Harry Potter: 23 Characters Redesigned As Anime Characters

The Harry Potter fandom is, by far, one of the most substantial, enduring, and diverse communities around today. J. K. Rowling's inspired countless children to dream of a world magic and fantasy that lay just beyond the very edge of their everyday lives. Whether it be the novels, films, or any of the spinoffs, the Harry Potter franchise is a phenomenon felt around the globe. It’s no surprise, then, that countless talented artists have offered their own unique take on the series and its beloved characters.

There is a plethora of anime-inspired fan art of Harry Potter characters, some of which dates back to the franchise’s earliest days. There’s a long-running joke that the Harry Potter series is basically an anime – and with the premise of an adolescent boy discovering his own magical powers and an entire hidden world tied to those powers, it’s fair to say that there’s at least some validity to this point. These artists take the comparison a step further, though, and depict characters in the wizardly franchise in an anime art style. Of course, because there is a huge spectrum of artist variety in the medium of anime, there are loads of unique anime-inspired takes on the Harry Potter characters.

These are 23 pieces of Harry Potter fan art that give a fun new look to some of the series’ most beloved characters, and help further the connection between some of the biggest fandoms on the internet.

Here is Harry Potter: 23 Characters Redesigned As Anime Characters.

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23 Lily Evans Potter

Lily Evans-Potter, Harry’s mother and one of the most influential characters in the series, is depicted with soft, watercolors in this piece. Born of humble origins to a Muggle family, Lily would go on to attend Hogwarts, marry James Potter to the dismay of Severus Snape, and give birth to Harry before her passing.

This piece depicts Lily in her younger years while she attended Hogwarts school. The bright coloring, softer colors, and white flowers framing her headshot help establish her pure-heartedness. It’s also appropriate that she’s depicted with such warm and loving colors, as it was her love for Harry that protected him from Voldemort’s wrath. This piece was done by Amimochi

22 Newt Scamander

Newt Scamander is beautifully depicted in this piece. It captures the inquisitiveness of the character and renders both him and the fantastic beasts around him in exquisite detail. The hair on Newt and the beast on his back are simply vivid, and the serpentine creature on his arm has beautiful scales with exceptional color composition.

In fact, this whole peace is refreshingly bright and a welcome departure from a series that tends to place characters in rather dark and dreary scenery. With another Fantastic Beasts film upon us, hopefully, artists are inspired to create other pieces as fantastic as this one. This piece of art was done by Jeongyoon Park.

21 Hermione Granger

This piece of fan art – in addition to being cute, fun, and fluffy – ties into a longstanding fan narrative surrounding the character Hermione. The reading of Hermione as a black character based on how the books describe her appearance as become increasing popular, and this aligns with the fact that some of her peers make fun of her for her ancestry.

This shows a stylish and confident Hermione wearing her Hogwarts uniform. The faded pink background of this artwork also adds a decidedly warm and softer feeling to the piece that makes it even more appealing to the eye. This piece of work was done by Vickisigh

20 Harry Potter

This fan art of Harry Potter shows him in his adult years; after he graduates from Hogwarts and when he begins working at the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic – which is the wizard equivalent of a police department. This artwork also shows Harry being of south Asian or Indian descent.

This work shows Harry in the various different looks his uniform allows and has the character convey a confident style in each of them. The leftmost depiction of Harry is easily the best though, as it gives him a casual swagger and even has him wearing a special glove for his wand hand.  This piece of work was done by boaillustration.

19 Draco Malfoy

This fan art is a terrific depiction of Draco Malfoy. The anime aesthetic perfectly captures the character. The green aura around the character further accentuates his blond hair and pale blue eyes while further conveying his affiliation with House Slytherin.

Of course, the best part of this piece is how Draco’s uniform fades into an inky black shadow that eventually morphs into the head of a serpent. This transition is very well done and the splotches of darkness around the artwork’s lower half contrast well with the light radiating from the upper portion. This piece of work was done by RosesAreOnMyGrave.

18 Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is an unusual character in many different regards. She has an eccentric personality that seems to detach her from a lot of the other characters and the events of the story. Luna has a lovely, quirky demeanor. This fan art captures her personality very well and presents it with a sleekness that would look terrific in motion.

The magical energy surrounding the character helps convey her sense of wonderment and makes her bright blue eyes pop even more than they would otherwise. Additionally, her rabbit Patronus and her hair help project her big personality. Her iconic plum shaped earrings are prominently featured in this fan art, which makes it even better. This piece of work was done by SaintPrecious.

17 Chibi Children And Parents

One of the most under-appreciated elements of the Harry Potter franchise is how the relationships between each of the main characters are further complicated by the relationships their parents and guardians have with each other. This piece captures that drama and presents it in an adorable chibi art style.

Chibi is a style of art that is fairly common in anime. It depicts characters with softer, less detailed, and with much cuter appearances. The main trio is front and center, of course, with the older generation behind them, but this time, we get a surprise appearance from Dobby the house-elf!

16 Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid is the half-giant grounds keeper and gamekeeper at Hogwarts. The half-giant takes Harry Potter to Hogwarts at the beginning of the series and serves as a reader’s entry point for the vast and complex world of magic presented in the story. As such, he’s usually depicted as being softer and approachable, despite his sizable stature.

This piece really leans into how quirky and fun of a character Hagrid is, by depicting him with several adorable little pets hidden on his person. This design has enough charm to look great as a still, but is simple enough to easily make a transition into a more rudimentary animation style. This piece of work was done by Whiteelzora.

15 Marauders Era

There are a lot of pieces of Harry Potter fan art that focus on collections or ensembles of characters. These pieces are able to show the complex relationships between each of the characters and depict them in just about any kind of style. This piece of fan art centers on the previous generation of Hogwarts students and renders them in a charmingly simplistic and upbeat style.

The little touches in this piece are really what pushes it above and beyond most other pieces of Harry Potter fan art. The fading of the diagonal background from one color to another, the birthday cake with a golden snitch decorating it.

14 Fred And George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley are as beloved by the Harry Potter fan community as they are mischievous within the events of the series. These two characters are massive troublemakers and pranksters whose antics make them some of the most memorable characters in the series.

This piece of fan art really captures the mischievous nature of the two brothers. They're embracing each other, wands ready to cast some hilarious spell, with one of the brothers motioning to the viewer to keep quiet. This piece captures the offbeat charm of these two characters. This piece of work was done by May As Well Be a Hobbit.

13 Moe Harry, Ron, And Hermione

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all depicted in this fan art with a light-moe style that is as cute as it is heartwarming. While each character is wearing their Gryffindor uniform, slight changes in their looks help convey their own personalities.

The bigger eyes and simpler faces of these characters are in a more moe style, which is a kind of anime aesthetic that tries to make everything look as simple and cute as possible. This look is very appropriate for this piece, as it is genuinely heartwarming to see this characters together in their younger years. This piece of work was done by Animeyume.

12 Genderbent Harry And Draco

This piece of fan art depicts both Harry and Draco as women in their traditional rivalrous relationship. With their back-to-back posture and their glares, this fan art really conveys how much the two disliked each other for the vast majority of the series.

Additionally, the fun little additions to their character designs help further the gender swap aspect of this piece. Draco’s hairband matching her uniform is a brilliant idea that’s entirely in line with the character’s personality, and the same can be said for Harry’s longer hair still being messy. This piece was done by Nipye.

11 Sneaky Harry, Ron, And Hermione

Harry, Ron, and Hermione sure do break a lot of rules and sneak around a lot. This piece shows the young wizards sneaking through one of Hogwarts' many dark, labyrinthian corridors, doubtlessly in search of some clue to help solve some recently discovered mystery.

In this piece, each character is slightly befuddled by the situation, but their degree of anxiety and the way they express it says loads about each of our heroes. Hermione is clearly slightly anxious, Ron is telling the others to be quiet with his raised finger, and Harry is also a tad worried in this situation, but less so than his best friends. This piece of work was done by @nipye.

10 Super Detailed Hermione Granger

This incredibly detailed fan art of Hermione is nothing less than stunning. This fan artwork’s most distinctive feature is Hermione’s large and incredibly detailed eyes. The way the light catches her irises, the brighter ring of hazel around her pupil, and the amount of detail on her eyelashes and eyebrows is extremely impressive.

Hermione’s button nose and small lips are perfectly proportioned, and her wavy hair perfectly frames her face before becoming fuzzy and out of focus. Even the blurry ink quill she’s writing with creates a rack focus effect and draws the viewer right back to her striking eyes. This was done by Kuvshinov-Ilya.

9 Student Profile

Character lineups are frequently used in advertising material for upcoming anime as they are a good means of drawing every character with unique designs.

Collectively it’s a very fun piece to examine and pick out small details, such as Luna’s robe being Ravenclaw blue or Harry’s scar being slightly visible due to the parting of his very sloppy hair. Images like this are beautiful to look at, and for more, people could look at the official anime versions of Harry Potter in Japan.

8 Student Ensemble

This piece of fan art is really packed to the brim with characters wearing different expressions, clothes, and in different postures. Like most works of fantasy, one of the best and most appreciated aspects of the Harry Potter series is how big the scope is.

Hundreds of characters appear or are mentioned over the course of the long-running series, with many premiering as ancillary material through the books. This piece really captures this lovable aspect of the franchise and presents it in a rough, but fun art style that is not uncommon in anime and manga.

7 Harry And Draco

This take on Harry and Draco contains far less animosity than a lot of the other fan art online that shows the two characters interacting. This piece instead explores what a possible friendship between the two could have looked like.

The lighting and coloring of this piece add a melodramatic drama that is common in anime. The rays of sunlight parts the darkness that was surrounding the two and symbolized the beginning of a new chapter in their relationship. While they do symbolize the houses the two belong to, their oppositely colored Quidditch uniforms also symbolize the differences the two have to overcome to form this friendship. This piece of work was done by Dessa-nya (Valeria).

6 Student Harry Potter

This fan art is about as anime-inspired as they come. Depicting Harry with an art style that was common in late 2000s anime, this piece makes effective use of the Lumos spell he’s casting to add some interesting lighting composition to the character.

Harry Potter anime would have several affordances that other versions of the franchise simply do not have access to. However, some issues could also emerge in a Harry Potter animated series. It would be incredibly expensive to make and it might be difficult for producers to work out how much screen time should be allocated to each character. This piece was done by Izumii89.

5 '90s Anime Harry, Ron, And Hermione

Cuter and more simplistic, this piece imagines the characters in a hand-drawn style of animation. This is appropriate, as when the first book was released in 1997, animation studios were just beginning to switch to digital animation and were still utilizing more classical animation techniques.

This fan art really succeeds in channeling both the fun charm present in this art style, and the humorous elements of these Harry Potter characters. Ron’s broken wand and Harry’s glasses obscuring the entirety of this eyes feel appropriate for the characters. This piece of work was done by Doberdog.

4 Light Novel Hermione

This is another beautiful piece of fan art centering on Hermione Grainger. The lighting of the piece is extraordinary with the light from the jar of magical energy she’s holding that highlights her eyes. The falling snowflakes around her are made even brighter by the light coming from the window behind her. Between these features of the artwork and the rosiness of Hermione’s cheeks, this piece makes it feel like Hermione is in a winter wonderland.

This fan art definitely has a light novel vibe to it, considering that an exquisite amount of detail and effort went into making Hermione as beautiful as possible. This piece of work was done by Nukababe.

3 Chibi-Moe Harry, Ron, And Hermione

This terrific piece of fan art is as cute as can be and presents the three protagonists of the series in a moe-chibi anime art style. This piece presents Harry, Ron, and Hermione as a very simplistic, version of themselves while still being recognizable to even casual fans of the books or series of films.

This chibi-moe hybrid art style succeeds in making the protagonists as cute as possible. Between the fluffy hair, the big eyes, and toothless open mouthes, this piece really succeeds in making these characters look soft and cute.

2 Professor Severus Snape

Snape is a character marked by loss more than anything else and never truly reconciled the fact that the love of his life Lily Evans – Harry Potter’s mother – chose to be with James Potter over him.

This piece really captures the melancholy Snape felt in his younger years while attending Hogwarts. His nearly closed eyes, familiar frown, and messy hair all come together nicely to express his everyday sadness in living a life he’s unhappy with. Poor Snape.

1 Shojo Harry, Ron, And Hermione

This piece of fan art depicts Harry, Ron, and Hermione with sharp and distinctive features that would make them at home in any romance focused shojo anime. This kind of anime is largely geared towards adolescent and teenage woman, and generally has more attractive characters navigate romances.

Other features in this piece make its anime inspirations even more apparent. Hermione hugging a stuffed animal version of her cat is a pretty common feature in a lot of anime artwork, and the same is true for the sharper tooth just barely visible in the corner of Ron’s open mouth. This piece of work was done by Felis-M.


What's your favorite piece of Harry Potter fan art? Let us know in comments!

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