Harry Potter: 25 Hilarious Gryffindor Vs Slytherin Memes

If you are a true fan of the Harry Potter series, then you have taken at least one online quiz to find out which Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry house you'd belong to. Come on, you know you have.

Honestly, there's only two of the four Houses we really care about: Gryffindor and Slytherin (sorry Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw). Harry Potter and his stalwart group of friends are all part of the Gryffindor clan, created by Godric Gryffindor. The crest is a lion, with the colors being red and gold, and the members being characterized as being honorable and brave, sometimes to the point of recklessness. Naturally, Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore was once a proud member.

Slytherin, on the other hand, was created by Salazar Slytherin, who valued ambition, shrewdness – and purebloods – above all. With a snake on their crest and their colors green and silver, the Slytherin house also has the distinction of including the world's most evil wizard, Lord Voldemort, as a member. Not the best of reputations, to say the least, with a roster that also includes Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape.

Clearly, the odds are stacked against Slytherin from the beginning because that's just how it works. Harry and Dumbledore are the heroes, period - even though Snape and Draco turn out to be less than villainous. However, fans and like-minded Harry Potter meme creators have had fun with the classic school rivalry between the two houses, creating some really funny stuff.

Here are 25 Hilarious Gryffindor Vs Slytherin Memes!

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Joe Biden Obama Gryffindor Slytherin-meme
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Joe Biden Obama Gryffindor Slytherin-meme

Remember those hilarious memes with former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden? We do. The basic gist of the memes shows real photos of Obama and Biden, with little “conversations” between them. Obama is usually very patient dealing with Biden's rants against other politicians, his childish behavior, insecurities – or when Biden wants to be sorted into the right house at Hogwarts.

This meme just makes us straight-up laugh out loud. The pic is of Obama giving Biden the Medal of Freedom, but the conversation revolves around Biden's wish not to be placed in Slytherin. Like this important occasion can only mean Biden is being sorted somehow.

Of course, Obama tries to say the medal isn't a sorting hat but just gives up and gives Biden what he wants: to be in Gryffindor!



There were some Harry Potter fans who were legit upset at the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, when Slytherin lost the House Cup because Professor Dumbledore awarded extra points to Gryffindor for all their most recent acts of bravery in the face of insurmountable danger. We get it. It's not that fair, but hey, most of us were already rooting against Slytherin anyway.

We're just cracking up at superimposing the faces of Draco Malfoy, Dumbledore, and Harry on the bodies of beauty queens, with Draco almost about to be crowned Miss Universe but reigning “queen” Dumbledore looking over his shoulder at sheepish Harry, who is just waiting for the crown. It's really that well-known pic of a young Harry that keeps us giggling, “Bruh.”


Man Orange Cone Sorting Hat-meme

While the message of this meme goes back to Harry's Sorting Hat moment in Sorcerer's Stone, this image just has us rolling on the floor. This poor old guy was snapped, sitting on a park bench, minding his own business, with an orange traffic cone on his head, like you do. Just a regular Sunday in a littered park.

This isn't a photoshopped image, either (at least we don't think so). The man has a real orange traffic cone on his head, leading us to wonder why as if he truly is working out which Hogwarts house he wants to go into. We'll never find out, but it is a perfect opportunity to poke fun at the Hogwarts' Sorting Hat, as well as trying to come up with a house that this man would fit into. Is there one that spotlights a sense of humor?


Snape on Plane-meme

This is just so hilarious, we are sort of jealous we didn't think of it ourselves. It riffs on the disaster thriller Snakes on a Plane, in which Samuel L. Jackson plays a cop trying to bring in a witness who will testify against a drug lord.

In the film, they are on a flight to L.A., so to take out the witness, the bad guy stocks the plane full of venomous snakes, release some kind of aggression pheromone and lets the snakes have a field day with the passengers.

This meme creator replaces snakes with Snapes, as images of the moody Potions professor are lurking behind seats or sitting there, in full-on disdain mode.

It just needs Sam Jackson yelling one of his more famous profanity-laden lines about being pretty darn tired of all these mother-freaking Snapes on this mother-freaking plane. That would make this complete.


You could almost see this happening between Professor McGonagall and the Hogwarts headmaster, right? There's McGonagall, trying to run Hogwarts as smoothly as possible, despite all the chaos that seems to befall it once Harry Potter shows up. When things really do hit the fan, however, and she and the other professors can't seem to solve the problem alone. That's when they need Dumbledore to be front and center. Sometimes, though, he's MIA. Granted, his absences are usually for a good reason but still.

This meme is one way to answer thee question because, as we've already mentioned, Dumbledore plays favorites with his former Hogwarts house, Gryffindor.

If you're looking for the headmaster, just give Slytherin points or some kind of accolades and boom! he'll show up to slap them down.



Fans probably have had their own thoughts about what being a member of the Slytherin house is like. Scary, maybe. Elitists, probably, but maybe also challenging? A way to charm snakes?

In this fun meme, Slytherins are described through photos by how each Hogwarts house sees them, along with Harry's POV and their own.

Naturally, Gryffindors see them as the true evil villains, with old snake-face Voldemort and his gang of Death Eaters. The Hufflepuffs think the Slytherins are a bunch of hooded doofuses, while Ravenclaw looks at them a little more menacing. Harry Potter views them as the enemy, too, especially when playing Quidditch. Slytherins themselves think they are pretty tough,, but the last frame tells it all.

It shows what Slytherins actually do – and that's scream bloody murder because they are cowards. Enough said.



Speaking of being cowardly (Draco), this meme pokes fun at the scene in Sorcerer's Stone, in which Professor Quirrell comes running into the Great Hall, in a panic, to scream that there's a troll in the Hogwarts' dungeon.

Dumbledore instructs the Perfects to take the students back to the dormitories, but then Draco freaks out because the Slytherin dormitory is in the dungeon. The last image of Dumbledore shouting is just hilarious and completely fits the caption of the professor's total lack of empathy.

You must know that's what the headmaster would have been thinking, already sensing that the first-year Draco was going to pretend to be all high and mighty, bullying Harry and his friends, but in reality be a little crybaby. Thank goodness Draco does eventually redeem himself in such surprising ways.



Back to that House cup ceremony from Sorcerer's Stone, and how totally biased Dumbledore was, here is a meme of the headmaster giving out all those extras points to Gryffindor for protecting the school from Voldemort who was trying to returnby residing in the back of Professor Quirrell's head.

Hermione gets points for being super smart and remaining calm when it counted. Ron gets points for knowing how to play a wicked game of life-sized wizard's chess, and Harry naturally gets a bunch of points for being Harry and saving the day (his first time doing so).

Then there's Neville, who gets 10 points for standing up to his friends and trying to stop them from breaking any more rules, thus pushing Gryffindor ahead to win the cup. “Really?” says the Slytherin table. “Give give us a break.”



This meme just further illustrates the divide between the two Hogwarts houses in the most hysterical way. Maybe Gryffindor was just trying to be helpful in offering some advice to Slytherin, in some innocuous way. Like, how about being nicer to your fellow Hogwarts students? Or would it hurt you to stop acting like you're above us all? Could you be a little less shrewd? Maybe we could do without the Basilisk?

Clearly, whatever it was, Slytherin was not having it – and shut down Gryffindor hard, telling them while they searched high and low, never was there a time when they asked for the lion's opinion, not ever. This obviously shuts Gryffindor up for the time being.



Take notes on this one. If you want to make sure a Slytherin will tune you out, start writing about all things Gryffindor. Like being a lion and wearing red badges and “punching things” - the typical Slytherin image of what a Gryffindor is like. Oh, and shouting because we guess Gryffindors like to yell. Also totally play up how good you are at Transfiguration, like the head of your house, Professor McGonagall.

Then when you're sure a Slytherin is not reading whatever you're writing, throw in the real purpose of the tweet or text: recruiting some of your fellow Gryffindors to play a major prank on Draco and turn his socks into pineapples.

Seriously, this meme is hilarious. Some of these Harry Potter fans truly have a fair amount of time on their hands and are infinitely clever and resourceful.



As mentioned, most Harry Potter followers have found one of the great Internet quizzes that sorts you into a Hogwarts house. The one on the Pottermore website is probably the most popular. You have to answer a slew of questions – and it's pretty obvious which answers coincide with which house. Now, while you might switch things up on your answers – sometimes an answer that fits Gryffindor or sometimes one is a little more selfish like Slytherin – the quiz determines where you'll be sorted.

We all want Gryffindor, don't we?

Taking the quiz and ending up in one of the other houses that's not Gryffindor is very disappointing, especially if you're placed in Slytherin.

The horror! Because then you'll turn into something like this really weird-looking Spongebob Squarepants.



Look, no matter how much Slytherin fans complain it, Professor Dumbledore was justified in playing favorites with Gryffindor over Slytherin. At that point in Sorcerer's Stone, the Slytherin house had already proven themselves to be mean-spirited bullies and exhibited poor sportsmanship in Quidditcht. The head of their house, Professor Snape, clearly had it in for Harry and constantly deducted points from Gryffindor for no real good reason.

After Harry, Hermione and Ron go through all they do to retrieve the stone that could help make you immortal, and then Harry facing his one true nemesis, Lord Voldemort for the first time, it's only fitting that Gryffindor wins the House cup. Those kids in Slytherin didn't earn it the right way, so yes, as this meme says, give Harry 500 points for breathing.



This just epitomizes why Draco Malfoy and his Slytherin thug friends Goyle and Crabbe are who they are. The meme makes you laugh out loud for sure, but there's some real truth behind it. First of all, we know how horrible Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy, is and how he has the same kind of elitist attitude that he passed down to his son.

There is no warmth there between father and son. Draco only wants to please Lucius, which eventually forces him into an impossible situation.

Any of Draco's redemptive qualities come straight from his mother, Narcissa, who still probably didn't hug him enough when he was a kid.

It's hard being part of an evil wizard's inner circle. Although we never see it, we can only imagine Goyle and Crabbe's fathers are the same. This is the end result – three Slytherin jerks.



This poor guy. You know he has been told he looks like Severus Snape many times, and he is probably not at all amused by it. Sure, his face looks a whole lot like the late Alan Rickman, but the hair is what puts him in Snape territory.

To add insult to injury, he also works at an airline counter at the airport, which truly has to be one of the more thankless jobs around. So, some Harry Potter fan either snapped the pic or found it to create this great meme, letting us all imagine what it would be like if Snape controlled how many bags you could take on the plane – and how many points he could take from Gryffindor passengers.



Speaking of Alan Rickman, the actor was a consummate performer and really gave so much rich life to such a dour character.

Snape clearly did not have much joy in his life.

He was picked on by James Potter and his friends when they were all at Hogwarts and grew up with huge amounts of resentment and anger toward those different form him. He seemed like the perfect Deatheater under Voldemort's control.

Except he wasn't because Snape did have the capacity to love – an unrequited love he had for Harry's mother, Lily, which he carried with him even after she passed and guided his actions with Harry. Still, he could be exceptionally petty when it came to his young Gryffindor students.



Much like the previous Slytherin meme, fans most definitely have wondered what it would be like to be in Gryffindor. It would be arm and friendly, probably, with lots of games of wizard's chess by the roaring fire and eating chocolate frogs.

In this fun meme, the proud Lions are described through photos by how each Hogwarts house sees them, along with a couple of others.

Ravenclaws think the Gryffindors are not nearly as intelligent (poor Ron). Hufflepuffs see Gryffindors as a loyal bunch, much like they are. Slytherins think Gryffindors are the bad guys, not them. Filch, Hogwarts' caretaker, find Gryffindor members extremely disruptive and disobedient, while the Lions think of themselves as fighters for the greater good (which is true). What Gryffindors really do is see each other as a family, always.



The word “Slytherin” can be used in many connotations. Slithering like a snake, for one, which almost seems a little too pat, if we're being honest. Then there's the previous “Snapes of a Plane” meme with its tagline “Slytherin into a theater near you.” Clever.

In this meme, we get a little racier version of that Slytherin line. The first frame, Hermione says she's going to bed, with Harry by her side. The second Draco gives her a sly look, responding, “Can I Slytherin?” Whoa, Draco, hold up there, son. That's going a little too far.

It's the next frame, though, that kills us – Hermione's nonplussed gaze and Harry's face being replaced by some strange animated one with a complete shocked look on its face. This meme is just too hilariously weird not to share.



Draco does sort of looks like a loser in this meme, and it clearly inspired the meme creator to comment on how the young Slytherin lad probably isn't really close to anyone, even Crabbe and Goyle. Instead, like a creepy troll, he thinks all his friends are all on the Internet. It's actually more frightening and sad than laugh-out-loud funny.

In the movies, though, we do feel sorry for Draco as the series progresses, watching him wrestle with this horrible task put upon him. He has been told by Voldemort that he must destroy Dumbledore because he's the only one on the inside who can. That's where this image really stems from.

Draco knows that, if he refuses, Voldemort will most likely destroy him and his family. Snape ends up fulfilling his Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa and protects Draco by taking out Dumbledore himself.



Again, some meme creator with a great sense of humor finds the perfect image to set up a hysterical Slytherin reference.

Posed as a door-to-door evangelist, trying to spread the good word of it's “Lord and Savior Salazar Slytherin,” this giant snake actually looks like its knocking on the door to be let in. Could you imagine opening up said door and seeing that greet you? Maybe if you could speak Parseltongue it wouldn't be as bad.

The whole idea that the snake is Slytherin's spirit animal is creepy from the start.

Snakes are major obstacles throughout the movie series, from the Chamber of Secrets' Basilisk to Voldemort's pet snake, Nagini. Harry being a Parselmouth makes snakes a little less scary at times, but not by much. Seriously, if you have a choice between a snake and a lion, which would you choose?


As much as Harry and Draco are at odds with one another throughout the Harry Potter saga, it's really the ways Hermione has always gotten the better of the Slytherin bully that makes us cheer.

Sure, she's let the little weasel get under her skin, especially when he calls her a “filthy Mudblood” – a witch or wizard who come from Muggle parents – but she always sticks up for herself. Of course, the best moment is when she punches him in the nose in Prisoner of Azkaban, declaring “That felt good.” It sure did, and we're all Ron when he tells her she's "bloody brilliant."

That's why this meme makes us laugh even harder. We would have loved a scene in which Hermione makes fun of Draco bleached blond hair.



When the young Harry Potter starts his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he already has a bias against Slytherin. He's been told that the Slytherin house is unsavory and most members are more mean and conniving than anything else. Then Harry finds out that Lord Voldemort was once a member, so that really scares the kid into believing Slytherin would be the very worst place to be.

When it comes time for the Sorting Hat ceremony, Harry is petrified he'll be placed in Slytherin.

But, hey, according to this meme, Slytherin has all “you can eat doughnuts on Sunday!” That's really not a bad deal when you think about it, so maybe Harry wants to rethink he's desperate plea not to be placed there.


We're not quite sure why sloths are so darn cute and hilarious, but they just are – and this particularly adorable pic of the animal wearing the Sorting Hat just tickles us. Then there's the play on words between Slytherin and “Slotherin” – very quick-witted of the meme creator.

Slytherin could do worse if they changed their whole evil vibe and chose the sloth as their mascot instead of a snake. 

Seriously, this is a Harry Potter meme you want to save somewhere, just you can look at it every once in a while and laugh your butt off. When you're feeling down about something, or feel like you're surrounded by Slytherin-type people who are trying to undermine you, pull this meme up and think about all your naysayers as sloths wearing big, floppy hats. Works every time.


Simon Pegg tells it like is in this meme. While appearing on the Tonight Show, the British actor/comedian told host Jimmy Fallon that if you live in the UK, you are required to be a Harry Potter fan - plain and simple.

If you're not, you could be arrested for some sort of infraction because it's illegal not to have a complete affinity for all things Potterverse. And for heaven's sakes, don't burn a Gryffindor scarf in the middle of Hyde Park!

Pegg jokes, of course (and you can tell he is definitely a huge fan; watch him play an inebriated Ron Weasley), but it does speak to the fact Harry Potter has become a national treasure for the UK and is now part of the country's lexicon.


Here's a mashup we'd like to see happen. In the Divergent series, a dystopian society is divided into five factions, which are very similar to the four Hogwarts houses. There's a faction for only intelligent people, who are the elitists of the world, and one for bravery. Also kindness, selflessness, and honesty.

The Divergent heroine, Tris, exhibits characteristics from many of the factions, making her a “divergent” and potentially dangerous because she could upset the balance.

Harry also has elements of both Gryffindor and Slytherin, which is why the Sorting Hat has difficulty placing him – and he ends altering the way things are done in the future.

As a nice touch, this is a pic of a velociraptor, who really embodies the meaning of the meme because, as dinosaurs go, the raptor is the most diverse and complicated. Well done.


Saving the best meme for last, this one just absolutely has us rolling on the floor. In comic strip form, it shows what it's like being a background player in the Slytherin and Gryffindor world. The concept alone is hilarious.

We need to see a whole book of comic strips about being in the background at Hogwarts right now.

This one, in particular shows a little discussion about the Yule Ball. “Sweet Jesus,” says the Slytherin about the upcoming event. The Gryffindor says Prof. McGonagall taught them some moves, but the Slytherin dude said Snape was their dance teacher. What did he teach them to do? Suddenly, there's Snape, arms raised, shouting “Yas, children!” as he flounces.

Seriously, this is a deleted scene we wish happened in Goblet of Fire.


Any other Harry Potter memes you love the most? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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