Harry Potter: 10 Times Harry & Friends Were Worse Than Malfoy's Cronies

Malfoy and his cronies are bullies and Death Eater sympathizers. Throughout most of their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they tormented their fellow peers, peer pressuring them and using dark magic to make their lives a misery.

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The same arrogant and selfish traits can sometimes be found in Harry Potter and his friends, however. Throughout the series, we've seen the characters act in a similar way to how Draco and his own gang would react in the situation. The golden trio have made a lot of mistakes in their time, and therefore here's 10 times they were actually worse than Draco and his gang.

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10 Harry's Celebration

Harry Potter Accio Triwizard

The Goblet of Fire served us one of the most arrogant versions of Harry that we had seen in the franchise so far. With his trendy hair style and new sense of purpose now that he was one of the warriors fighting for the Triwizard cup, he seemed to revel in the attention.

It's his big celebration after gaining the egg from the dragon that was particularly distasteful. After the dragon tore through half the building, Harry forgot all about his friends whom he had become so close with and instead allowed himself to become part of the festivities. The scream of the egg was a mood killer and gave us a moment to see how Ron had reacted to the sudden over-the-top arrogance of the young wizard.

9 Yule Ball Behavior

The fourth year continued to showcase the group perhaps at their worst, as the trio descended onto the Yule Ball. Harry and Ron decided to bring along two dates they had no intention in giving any attention to, leading the girls on unnecessarily in astonishingly bad behavior.

What's worse is Ron's treatment of Hermione, who he was jealous of. Hermione simply wanted to enjoy the night with Viktor Krum, but Ron wasn't going to allow it. He ruined the evening for the both of them, causing a huge argument and allowing Hermione to cry on the steps alone.

8 Dumbledore's Army

Setting up a secretive organisation that's practicing magic considered against the rules sounds like something that Draco and his cronies would do. It is instead the work of Harry and his friends who felt superior enough to instruct their peers on how to defend themselves.

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It's a noble gesture perhaps, but it's been ignored that by doing so the trio put their friends in real danger. The consequences of this group is further spread than this however, with Umbridge torturing many students to get information on the secret DA, who never gave themselves up to save their peers from the suffering.

7 Endangering Friends

Speaking of their friends, the golden trio have no problem putting them all in danger if they feel it serves a higher purpose. Whether it's encouraging the battle of Hogwarts or perhaps bringing the DA to the Ministry of Magic to fight the Death Eaters, Harry and co have very little regard for their well being.

This kind of behavior is much more relatable to Draco than it is Harry himself. The chosen one is presented as someone who is loyal to his friends and will protect them with his bravery and mastery of magic; instead he constantly creates situations that could endanger them all.

6 Aunt Balloon

Harry Potter Aunt Marge

Harry continues to treat his family with just as much recklessness as he does his friends. While he is not a fan of many of his relatives it does not excuse his behavior to one in particular. What happened to Aunt Marge was one of the many mistakes that could have cost Harry his wand.

He may not have been in control of it, but Potter used illegal magic, underage, to turn his Aunt into a balloon. She flew off into the sky and might not have survived if someone from the Ministry hadn't saved her. It was very dangerous behavior and something Draco wouldn't even do to his own Aunt!

5 Bullying Hermione

Ron didn't just bully Hermione during the Yule Ball though. He was also pretty cruel to one of his only friends during their first year together. After charms class, Ron can very clearly be heard mocking Hermione for how clever she is; something that should never be insulted.

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The worse part about all of this is that it upset Hermione so much that she locked herself away in the toilets to cry. This was of course when the Troll was unleashed, almost killing her! If Ron and Harry hadn't come to save her then maybe he would have a much guiltier conscience.

4 Setting Snape On Fire

Alan Rickman as Severus Snape at a Quidditch Match in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Attacking a teacher is a step too far for any student. It's only until he was really forced to by the Death Eaters that Malfoy actually held his wand to a professor. Age wasn't an issue for Hermione though as she attacked Snape in her very first year of Hogwarts.

Believing that he was the person cursing Harry's broom during a Quidditch match, Hermione snuck into the teacher's stands and set his cloak ablaze. The commotion stopped Quirrell, the real culprit, from continuing to cast the spell, but put Snape's life at risk!

3 Breaking The Rules

Harry and his friends seem to have absolutely no regards for the rules. He has even been caught after hours alongside Draco without feeling guilty about his actions. But, the reckless abandonment for the school laws doesn't just stop there.

Harry has repeatedly disobeyed direct order in order to supposedly do the better thing. While he's always come out on top, part of this is down to pure luck. Fighting a Troll for instance could have been the death of him and entering the Chamber of Secrets might have unleashed the Basilisk onto the rest of the school. His rule breaking could have serious consequences.

2 Invisibility Cloak Mayhem

Speaking of rule breaking, Harry must have inherited some of his arrogance from his father, as he did both the Marauders Map and the Cloak of Invisibility. These two items allowed Harry and his friends to do almost anything they felt like!

For Harry, one instance was when he wanted to visit the picturesque location of Hogsmeade. After being refused access on the school trip he decided to sneak into the small village using the cloak and map. There he tormented his fellow students, taking a lolly from Neville and pretending to be a ghost to frighten Draco and his cronies.

1 Releasing The Dragon

The trio's heist on Gringotts bank was for a worthy cause, giving them another way to destroy Horcruxes and a Horcrux to destroy. But the chaos they caused doing so could have cost a lot of people their lives!

During their mission they unleashed the dragon that protected the safe. This was of course a dangerous maneuver and they flew it across Diagon Alley, with the beast damaging some buildings. They then just let it roam free potentially allowing it to destroy a nearby village or something worse!

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