Harry Potter: 25 Wild Revelations About Ginny And Harry’s Relationship Fans Didn’t Realize

Ginny and Harry may not be the most iconic couple to spawn from Harry Potter but there are still some interesting points about their paring.

When Harry Potter started out in 1997, all of us were either hardly in double-digit ages or weren’t even born, which is why no one thought about what any future couples would be like. By the time the series ended in 2007, we’d all grown up enough to form opinions over the couples that had formed during that time. With the film series really making the franchise popular, the idea we had of these couples was magnified. Of all the couples in the series, Harry and Ginny aren’t mentioned all that much.

Snape and Lily, James and Lily, Ron and Hermione, and a select few are mentioned more before the mind wanders over to Harry and Ginny. This couple doesn’t stand out much because it was formed right at the end of the novels. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is when they were first shown to be together, and even then it was for a few chapters. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, meanwhile, had even less scenes of the two together. This doesn’t really bode well for those who would’ve wanted Harry and Ginny to have more standout sequences to make them a memorable pairing.

JK Rowling revealed a number of happenings that took place after the book’s epilogue and the terrible Harry Potter and the Cursed Child also gave us more canon to derive our opinions from. With that said, Here are 25 Wild Revelations About Ginny And Harry’s Relationship Fans Didn’t Realize.

25 She Fell In Love At 11

The argument is that people don’t fall in love when they're children, they get crushes. But for Ginny, this wasn’t the case. The first time she and Harry interacted, she ran out of the room without a word. Following this, Ginny never had anything to say other than blush.

When they grew up a bit, her feelings only intensified until they got together. If it was a crush, she’d have gotten over it, but for Ginny, Harry had always been the figure of love.

24 The Reason They Ended Up Together Was Because Of Ron

The first time Ginny saw Harry wasn’t when she was eleven, though. That was when she was ten-years-old and Harry was on his way to Hogwarts for the first time. As luck would have it, he asked Mrs. Weasley for help and Ron, recognizing the boy he saw on the platform, chose to sit with Harry on the train.

Had Ron not done this, Harry would never have become his best friend and never visited the Weasley house on a frequent basis, thereby setting up his eventual falling for Ginny.

23 She Was Not His Original Choice

Harry was very much attracted to Ginny – as seen in disturbing narration during Half-Blood Prince – but that wasn’t the first time he was physically attracted to a girl. It happened for the first time in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where Harry first laid eyes on Cho and began blushing. This attraction lasted for two more years, and during that time Harry didn’t give two hoots about what Ginny was doing. Due to this, Ginny was pretty much an absentee character around this time.

22 She Always Wanted Harry’s Affections

At the very end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry chose to break up with Ginny to avoid her getting into any trouble with Death Eaters (although he did it in such secrecy the Death Eaters would need to literally be part of the conversation to know), and Ginny revealed she didn’t care if her life was on the line.

Her reasoning was that she never gave up on him, after pretending from Order of the Phoenix that she wasn’t interested in him anymore, and that she always hoped he would take an interest in her.

21 She Didn’t Get To Name Any Children

Considering how pathetic Ginny could get just so she could have the prospect of being with Harry, it’s probably not a big surprise that she didn’t get to name any of the children.

Maybe it was easy for her to forget the fact that she carried the children for nine months and gave birth to them, and thought it was cool that Harry named the first two boys after deceased people– the second of which was named after the bully of a Potions teacher in school. Honestly, it makes you want to slap your face in exasperation.

20 No Weasleys Knew She Was Dating Harry

With only Ron and Ginny left in Hogwarts by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, none of the other Weasley siblings found out about the new pairing of Harry and Ginny. When he visited the Burrow in Deathly Hallows, they had already broken up, which meant there was no requirement to tell anyone.

It’s incredible, though, that Mr. Weasley kept Harry in his home and the latter didn’t even inform him that he’d been up to some grown-up stuff with his own daughter. Nice way of repaying all the kindness the Weasleys showed you, Harry.

19 She Didn’t Consider Their Breakup Official

It’s not really known what kind of breakup the two had, or if Harry even knew what a breakup was because, in Deathly Hallows, the two continued interacting in a way that was just like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ginny gave him a long kiss as a birthday present (much better than the crappy book Ron gave him), and the two would reunite in a romantic manner at the Battle of Hogwarts. Therefore, it wasn’t a real breakup. Or maybe Harry overestimated his importance and Voldemort couldn't care less about his dating life.

18 She Was Embarrassed Harry Saw Her With Dean

Harry and Ron came upon Dean and Ginny locked in a tight embrace after Quidditch trials and this resulted in a loud shouting match between Ron and Ginny about her promiscuity. Ron was actually just being a prat because he’d never kissed a girl before, but Ginny was angry because Harry had witnessed her being close to Dean.

Dean was basically just a placeholder until Ginny could snag Harry, so the fact that the same guy walked in on her doing stuff embarrassed her greatly; Ron shouting about it just made things worse.

17 She Was A Huge Fangirl

Ever think of Ginny and not immediately think of Harry? Ever think of a creepy little girl whose entire existence seems to be about her brother’s best friend and not think of Ginny? We know the answers already because Ginny’s purpose in life seemed to just revolve around Harry.

Before he showed up at the Burrow in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ron mentioned all she’d done was talk about how awesome Harry was, despite only having seen him once before. For the next three years, she’d continue this idolizing over doing something productive like getting a life.

16 Her Valentine Greeting

The nature of her weird obsession with him was seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when, for Valentine’s day, Ginny sent him an anonymous message where Harry was serenaded by a number of dwarves whose lyrics comprised of stuff like “His hair is as dark as a blackboard. I wish he was mine, he's truly divine”, among other stuff only stalkers could think of. This wasn’t met with good reception and when Malfoy somehow figured out Ginny sent it, she scurried away in embarrassment.

15 Tom Riddle Used Her Feelings For Harry

Unlike Voldemort, the Tom Riddle version of him had been calculating, charming, and manipulative. His Horcrux in the diary used these powers and twisted around the feelings for Harry that Ginny had poured into the book.

He would use this to gain her trust and this trust would allow Tom to possess her body. It’s quite ironic that a guy who couldn’t feel love used just that to unlock the Chamber of Secrets. Maybe Voldemort is smarter than we give him credit for, or maybe Ginny’s dumber than we realized.

14 He Only Noticed Her After Cho Left Him

From Prisoner of Azkaban to Order of the Phoenix, Harry only had eyes for Cho Chang. All his romantic thoughts were dedicated solely to her and one of his main motivations in Goblet of Fire to win the tournament was to win her admiration.

In Order of the Phoenix, Harry finally started dating her, only for it to be a nightmare. It was only after this that he turned his attention toward someone else. Had things worked out with Cho, Ginny would never have entered his thoughts.

13 Harry Wouldn't Have Dated Her If Ron Had A Problem

Throughout Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry was conflicted over wanting to date Ginny and his friendship with Ron. He was certain she would be open to being with him (read the next point to know why), and it was only his worry that Ron would be angry that he didn’t act upon it.

This was rather strange of him, though, as in Order of the Phoenix’s last chapter, Ron had heavily implied to Harry that he’d wanted him to be the next person Ginny dated.

12 She Would Have Instantly Dated Him At Any Point

Via: Pottermore

Ginny showed off a lot in Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince about how feisty she was and how boys wanted her, but it took Harry just one move to win her. After winning the Quidditch Cup, Harry kissed her and there was absolutely no hesitance from Ginny to return it. At the end of the book, Harry even says that he should’ve made his move years before because then they’d have been a couple for a long time.

11 She Wanted Him To Ask Her To Yule Ball

During Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry was very much hoping he’d get to take Cho Chang to the Ball and we, the readers, were on his side because we read from his point of view. This made it easy to overlook the fact that Ginny really (badly) wanted to go with Harry. She went with Neville because she had no other choice and when she revealed this, she threw a look of longing toward Harry, who was completely oblivious to it.

10 They Hardly Had Any Conversations Alone

It’s a wonder what exactly it was about Ginny that Harry fell in love with in the first place. She may have been a fiery personality, but that’s hardly a reason to be head over heels over someone. There’s no way you could argue they were compatible because Harry had never had any conversations with her to make him think this way.

The most he’d spoken to her was when he was with Ron and Ginny had made some of her then-usual pathetic attempts of talking to him. Not once was he interested in carrying a real conversation at that time.

9 They Married Very Young

The weird thing about this is that even though they were very young when they got hitched, Ginny and Harry had been together for a very long time. They first got together when he was 16 and she 15 (although if she’d had her way it would’ve been when she was 11), and were married when Harry was 24 and Ginny was 23.

This gives them a seven-year window to simply be dating. That’s quite a long time, yet the age they got married is also rarely when you see two people exchange vows.

8 She Gave Up Her Career

After she graduated from Hogwarts, Ginny became a Chaser (appropriate considering her best skill had always been chasing after Harry) in a Quidditch team consisting only of women. This team went very far and Ginny had a successful career.

Looks like just like naming the children, Harry didn’t care about Ginny’s wants and the latter gave up her career so that she could raise the family. We’d call it a compromise, but considering marrying Harry was probably her life's mission, she probably didn’t mind.

7 Harry Pictured Their Wedding

Harry himself got ridiculously puppyish about Ginny starting from the sixth book. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when he and Ginny were broken up, he saw her at Bill and Fleur’s wedding and pictured a future where he and Ginny would be exchanging vows.

This was when it became clear there would be no other girl ever to take Ginny’s place in his heart and Harry had made up his mind that should he survive Voldemort he would see to it that he and Ginny were married one day.

6 He Fell In Love With Her Out Of The Blue

Before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry was never shown even thinking once about Ginny let alone twice; however, he became completely entranced by her in the sixth novel. This is the reason why not everyone is crazy about this pairing as there was no development toward it.

There was no rationality behind his out-of-nowhere obsession with Ginny; considering how crazy she was about him, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she did hit him with a love potion.

5 They Were Only Paired Together Because Ron Got Hermione

JK Rowling had wanted to have Harry end up with Hermione as part of her original plan. When the books progressed, however, it made more sense for Ron and Hermione to be together and fan interest waned toward that pairing.

Due to this, JK switched Harry toward Ginny instead as he needed to have an ending where he had the peace of having a family that loved him. We’re just disappointed Rowling didn’t pair Harry with someone better like Luna instead.

4 She Dated More Than Him

Hogwarts is such a goody-two-shoes school that if someone dated more than one person they would look like– to quote Ron– a “Scarlet (person)”. This is why when Ginny had a lot of men on her list, which includes Dean, Harry, and a couple other guys, Ron and Fred were angered that their sister was moving through boys at a quick pace.

Seeing that Harry was so shy it’s a wonder he even got two girlfriends in his time, Ginny stands out as the more experienced of the couple when it comes to dating.

3 Harry Is The Dominant One

If you haven’t gotten this idea after reading every other point, then we don’t know how else to make it clearer. Harry was the one who named their kids, he’s the one who makes all life decisions– even career decisions like Ginny leaving Quidditch– and he was the one who decided when they were broken up and when they should get back together.

It looks like all Ginny does is basically fawn over him and nod along to whatever Harry tells her to do.

2 Without Harry, She Has More Personality

Ironically, the only times we saw Ginny being anything other than a desperate fangirl of Harry’s was when she wasn’t with him. After she figured there was no hope in getting Harry at all, she grew some personality by being more fierce in disposition, perfecting hexes and spells like the Reducto curse and forming friendships of her own.

It would’ve been better for her not to pursue Harry as she could’ve been more as a person. She could even have had a flourishing Quidditch career or done anything she pleased.

1 They Became Godparents

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Rose

JK Rowling kind of went overboard with all the sentimentality after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when she crafted a future scenario where everything was too perfectly happy. One of these was when Harry and Ginny named Ron and Hermione as godparents to their children.

Harry and Ginny were godparents to at least Rose Weasley (most likely her brother too, but nobody really cares about that kid as it is). This was probably because of the Golden Trio’s bond rather than having anything to do with Ginny.

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