies due to his inability to retain any secrets, no matter how big or how dangerous the situation is that he is openly discussing.

One of the worst mistakes Hagrid makes is when he tells Harry, Ron, and Hermione that the way to deal with Fluffy, a giant three-headed dog is via music, which of course leads the trio to go and find the beast.

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While knowing that information is all good and well, they are still forced to go face to face with the beast which almost costs them as the dogs awaken.

5 Triwizard Cheat

The Triwizard Cup is supposed to be taken incredibly seriously, with rules not meant to be broken due to how serious that all the schools take it. However, that is where Hagrid comes in, as he had no problem in cheating and breaking those rules.

Hagrid made the decision to give Harry Potter a heads up about the dragon challenge, arguably the most dangerous of the lot, giving him a distinct advantage against his competitors.

While he is obviously doing this due to his friendship with Harry, he doesn't offer up the same service to the other competitors, which isn't exactly fair.

4 Buckbeak

One of Hagrid's favorite pastimes seems to be putting students in danger, which is evident once again when he brings in Buckbeak to the school, aiming to introduce the students to the Hippogriff, which is a beautiful beast.

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While Harry clearly makes a connection with the animal, Draco doesn't have the same fortune, and when Buckbeak acts out due to being scared, the Slytherin wizard attempts to have the animal executed.

While Buckbeak is eventually saved, this was a poor decision on Hagrid's behalf as he put the creature in a position where it could easily hurt a student, knowing all too well what that situation would lead to.

3 He Brought A Giant

This is another example of a decision Hagrid made that really made people question whether the giant every thought about things before he acted upon them. He made the decision to bring Grawp, a young giant (who was still huge), into the Forbidden Forest.

Why he thought this was a good idea is truly unknown, as he certainly put everyone in danger with the giant having more than enough power to cause damage, especially because he wasn't that smart.

Luckily for Hagrid, Hermione Granger manages to strike up a friendship with Grawp, and she ends up keeping him under control, making sure nothing bad ends up happening, saving Hagrid from further issues.

2 Spilling The Sorcerer's Stone Secret

Harry Potter

Something that becomes very clear about Hagrid from early on in the movies is that he is a terrible secret keeper, and struggles to keep key information to himself. This is a way that the films often advance the plot, with Harry finding out key information from him.

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While most of the secrets are harmless enough, the fact he spilled the beans regarding the Sorcerer's Stone was a big mistake on his behalf. Hagrid actually took Harry to Gringotts to collect the stone, presuming that the young wizard wouldn't be the least bit curious.

His inability to keep his mouth shut becomes a major issue throughout the film, sending Harry and his friends on a wild chase, and while they end up surviving they do end up in grave danger because of Hagrid.

1 Aragog

Without a doubt, the biggest mistake and worst thing that Hagrid does throughout the Harry Potter movies is making the decision to allow Aragog to live within the castle grounds inside the Forbidden Forest where he is able to grow a family.

Hagrid has always been well known for having a soft side when it comes to magical beasts, and while his ability to see the beauty within even the most dangerous creatures is endearing, there is no doubt that this decision put the entire school in danger.

While Aragog doesn't actually cause any problems throughout the movies, although Harry and Ron have a close shave with his family, this still ranks as the worst thing he has done, simply because of how irresponsible it is.

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