Harry Potter: 10 Best Life Lessons We Learned From The Weasleys

From embracing your true nature to remembering that money isn't everything, Harry Potter fans have learned so much from the Weasley family.

We all know that Harry Potter didn't come from the best home as a child. After losing his birth parents, Lily and James Potter, he was shipped off to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin. The Dursleys were horrible to Harry throughout his formative years.

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But then Harry met Ron Weasley, his first real friend, and things begin to take a change for the better. Harry found a real home and family with the Weasleys that he had never had at the Dursleys' and the Weasleys became a fundamental part of Harry Potter. Here are some of the most valuable life lessons we learned from them over the years.

10 Never judge those who are different than you

Arthur Weasley is known for his obsession with Muggles. At the Ministry of Magic, he's one of the few people that works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office. When Harry came to the Weasley's home for the first time, Arthur was ecstatic about the opportunity to quiz him about what life was like living with Muggles.

In a world where some still prided themselves on the 'purity' of their magical blood and considered Muggles to be beneath them, the Weasleys were never judgmental towards them (or any other group). This may be a fantasy series, but that's a crucial message for us all in the real world, perhaps now more than ever.

9 Laughter is the best medicine

Who better to teach us about the joy of laughter than Fred and George Weasley? The twins were renowned pranksters, both at Hogwarts and in the Weasley home. They became accomplished enough as jokesters and comedians that they were even able to open their very own joke shop, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, in Diagon Alley.

They had their prank store open during some of the darkest times in the Wizarding World and their shop was one of the few bright spots left on the strip of magical shops. Their jokes even saved the day a few times, such as in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, where they gave Umbridge the worst day imaginable.

8 Don't let anybody underestimate you or try to stifle your potential

Ginny Weasley may have started out the series as the meek younger sister of the Weasley family, but by the end, she was one of the strongest and fiercest female characters in the entire Harry Potter universe. She began to strike out on her own and became bold, brazen, and every bit the fiery redhead she appeared to be.

She went after the guys she liked and she wasn't afraid to be herself. She even became a vital part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Ginny's independence and headstrong qualities made her an admirable character and a great role model.

7 Don't ever mess with a mother's child

Despite coming off as a mild-mannered, kindly woman, Molly Weasley is intensely fierce and devoted. There is nothing she wouldn't do to protect her kids. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she has to duel with Bellatrix face-to-face after Bellatrix attempts to attack Ginny.

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It's a tense moment, because up until then, we hadn't really seen Molly in combat. It was hard to tell if she would come out of the duel alive, especially against a witch as powerful as Bellatrix. Luckily she did, and it became one of the most iconic moments from the books.

6 Remember your roots

Of all the Weasley siblings, Percy is probably the least-liked. Initially, he was pretty stuck-up, caring more about his academic career as a Hogwarts Prefect then he did about bonding with his brothers and sister. He even disciplined his own family when they acted out.

Then, worst of all, when Fudge turned on Dumbledore and refused to believe that Voldemort was back, Percy sided with Fudge against his family. It caused a huge rift. Luckily, Percy eventually came around and apologized to his parents. He made amends with the Weasleys and was there for them in one of the darkest periods of their lives.

5 Never forget your own value

Ron Weasley's character in the books versus his movie portrayal has become a point of contention in the Harry Potter fandom. In the films, he was often used for comic relief and tended more towards cowardice than his book counterpart. But at the end of the day, one lesson remains pertinent regardless of the medium.

Ron could sometimes feel overshadowed by his two best friends, the Chosen One and the brilliantly brainy Hermione. Because of this, he often struggled with issues of self-confidence. But when Ron truly believed in himself, he proved he's just as integral to the Golden Trio as the other two. One of the most notable moments occurred in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, when Ron willingly sacrificed himself in McGonagall's chess match.

4 Don't be afraid to follow your dreams

Coming back to Fred and George Weasley, they had a battle at home to get their parents (particularly Molly) to support and approve of their dreams to open up a joke shop. But no matter what their parents had to say, Fred and George never wavered in their goals. While that may be some parents' nightmare, the important thing to take away from this is that they never compromised on their happiness.

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Could you really imagine Fred or George at a stuffy desk job? Of course, your parents want the best for you, but sometimes you need a solid reminder that it's your life and ultimately your decision as to what you do with it.

3 Be loyal to the people who are there for you

Even if Ron Weasley isn't the most powerful wizard around, there is one trait he embodies more than almost anyone else: he is loyal to a fault. Ron was willing to walk with Harry to face Voldemort, along with Hermione. It proves just how important the friendship is between the three.

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Ultimately, it was because of their friendship and their enduring love that Harry was able to defeat the Dark Lord. Ron exhibited his loyalty throughout the whole series. Even when he and Harry weren't on the best of terms and Ron momentarily abandoned the quest, they found their way back to each other at the end.

2 It's okay to break the rules sometimes

This is a life lesson taught primarily by Fred and George, but all the Weasleys were prone to a little rule-breaking from time to time. There were moments in the Harry Potter series where it became vital to make the choice between what is right and what is easy.

Oftentimes, rules are made with the best of intentions, but if they inhibit you from saving a life or doing what's best, then they have to be broken. In Order of the Phoenix, when Umbridge, Fudge, and the whole Ministry was running wild with corruption, breaking rules became pivotal to the defeat of the Death Eaters.

1 Money isn't everything

The Weasley family has never had much money. They were often scraping the bare corners of their vault at Gringotts to take care of their large family. But at the end of the day, the Weasleys were one of the closest, most loving and loyal families you could ever meet.

The Dursleys had a decent amount of money and yet they were horrible people. It goes to show that having wealth doesn't guarantee anything. Money doesn't mean you'll automatically be happy or kind. The Weasleys were a prime example of that and they never let their lack of wealth hold them back.

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