Harry Potter: 10 Facts About Godric's Hollow The Movies Leave Out

Fans either love or hate the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter series. Though even the biggest fans will have to admit that the movies did leave a whole lot out – there was no way to include everything without significantly increasing the run-time of the movies.

Everything from characters, subplots, and minor details were cut from the films. We can immediately think of some of the more iconic moments, but there’s more to it than that. For example, the films actually left out quite a bit about Godric’s Hollow. Though maybe that isn’t so hard to believe.

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James and Lily Potters Grave in Godrics Hollow
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10 Haunted Graveyard

James and Lily Potters Grave in Godrics Hollow

It has long been said that the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow is haunted. In fact, this was such a well-known fact that it made it into A History of Magic, of all things! There are plenty of rumors for the cause of said haunting, but the most recent and obvious would be because of You Know Who and his failed attempt on Harry 's life. Granted, depending on how long the haunting has been going on, it could also be the graveyard’s connections to the Deathly Hallows.

Thanks to the graveyards haunting being widely known – or at least, widely believed, there are strict rules about parking. Not that this would discourage a wizard, of course.

9 Grouping Up

Godric’s Hollow became a refuge, of sorts, to wizard and witch families back in the late 1600s. And there’s a very good reason for this. At that time in history, muggle and wizard relations were…well, let’s just say very brutal. So magical families tended to group together in neighborhoods, for protection.

There are many reasons that this would be beneficial. For one, they’d know that their neighbors wouldn’t turn them in to be burned at the stake. For another, they could benefit from each other’s concealment charms and everything else of that nature. It’s hard to believe that this is the reason behind Godric’s Hollow becoming so well known for housing wizards of note. But it’s the truth.

8 Muggles

Despite the tendency for wizards to live together, Godric’s Hollow was not a place where it was wizards only. There were and are plenty of muggles around, meaning that all magic has to be hidden. That is why the graveyards and other wizard tributes are all hidden from the muggle eye.

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Here’s a fun side note for you; there’s only one village known to consist entirely of witches and wizards. We are, of course, talking about Hogsmeade. It’s the only residential area in England where you can be sure to be free of muggles.

7 The Potter House

As you likely know, the Potter house was left in the exact condition it was found in, on the night Voldemort attacked. This was done as a tribute, of sorts. A reminder of the violence that occurred, and the cost that came with removing Voldemort from power.

What may be less obvious about the scene shown in the movie is the fact that muggles can’t see this. As stated above, Godric’s Hollow is a place where witches and muggles live together. And since magic is still a secret, that means that all messes created by magic must be cleaned up. Including famous ones like the Potter’s House. In this instance, the powers that be enchanted the area so that muggles cannot see the damage, and instead will just leave it alone.

6 Famous Residents

Godric’s Hollow, at one time, was known to be inhabited by many notable wizard and witch families. Obviously, we know that the Potters were one such family. Sadly most of their fame had to do with the deal of James and Lily, and the survival of their son. But that’s a different story, isn’t it?

Bathilda Bagshot lived in the village, but she was shown in the movies (remember the creepy snake scene?). One family you might not know about though? Dumbledore’s family once lived here. Some of the worst moments for the family happened during this time, but there’s no correlation. We promise.

5 The Golden Snitch

The Goden Snitch from the Harry Potter game of Quidditch

Did you know that the famous golden snitch from Quidditch has a past here? It does. Godric’s Hollow may have been the birthplace for the famous wizard of the same name, but that is not all. You see, the snitch was first invented here.

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The snitch was first forged back in the middle ages – hard to believe, we know. But it was forged in Godric’s Hollow of all places, by Bowman Wright. That may be the biggest fact we know about Mr. Wright, but it’s just another footnote for Godric’s Hollow.

4 Dumbledore’s Past

Speaking of the Dumbledore family and all the events that happened here, there is quite a tale to tell. And it’s a sad one, at that. After the arrest of his father, Dumbledore moved to Godric’s Hollow along with his mother and two siblings.

While there are many things of note that happened during this time, one tragedy outweighs them all. We’re talking of course, about the duel that Grindelwald, Dumbledore, and Aberforth (Dumbledore’s brother) found themselves in. This very duel is the one that took Ariana’s (Dumbledore’s sister) life. To this day none of them know who cast the killing blow.

3 In Memoriam

The event that gave Harry his scar, while also taking away his parents, was so well known amongst witches and wizards that they felt compelled to erect a statue. It is one part celebration (for being freed of Voldemort) and one part a tribute – to James and Lily Potter, and their ruined family.

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The statue is cleverly disguised so as to not give anything away to the muggles in the vicinity. To the muggle eye, it appears as a dark obelisk, with the names of those lost in battle written upon it. But to the wizard eye? It’s a lovely statue of young Lily and James, holding their sweet baby boy. It’s a testament to what was lost, but also what was won.

2 A Tribute

The statue isn’t the only tribute in Godric’s Hollow. The second tribute may have been less formal, but it is still plenty touching. Outside the damaged house that the Potters once lived in is a sign. That sign explains why the house was left the way it was (as mentioned above). But that’s not what we’re focused on now.

We’re talking about the graffiti all around on the sign. Wizards and witches from all over have come to this spot and left messages. Messages of hope, love, and well wishes to the Potters, but especially to young Harry. It’s quite touching.

1 Leaving Their Own Mark

The touching scene above with all the graffiti was only shown in the book, but it doesn’t end there. Hermione was so moved by what she saw that she felt compelled to add her own message. It was a touching gesture. Possibly more so since it acknowledges all the past emotions that have gone into it.

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