10 Best Harry Potter Funko Pops, Ranked

When looking for the perfect Funko Pop to give as a gift or keep for yourself, detail, character, design and small features are all important. For an enchanted Funko Pop, even more so. The Harry Potter universe is stuffed full of creatures, characters, magic and movie moments - there are so many to choose from and a collection can be expanded incredibly far.

These Harry Potter Funko Pops are ranked from good to greatest, featuring both stars of the stories as well as secondary characters and creatures that have become fan favorites. Read on to pick your next toy from the world of the boy who lived.

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10 Quidditch Harry

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This is an essential version of Harry for any collection of Potter Pops. He is holding his first broom, the Nimbus 2000, placing this Pop before the destruction of the broom in the third movie and book. Harry holds the golden snitch in his opposite hand, having completed his task as a seeker and won a game of Quidditch.

He wears his Gryffindor robe, with his Quidditch sweater underneath it. Added touches provide details, like the Gryffindor crest on Harry's robe, as well as the name of the broom written on the handle. This is a neat Pop and a good place to start with a Harry Potter collection of figures.

9 Professor Quirrell

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Knowing that underneath that headgear lives He Who Must Not Be Named, we can appreciate the wringing hands and furrowed brow on this Pop. Professor Quirrell only appeared in the first book and movie but left a lasting and haunting impression.

The purple turban can be removed from this Pop, revealing the face of Lord Voldemort underneath, on the back of Quirrell's head. This Pop looks great positioned with a figure of Harry, maybe referencing their final battle in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It also looks great with other professors or on its own, unique in its ability to change in appearance.

8 Hedwig

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Pets are important in any collection, especially Harry Potter sets. This particular Hedwig is a standard size Pop, about 3 3/4 inches in height, so she can be displayed alone and still stand out. There are figures available of Hedwig that stand at a smaller height, about 2/3 of the average size, for scale next to a Harry Potter figure - so it's important to make sure that you choose the size you prefer.

This standard one is great for perching anywhere and has more visible detailing in the shape and paint. Adding animals and pets to a collection makes for more variety and the beloved students of Hogwarts are never complete without their furry and winged friends.

7 Hagrid with Cake

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This Pop references a key moment in Harry and Hagrid's friendship. At the beginning of their relationship, when Hagrid retrieves Harry on his 11th birthday for his studies at Hogwarts, Harry is used to no one caring about his birthday. Hagrid treats Harry to a birthday cake, that he "mighta sat on," but will "taste alright".

The cake in this pop looks like the one in the film, with pink icing and a misspelled message on the top. Hagrid holds out the cake, offering it to Harry. The sizing of this Pop is appropriate to Hagrid's large stature, standing at 6 inches tall as opposed to the standard 3 3/4 inches.

6 Ron Riding Chesspiece

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This figure is a lot bigger than most Funko Pops - even the larger ones. The Pop stands 8 inches tall, towering over the rest of your collection. This is a Movie Moments Pop, capturing an exciting or important scene from a film.

It depicts the scene where Hermione, Ron and Harry must play a game of life-size Wizard's Chess to get to the Philosopher's Stone and protect it. At this particular moment, Ron Weasley is riding the black knight, about to sacrifice himself to the white queen so that Harry can win the game. This is a unique Pop and the Movie Moments are always a joyful experience for a fan.

5 Dobby

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Dobby the house elf is holding a sock in this figure, brimming with tears, looking up in disbelief. This captures the moment after which Dobby is granted freedom by his master, Lucius Malfoy, after Harry tricks him into tossing Dobby a sock.

A house elf can only be freed from enslavement if his master gives him clothing, hence Dobby's pillowcase attire. This Pop has a lot of detail around Dobby's ears and face and represents an emotional moment for a favorite character. The moment also reveals more of Harry Potter's heroic, loving nature and is the beginning of an important alliance with Dobby.

4 Dementor

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For those who love the evil characters and creatures of the Harry Potter universe just as much as they love the good and brave ones, this Pop is perfect. The figure replicates the look and design of a Dementor, without being too disturbing or difficult to keep around as an ornament. Somehow, the classic cuteness of Funko Pops still reads on this piece.

The back of the Pop has rags blowing gently out at the bottom, indicating a forward motion. The pale hands protruding from the figure provide a creepy pop of thin fingers. This is a fun Pop to display, as you can get creative and place it hiding around a corner or against a dark backdrop, or put it right behind a Pop of Harry or Hermione, advancing without their knowledge.

3 Hermione With Cauldron

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Hermione Granger is the quintessential good student, with perfect marks, behavior, attendance and enthusiasm for all of her subjects. She is pictured here, with her cauldron as a separate piece that she can be positioned with to form a full picture.

This is a snapshot of Hermione in potions class, taking her work very seriously and sitting on the ground cross-legged, focused on her pot. This is a fun Pop of Hermione because it is so accurate in showing her core values, behavior and looks exactly as you might find her on any given day, devoting herself to her studies.

2 Basilisk

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Harry Potter's world wouldn't be as magical, exciting and dynamic without its beasts. The Basilisk appears in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and never leaves a fan's nightmares. The creepiest part of this Funko Pop is how gravitational its eyes are. They are gold and shiny, inviting you to look directly into them - but as we all know, whatever you do, you should never look a basilisk in the eye if you want to live.

The Pop's shape is interesting, with a coiled body as the base and a head protruding upwards. The Basilisk appears to be smiling in this figure, giving it the cute quality that Funko Pops are celebrated for.

1 Nearly Headless Nick

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A translucent blue, this Funko Pop depicts another important part of the Harry Potter universe - ghosts. As one of Hogwarts' most famous ghosts, Nearly Headless Nick adds charm and silliness to a collection of Potter Pops.

His head is adjustable, so you can choose to display him with it tilted, or firmly planted on top of his body. The embroidered details on Nick's outfit add to the texture and specificity of the figure, with white undertones and a translucent blue. Just like the adored ghost who roams the castle campus, this Pop hasn't eaten for nearly five hundred years (and doesn't need to - but misses it).

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