Harry Potter: 20 Crazy Things About Ginny That Make No Sense

The Harry Potter franchise is full of incredibly lovable characters. The series has survived long past the publication of its final (official) book because of the passion that fans have for the witches, wizards, and creatures who inhabit its magical world. Of the many characters in the Wizarding World, few are as debated as Ginny Weasley.

As the future wife of Harry Potter and youngest child of the Weasley Family, Ginny serves a very important dual function in the story. Yet Ginny still isn’t quite as beloved as some of the other characters.

Ginny’s not nearly as contested as someone like Severus Snape. There aren't any internet forums devoted to debating whether Ginny was a hero or the worst magical monster who walked the Earth.

Still, Ginny does have her detractors due to the fact that there are still things about the seventh child of the Weasley Clan that don’t entirely add up.

Note that not every “issue” on this list should be taken seriously. There’s plot holes and mistakes with any work of fiction, even something as finely crafted as Harry Potter.

This isn’t about proving that Ginny is a worthless character or that was something inherently wrong with the way she was written or presented. (Except in the movies, there’s no use in defending the cinematic Ginny. She’s just that bad.)

This is about having fun with Ginevra Weasley and what weird logic problems exist with and about her character.

Here are the 20 Crazy Things About Ginny In Harry Potter That Make No Sense.

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20 No One Noticed She Was Possessed for A Year

Ginny makes her first appearance during Sorcerer’s (or Philosopher’s Stone). She’s right there when Harry encounters Mrs. Weasley and the first of the family going to Hogwarts.

Yet it’s not really until Chamber of Secrets that Ginny is properly introduced to Harry and the audience. Harry's second year, is arguably the biggest of Ginny’s young life as she not only goes to Hogwarts but ends up nearly losing her life due to the intervention of the Dark Lord.

Precisely no one notices this until it's almost too late.

Ginny being possessed by Voldemort and opening the Chamber of Secrets is the central mystery the book. It's a mystery that's told reasonably well.

There’s enough hints dropped throughout Chamber of Secrets that readers can figure out who opened the Chamber and what’s going on without spoiling the end until absolutely necessary.

What’s bizarre, though, that no one at Hogwarts figured out the mystery right away and stopped the story before it even started.

Hogwarts is a relatively small school and Ginny a member of a closely-knit family.

It begs belief that Ginny's soul was getting sucked out of her for a year and no one thought there was anything odd about her.

Harry being oblivious is excusable because he barely knows Ginny but Ron, the twins, and even Percy not picking on their sister’s distress is just ridiculous.

19 Her Crush on Harry

Harry Potte Ginny Weasley

Part of the reason why Harry gets a out-of-jail-free card in discovering that something’s up with Ginny in Chamber of Secrets is that she hardly talks to Harry.

Ginny, petrified over her crush on Harry, barely communicates two sentences to him until his fourth year. This is a pretty realistic depiction of a schoolgirl crush… except for the fact that there’s almost no basis for the crush’s existence.

Ginny interacts with Harry for a half a second in Sorcerer’s Stone and doesn’t even know he’s Harry Potter until later. Yet when they next meet in Chamber of Secrets, Ron tells Harry that she’s obsessed with him.

Ginny has taken their one quasi-interaction and built a whole fantasy around it, going so far to send Harry a singing Valentine. It’s insanity, as Ginny should barely remember what Harry looks like, let alone be in love with him.

The only reasonable explanation is that Ron has told Ginny a lot about Harry, in letters and over summer holiday.

Yet the image of Ron gushing non-stop about Harry to his little sister flies in the face of nearly everything we know about the character.

Harry and Ron don’t even hug until Deathly Hallows, Ron’s not spouting everything wonderful about Harry in his every free moment.

18 Being Possessed by Voldemort Had No Real Effect on Her

No one figuring out that Ginny was under Voldemort’s spell in Chamber of Secrets is pretty bad. What’s even worse and more inexcusable, is that this intense experience seems to impact Ginny not at all.

Ginny, at the impressionable age of 11, pours her soul into a diary. Then that diary takes that soul and uses Ginny to its own nefarious gain.

Ginny, who seems to be friendless and scared, the entirety of her first year at Hogwarts nearly passes away, just trying to express her feelings. Yet nothing bad ever comes of this for her.

The most we get of Ginny’s mental state, after possession, is her being angry at Harry for forgetting it happened during Order of the Phoenix.

Though it’s hard to blame Harry forgetting, as the series itself seems to forget this happened to Ginny outside this one moment.

Ginny should have some PTSD or trauma. The incident with Voldemort should change her fundamentally.

Almost passing away in Goblet of Fire definitely changes Harry. Yet because Ginny isn’t the main character of the series, just the future wife of the main character, he very unfortunate circumstance gets swept under the rug.

17 Nearly Everything About Her Portrayal in the Movies

Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley Casts a Spell in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Harry Potter movies aren’t nearly as beloved as the books. They do, however, a lot right and even manage to improve the stories in a few key aspects.

For example, the events of the Triwizard Cup are far more exciting to watch than they were to read in Goblet of Fire. Yet the movies also mishandle a great many moments and characters. No one is giving the shorter end of the stick than Ginny.

With the movies, there was a chance to do more with Ginny. The movies weren't so beholden to Harry’s point of view as in the books.

Ginny could’ve been given so much more to do in them. She really could’ve been promoted to a fourth part of the main trio, long before she hooked up with Harry. Yet the movies went for the most boring route, all the way, with Ginny.

Ginny barely appears in the movies until Order of the Phoenix and even then, it’s mostly in the background.

Worst of all, she has next to no chemistry with Harry / Daniel Radcliffe. Every scene with the cinematic Ginny Weasley is an exercise in boredom and she should be vivacious, feisty and vibrant.

16 Her Incredibly Busy Love Life

Bring down your internet pitchforks for a second. In the real world, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Ginny’s love life.

If anything, Ginny has an incredibly healthy social life from Goblet of Fire onwards. She starts going out with a few fellow Hogwarts students. She, overall, has the life of a well-adjusted teenage. Ginny just happens to do magic.

The weird thing is that in within the world of Harry Potter, no one dates. The world of Harry Potter is almost entirely sexless and lacking any romance.

People rarely date one person at their time at Hogwarts, let alone having several significant others. Ginny has the life of an average teenager but in the magical world of Harry Potter she’s anomaly.

When Fred and George get all bent out of shape about Ginny dating during Order of the Phoenix, they aren’t being over-protective brothers-- and not just because they didn’t notice their baby sister was possessed for an entire year.

They want to know how she managed to break the curse of the entirely chaste Harry Potter universe. What secret did Ginny have that no other Harry Potter teen seemed to be able to work out?

15 Why Did She Ever Date Michael Corner?

Speaking of Ginny’s boyfriends, let’s talk about the very first. It’s easy to forget Michael Corner as he shows up in Order of the Phoenix and never again.

Yet he is Ginny’s first boyfriend. It’s through Ginny that Michael joins Dumbledore’s Army and is trained by Harry.

Michael is featured throughout Order of the Phoenix and is part of a group of Ravenclaw boys from Dumbledore’s army. Yet, not once does he ever seem interesting or even slightly appealing.

The one thing that can be said of Ginny throughout the series is that she desires excitement. Ginny is Gryffindor to a tee. She’s constantly the center of attention and wants to be in the thick of the action.

Michael Corner, meanwhile, is about as bland as his name. He apparently liked Quidditch so that’s something they had in common but otherwise Michael and Ginny have no reason to be together.

Michael being utterly unappealing probably explains the choice of second girlfriend, Cho Chang. Cho is about equally as vanilla as Michael, with no personality.

Still, there’s never a reason for Michael and Ginny to be together. Other than maybe showing that other Hogwarts students-- besides Harry-- did associate outside their of houses, Ginny and Michael’s relationship is a dull mystery.

14 Ginny's Friendship with Luna Lovegood

For a character who became a fan favorite and a huge part of the later books, Luna Lovegood pops up relatively late in the Harry Potter series. Harry (and the audience) first meet Luna in Order of the Phoenix.

Though Luna is off-putting, at first, Harry warms up to her. Luna becomes one of his closest friends by the end of the series.

Happening concurrently to Harry and Luna’s friendship is one between Ginny and Luna. It’s through Ginny that Harry is introduced to Luna as Loony Lovegood.

This isn’t the most auspicious start to their relationship and it suggests that Ginny doesn’t think much of Luna. Yet the longer that Luna appears in the books, the more it seems like she gets along with Ginny.

Luna constantly talks of Ginny and how nice she is to her but things rarely go the other way. It seems one-sided, at best.

Ginny does tell Harry in Half-Blood Prince that she’s glad Harry is taking Luna to a Christmas party, as Luna is very excited. This suggests that the two do talk sometimes and that Ginny has warmed up to Luna as much as Harry throughout the years.

Luna seems to treat Ginny as her best friend, but the two are (rarely) seen together by Harry or anyone else.

13 Why Did Neville Ask Her to the Yule Ball?

Neville Ginny Yule Ball

By Goblet of Fire, Ginny starts to open up more around Harry and speak. This is because she’s trying to get over her crush or at least seem like a normal person around him.

One of the few conversations that Ginny and Harry have in Goblet of Fire is around the time of the Yule Ball. When Harry is looking for a date, he discovers that Ginny has one already. Neville Longbottom has asked her out.

The moment is another sly example of the series showing the ways in which Neville was brave. Neville was able to do something that neither Harry or Ron could manage with ease. The only strange thing is why Neville asked out Ginny in the first place.

It’s true that Ginny wasn’t Neville’s first choice. He did ask Hermione to the ball, only to learn she already had a date.

Though it’s never stated, it would make sense that Neville would have a crush on Hermione. Hermione is constantly helping Neville out.

With Ginny though there’s not even a suggestion they know each other until Goblet of Fire. The only reason Neville asks Ginny out is because she’s a known character for the audience, not because it makes any sense for Neville.

12 Why Does She Name Ron's Owl Pigwidgeon?

Even though real-life owls are nightmarish creatures who are the very definition of unsettling, every Hogwarts student wants an owl.

At the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, the long-suffering Ron fnally gets an tiny little owl from Sirius Black. This happens in the very last pages of the book. So it’s not until Goblet of Fire until Ron’s owl is named.

When Harry next sees Ron, he learns his new owl is named Pigwidgeon, and that Ginny, of all people, is behind the name.

There’s never even an attempt to explain how all this came to be with Ron and his owl. Despite not being his owner, Pig responds to the name he gets from Ginny.

Ginny never even bothers to explain why she picked such an odd name. With Harry and his owl, Hedwig, it’s explained that Harry got the name from a wizarding textbook and he just liked the sound of it.

It would be understandable if Pigwidgeon had similar origins, but it doesn’t appear to be that way.

J.K. Rowling has never revealed any witch or wizard who was named Pigwidgeon in Harry Potter lore.

The closest explanation(s) are that the name is mish-mash of Latin phrases, basically meaning tiny winged creature and in English poet Michael Drayton’s poem there’s a male fairy named, “Pigwiggen.” So Ginny is either really into Latin or obscure English literature.

11 She's Pretty Much Flawless

Ginny’s claim to fame in the Harry Potter universe is being the woman who eventually married Harry and gave birth to his children.

This is hardly the most impressive thing about Ginny and that’s not a reference to her professional Quidditch career. Ginny is about the only character in the entire Harry Potter universe that lacks any flaws whatsoever.

Ginny fills the trope of the “tough girl” in the world of Harry Potter.

She’s not a typical pretty girl. She can throw down and stand up for herself. It all makes her seem exhaustively perfect.

The only time Ginny comes even close to have a negative trait is that she has quite a short fuse and can lash out in anger.

Throughout the series, Ginny loses it on Hermione and Ron (at separate times) but nothing ever comes off either of her, rather cruel, outbursts. If anything these moments of temper just build up Ginny as fierce and sassy.

This isn’t just disappointing, it makes very little sense within the universe. J.K. Rowling goes to lengths to subvert various tropes with other characters.

Hermione isn’t just a super genius; she can be overcome with emotions and make mistakes. Snape isn’t the typical mentor or guardian. Yet with Ginny, she’s exactly as she seems throughout the entire series.

10 She Apparently Had No Say in Naming Her Children

Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny as Adults with Their Kids

Since its release, the epilogue chapter of the Harry Potter saga has been mocked. The true ending of the series (unless you count Cursed Child) is Harry sending his young children away on the Hogwarts Express as an adult.

It brings the story full circle and proves that Ginny Weasley had no say in naming any of her children.

The name of Harry’s kids are the easiest jokes to make about the epilogue. Harry might’ve saved the world but Harry naming his son Albus Severus is crueler than anything Voldemort did in his reign of terror.

The names of Harry’s kids aren’t just weird and a mouthful, but they also completely ignore Ginny’s part in creating them.

All of Harry’s children honor his family and personal mentors. There’s not just Albus Severus. Harry’s daughter, Lily, is named after his mother and his eldest son, James Sirius, is named after Harry’s father and godfather.

Ginny did come with the horrible name that is Pigwidgeon, but you’d think she have a little bit of say in naming her kids with Harry.

It seems inconceivable that Ginny didn’t argue that at least one of their children shouldn’t be burdened with the name of a dead war hero.

9 Her Dislike of Cho Chang

Ginny and Cho rarely interact in the Harry Potter series, at least it’s rarely shown. Harry usually has all his romantic attention to devoted to one girl or the other.

Even when Ginny and Cho are in the same room, like during Dumbledore’s Army practices, Harry’s point of view doesn’t tell us what is going on with each other concurrently.

Yet in the few times Ginny has mentioned or talked to Cho, it’s in a highly dismissive manner. Though never outright stated, it’s heavily implied that Ginny hates Harry’s ex-girlfriend.

The most notable example is during Deathly Hallows when Cho volunteers to take Harry to Ravenclaw Common Room. Ginny steps in and forces Luna to go with Harry, clearly out of jealously of Cho and Harry’s relationship.

It’s a catty (and somewhat realistic) schoolgirl moment but it’s totally bizarre in context.

Harry wants to go to the Ravenclaw Common Room to destroy Voldemort. A war is literally ongoing, Harry's not going to waste time trying to get back to Cho, especially since Cho and Harry had virtually no relationship anyway.

Harry has no feelings for Cho, and Ginny should know Harry better and trust him to interact with Cho for half a second.

Harry would be a pretty piss-poor Chosen One, and person, if he fell for Cho as soon as she soon showed him interest.

8 She Was The Most Popular Girl in School (Apparently)

Half-Blood Prince is the biggest book for Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter series. It’s not only where Harry and her get together but it’s beaten over the audience’s head, repeatedly, that there’s no cooler girl in school than Ginny.

Harry laments Ginny’s popularity, especially with the opposite gender, as he harbors a secret crush for her.

Harry overhears a conversation with a group of Slytherins where the topic of conversation is how amazing and attractive Ginny is to the school’s male population. Ginny is the “it” girl of Hogwarts during Harry’s sixth year.

It’s an impression that seems to come from nowhere.

Harry’s own Hogwarts popularity is charted pretty clearly throughout the series. Harry’s social status falls and rises throughout the books and seems to be at its highest during Half-Blood Prince.

However,Ginny’s popularity just explodes out of nothingness. Ginny goes from being Ron’s little sister to every Hogwarts boy’s biggest crush in no time.

It could be argued that the audience only learns of Ginny’s popularity because Harry learns of it himself. Yet that doesn’t really jive.

Even when Harry wasn’t in love with Ginny, the books made clear what the Weasley’s social standings were in school.

Fred and George were cool, Percy was a pain, etc. Ginny’s popularity suspiciously explodes just at the same time her romantic acceptance becomes incredibly important to Harry.

7 Her Friendship with Hermione

Ginny suddenly becoming the prettiest girl of all time is just the start of social weirdness of her character.

Harry makes a point of remarking on how many of Ginny’s own friends she has in Half-Blood Prince. Yet none of them are ever introduced or named.

In fact, the closest that Ginny seems to have to a best friend is Hermione and they barely interact.

Hermione and Ginny’s friendship lurks in the background of the series. It comes out in weird bursts as Ginny and Hermione seem to know very intimate knowledge of each other personal lives.

Ginny is the one (and only) person to learn that Hermione is dating Viktor Krum. Hermione gave Ginny advice about how to end up with Harry and (presumably) Ginny returned the favor talking about Ron with Hermione.

Yet the only time Ginny and Hermione are seen together are together the summer holidays at The Burrow.

Throughout the entire series, Harry walks in on Hermione and Ginny whispering together once and it’s with Mrs. Weasley discussing a love potion.

Ginny and Hermione are clearly close but, somehow, they manage to keep that friendship almost completely secret from Harry and/or Ron.

Either Hermione and Ginny are incredibly stealthy or Harry is the most oblivious point-of-view character of all time.

6 Where Did Her Flawless Bat Bogey Hex Come From

A running joke concerning Ginny in the series is her use of the curse, the Bat Bogey Curse. It’s often mentioned how good Ginny is at performing the curse, but Harry never actually sees her perform it, or at least it’s not described to the audience.

However, the Bat Bogey Hex is exactly what it sounds like-- it makes bats appear from a place they shouldn’t appear from in the human body.

The Bat Bogey Hex is associated with one person and one person only in the series. That’s Ginny. Harry never learns about the Hex from any teacher.

It’s never known how exactly Ginny learned how to do it either. It’s just established that she can do it and that she’s terrifying with it.

After the series was finished, J.K. Rowling revealed the origin of the Hex. The Bat Bogey Hex was created by Miranda Goshawk, an author of several Hogwarts textbooks.

It can also be fatal when used on non-humans. This is helpful but it does little to explain why Ginny learned how to do the Hex and why she uses it so very often.

There must be more impressive and devastating hexes than turning people’s boogers into bats. Although very few are probably so disgusting.

5 Why Isn't She Constantly Tortured During Her Sixth Year

Harry doesn’t attend Hogwarts in what would’ve been his seventh year. Yet by the end of Deathly Hallows, Harry gets a pretty good idea of what life was like in Hogwarts during that year and under Voldemort’s reign.

In Harry (and Dumbeldore’s) absence, Hogwarts turns into a nightmarish hellscape where any decent student is nearly constantly tortured by Death Eaters.

Harry learns all this information from Neville, whose been leading an underground resistance against the corrupt regime. Neville is beaten and much worse for the wear.

Neville is the leader of the resistance but he’s been helped by other students like Luna and, of course, Ginny. Yet when Harry sees Ginny again, she’s not nearly as bruised or beaten as Neville.

Ginny looks perfectly normal and untouched. Ginny, somehow, avoided the brunt of the Death Eaters’ torture and that makes almost no sense.

Ginny is, in no way, someone who would play things safe and try to sneak around. She’s would be brazen and open with her defiance. Ginny should be ten times the radical of Neville and Neville is militant in Deathly Hallows.

It is mentioned that Snape tried to protect the students as much as possible from torture. Snape kept the Death Eaters from permanently doing damage but he obviously didn’t do much to save Neville, so why was Ginny spared?

4 Why Could She Hear Voices Behind the Veil

Ron, Luna, Neville, Hermione, Harry and Ginny Are 6 of Rowling's Big Seven

Most of the big mysteries in the Harry Potter series got resolved by Deathly Hallows. One of the biggest though still remains hanging at the end of the seventh book.

In Order of the Phoenix, Harry and his friends end up in the Ministry of Magic and find their way to the Department of Mysteries. While there, they encounter an odd room with a veil hanging in the center.

Luna, Harry, and Neville are all transfixed by this veil. They hear voices behind it. It’s implied that the veil is the gateway to the afterlife and that Harry is hearing the voices of the dead beyond.

It makes sense that trio of characters would have affinity for the veil. They’d all been closely touched by the passing of loved ones. The weird thing is that Ginny is just as fascinated. It’s up to Ron and Hermione to guide the other four away from the veil.

There’s no good reason why Ginny to be drawn to the veil and not Ron or Hermione. The easiest explanation is that Ginny almost passed away in Chamber of Secrets.

However, Ron and Hermione have both almost lost their lives many times before they encounter the veil too. Hermione was petrified for weeks, lying between life and the other side, and Ron was beaten by a gigantic chess piece in his first year.

There’s no main Harry Potter character who hasn’t almost lost their life. Ginny isn’t special.

3 She's An Excellent Flyer (But No One in her Family Knew)

During Order of the Phoenix, it comes to a surprise of everyone that Ginny is an excellent flyer. Ginny joins the Gryffindor Quidditch team during her fourth year and continues to be an all-star player as long as Harry is participates in the sport. (Taking on the wizarding Hitler cuts into Harry’s sporting free time.)

There’s not a single character who doesn’t marvel at Ginny’s flying skills, including her own family. They had no idea that she could not only fly, but fly so well.

Hermione explains that Ginny has been sneaking into the Weasley’s broom shed for years and secretly training herself to fly.

Besides being an example of another Ginny fact that Hermione, inexplicably, knows this information doesn’t fit at all with the Weasleys. The family is big but still very close.

It seems impossible that Ginny would be able to sneak away for “years” and just go flying on her own.

Someone should’ve noticed Ginny was gone while she was flying or, at the very least, seen her buzzing through the air.

In the books and in the movies, it’s mentioned that the Weasleys live in a rather rural and isolated area. If Ginny was zooming through the air, someone would've seen.

It’s understandable if her brothers were clueless, but Mrs. Weasley should’ve been all over that.

2 Harry Suddenly Falling in Love with Her

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley in Love

The basic concept of Harry and Ginny’s relationship is sweet. There is a real storybook ending to Harry ending up married to Ginny.

It not only parallels his father, who fell for his own fiery redhead, but Harry marrying Ginny also allows him to be officially apart of a family that adopted him when he was just a young kid.

Marrying Ginny makes Harry, without a shadow of a doubt, Mrs. Weasley’s son.

Yet what works on paper doesn’t work so good in practice. Half-Blood Prince bends over backwards to make it believable that Harry would fall in love with Ginny, but it comes too little much too late.

Harry’s feelings for Ginny spring upon him suddenly and without warning for the audience.

In Order of the Phoenix, Ginny is way in the background, barely part of Harry’s attention. In Half-Blood Prince she consumes all his thoughts.

So much of the Harry Potter saga is built slowly and within reason. Hints are dropped in one book that won’t be picked up and explained until several books later.

Goblet of Fire “spoils” the big twist of Deathly Hallows of Harry dying, with describing just a gleam of triumph in Dumbledore’s eye.

By comparison, Harry’s intense and sudden feelings for Ginny are completely unsatisfying and unrealistic. They could’ve worked but they just don’t.

1 Ginny and Harry's Break-Up

Harry and Ginny in Harry Potter

Yet even more strange that Harry falling in love with Ginny, is Harry almost immediately breaking up with Ginny. At the end of Half-Blood Prince, Harry does the stupid heroic sacrifice thing.

He pulls the ending of Spider-Man 2 on Ginny. Harry breaks up with her because his enemies will go after her.

Ginny, to her credit, tries to fight back and tells Harry she doesn’t care. Yet she doesn’t go nearly far enough because Harry’s reasoning is some backwards-ass logic that makes little sense.

Harry breaking up with Ginny doesn’t suddenly negate his feelings for her or stop her from being her own person, unable to make her own choices. Ginny was always going to fight Voldemort, whether she was by Harry’s side or not.

Even if Ginny and Harry break-up, it’s still public knowledge (by pretty much everyone) that they were dating.

Besides that fact, Ginny is the sister of a person whose main claim to fame is being Harry Potter’s best friend. Ginny is a target, no matter if she’s currently dating Harry Potter or not.

Harry breaking up with Ginny does nothing to protect her or make her safer. It just does both of them unnecessary harm and causes melodramatic angst.


 Is there anything about Ginny that bothers you in Harry Potter? Sound off in the comments!

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