Harry Potter: 10 Times Hagrid Should Have Actually Been Fired (Or Imprisoned In Azkaban)

Hagrid is the crazy, giant uncle figure everyone wanted when they were kids. He was supportive, loyal, and had the biggest heart out of every Hogwarts professor. No one was closer to Harry and the Trio than Hagrid, and his impact on the series says it all.

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That being said, there is no denying that Hagrid has always straddled the line when it came to safety and boundaries. In some instances, Hagrid's actions should have gotten him sacked, if not arrested. Here are ten moments when Hagrid should have gotten in more trouble than he did.

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Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
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10 Using Sirius' Bike

Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Sirius Black's motorbike, soon owned by Hagrid, and eventually by Harry himself, was used in multiple missions to protect the boy who lived. Assumably enchanted by either or both Sirius and James Potter, this motorbike had the ability to fly as fast as a broom, carry someone as large as Hagrid, and emit a monstrous jet of flame from its exhaust pipe.

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Hagrid used this bike on two occasions: when taking Harry to the Dursley's for the first time and taking him away for the last time. The use of the bike should have gotten more ministry attention. At no point did it seem to have any invisibility function similar to Arthur Weasley's Ford Anglia. This bike was a risk to the Statute of Secrecy and could have landed Hagrid behind bars.

9 Keeping His Wand And Using It On Dudley

Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid Gives Dudley Dursley a Pig Tail in Harry Potter

One of the most aggravating characters in the series was Dudley Dursely. This oafish bully would harass and assault Harry throughout his time in the Dursley household. Seeing Dudley be on the receiving end of any form of justice would have been satisfying. So, when Hagrid gave him a pig's tail in The Sorcerer's Stone, it was an instantly iconic moment. Although it was entertaining, this alone should have gotten Hagrid into bigger trouble.

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Hagrid, as fans know, was stripped of his ability to practice wizardry after his affiliation with the first opening of the Chamber of Secrets. Practicing any magic afterward should have been a matter of Ministry importance. Not only that but committing magic against a muggle would have been a much larger issue than what actually occurs.

8 Not Keeping The Sorcerer's Stone A Secret

As a teacher and employee at Hogwarts, Hagrid was bound to the rules and responsibilities of such a title. Certainly, Dumbledore was lenient with Hagrid, but on multiple occasions, his actions could have cost him his position. One such instance occurred within Harry's first year.

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As the plot unravels, the trio learns more and more about Nicolas Flamel and the Sorcerer's Stone. Most of this knowledge was due to Hagrid's inability to keep the stone a secret. Sure, the gang was able to learn a lot from their own sleuthing abilities, but Hagrid should have held more control when it came to such a sensitive topic.

7 Having A Pet Dragon

Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid with Norberta the Dragon

If there is one thing fans know about Hagrid, its that he has quite the affinity for magical creatures and pets. Though he loves his bloodhound Fang, there is a certain obsession and need for Hagrid to acquire as many dangerous animal companions as possible. One of the first audiences ran into was a small dragon named Norbert.

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This Norweigan Ridgeback eventually bit Ron and was smuggled out of the castle by Harry and Hermione. Not only that, but the purchase of the dragon allowed Quirrell and Voldemort access to the Sorcerer's Stone. So because of Hagrid's actions, a student was harmed, illegal smuggling was committed, and the evilest Dark Wizard in history almost returned. At least Hagrid's brand is consistent.

6 Keeping Aragog Sustained In The Forest

Norbert wasn't the only source of beastly trouble Hagrid got himself into. Through his tenure as a professor and even as a student, Hagrid continued to harbor dangerous creatures both great and small. A specific creature, with eight hairy legs and multiple eyes, should've been the cause for Hagrid's pink slip.

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One creature Hagrid kept was Aragog, the giant spider. Owning this beast and keeping it in the castle actually did get Hagrid expelled, but continuing to sustain it in the Forbidden Forest should have gotten him fired. Though Aragog never killed anyone in the castle and was never connected to the Chamber of Secrets, he still was a danger to students such as Harry and Ron.

5 Buckbeak's Disappearance

One instance in which Hagrid was punished was arguably off base. Teaching third-year students about how to approach and handle a Hippogriff was certainly risky, but Hagrid deliberately covered all his bases. Sadly, a student went against Hagrid's teachings and got hurt.

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Though he should not have been punished for this action, the disappearance of Buckbeak by the hands of a time-traveling Harry and Hermione is a different story. The fact that Hagrid saw no repercussions for either being involved or for allowing such an escape to occur is surprising. Though he wasn't immediately at fault, the animal was still his responsibility.

4 Showing Harry The Dragons In The Goblet Of Fire

In The Goblet of Fire, Three Tasks await Harry in the Triwizard tournament. Being only fourteen, Harry had a huge uphill battle and could use any help he could get. Luckily, Hagrid was able to sneak him out of the castle before the first task, revealing that he would be facing dragons. Only one problem remained: the fact that this was flat out cheating.

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Obviously, none of this was Hagrid's idea and Barty Crouch Jr. should be blamed. That being said, if they were caught, Hagrid totally would have been reprimanded harshly if not fired altogether. It was a total breach in the rules of the tournament.

3 Breeding Blast-Ended Skrewts

If this list has shown anything, its that Hagrid needs a new hobby. His obsession with monsters has put his career and freedom at risk too many times to count. When it comes to teaching his class, he eventually waned away from the more dangerous creatures. But, in Harry's fourth year, he introduced a dangerous and grotesque beast that would annoy the students all year.

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Bred by Hagrid for his Care for Magical Creatures course, the repulsive monsters were a cross between a crab and scorpion, with strange armor and stingers. They were beyond dangerous, killing each other and putting students at risk.

2 Assaulting Karkaroff

Hagrid is fiercely loyal. This trait is both incredibly admirable but occasionally dangerous. Hagrid's temper is easily flared when someone insults anyone, especially Albus Dumbledore. So when Igo Karkaroff spat at Dumbledore in The Goblet of Fire, Hagrid wasn't too pleased. In the novel, he grabbed Karkaroff, pinned him to a tree, and demanded he apologize to the headmaster. Dumbledore talked him down, but this action could have been a major indictment on the half-giant.

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If Karkaroff wanted, he could have made the situation a bigger incident than it already was. Not only did he assault a teacher, but one visiting from abroad. This could have reached international levels of intervention. Luckily, Hagrid probably scared Karkaroff too much to get much flack.

1 His Drinking

Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid and Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter

Hagrid is a fairly tragic figure in the Potter series. Though he is the lovable giant that everyone cares about, his background and tendencies are filled with sadness. Because of this, it's not surprising that Hagrid actually has a serious dependency on alcohol.

Though it is never explicitly said, Hagrid is constantly shown to have somewhat of a drinking problem. The drinking causes Hagrid to lash out when angry, or fall into pits of despair. It has at times gotten in the way of him fully committing to his career at Hogwarts. This detail is easy to miss as a kid, but it is a heartbreaking reality looking back on the series.

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