Harry Potter Fan Tattoos As Magical As Hogwarts' Enchanted Portraits

It is hard not to obsess over the Harry Potter series because it simply has so much to offer. Filled with magic, love, and whimsy, JK Rowling has managed to create one of the biggest fandoms of all time. And to think she wrote a good chunk of the Potter series on used napkins because she couldn't afford parchment! Now that's a truly magical story, and it makes us want to show our appreciation for the Potter world in any way we can.

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When memorizing all eight movies and wearing out the books from overuse isn't enough, we resort to the next step: body art from the series, to prove our everlasting love and dedication.

So let's take a look at some gloriously magical Harry Potter tattoos that are so incredible, you might want to head to your nearest tattoo parlor and get one for yourself!

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We all have our own OTP (one true pairing), also known as our favorite fictional romantic relationship. Sometimes we become so invested in these fictional romances that we feel as though we can live vicariously through these relationships without ever needing to jump into a romance of our own! At least this is the case for several true fans of these pairings, whether they are canon to the series or not.

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Sometimes, fans want to take their love for their OTP to the next level by placing gorgeous artwork of the romance on their skin! That's true dedication right there and in this case, this woman is expressing her love and appreciation for Snape and Lily. Also, we can see her other gorgeous tattoos featuring Luna's magical glasses and the Deathly Hallows symbol. Talk about Potter-head!


Calling all gingers! This tattoo would be perfect for you, or anyone else who strongly identifies with the one and only Ronald Weasley. This tattoo perfectly captures the innocence of Harry Potter, going back to its childhood roots at the way beginning of the series, when Ron's mother knits him a sweater for Christmas. Although Ron is annoyed with the dorky sweater, Harry finds it heartwarming because it was made with love by Ron's mother. If you love Ron as much as we do, you'll adore this joyful body art!


One of the things that makes Harry Potter such a charming series is how whimsical and colorful it is! Why not consider a tattoo like this one, which perfectly captures that very essence? Not only is this tattoo bursting with "charm" (pun totally intended), but it offers that glittery dreamy vibe from the books and movies that we love so much. This tattoo has everything from a stack of Hogwarts textbooks to a magical wand, and a mystical goblet. It's hard not to smile at all the fanciful whimsy here!


Getting a tattoo is a big decision, of course, because this artwork is going to remain on your flesh for the rest of your life. Because of this factor, sometimes the simpler the tattoo, the better. That is why this gorgeous tattoo representing the three little stars printed in all of the Potter books is so iconic.

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It is one of those special tattoos that can be appreciated even by those who have never opened a single Harry Potter book, simply because it looks so pretty and enchanting. Plus, because the tattoo is so tiny, it will probably save you a whole lot of time and pain from getting a much bigger tattoo that runs up your entire arm.


Woah, hold on a second. Glow in the dark tattoos are a thing? This world truly is magical. Here we can see a simple yet brilliant "Lumos" tattoo which is the spell in Harry Potter said to create light from your wand. What better word could possibly be used in the form of a glow in the dark UV light tattoo? We can't imagine a more fun and exciting piece of body art that is honestly so cool, even Professor Snape would smile at the sight of it. Imagine how much of a conversation starter this tattoo can bring!


This is that classic dreamy line said by Luna Lovegood, and if we're "just as sane" as Luna (who believes in Nargles and reads her books upside down), it's safe to say we are not sane at all. But don't fret, this is actually a good thing. Why would anyone want to be normal?

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Life is way more interesting if you choose to live it like a Lovegood. Marching to the beat of your own drum is one of the most important things you can do in life because there is nothing more wonderful and refreshing than an original thinker who couldn't care less about what everyone else thinks.


This gorgeous watercolor tattoo perfectly captures the gothic literature genre many people believe the Potter series to be a part of. Its dark colors offer a romantic and dreamy vibe that is just bound to stun those who are lucky enough to come across it.

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It represents the very beginning of it all in the Harry Potter series when all of our favorite witches and wizards come across the Hogwarts castle for the very first time. Yet this moment was also the first time readers and moviegoers became exposed to Hogwarts School of Witcraft and Wizardry, marking the beginning of a journey for not only the characters but for billions of fans as well.


Potter fans are clearly a part of one of the most imaginative and creative fandoms out there because would you just take a look at how great this artwork is? It has got all of the classic Potter symbols from the very first book, including the beloved sorting hat, Harry's iconic glasses, and what looks to be the letter indicating Harry Potter's acceptance into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Just don't go up to this tattooed Sorting Hat and ask it to sort you)! It might make a fun party game, though...


Look at this divine representation of Trelawney's divination. Just don't show Hermione! She can't stand the class... This tattoo is awesome, especially for those who favor Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as their favorite of all the Potter books/films. It's hard not to love the third installment of the series, especially the film which is directed by the Oscar award-winning Alfonso Cuaron. The third film has a special magic to it due to its effortless quirk, making it one of the greatest Potter stories of all. We totally get why this woman wants to express her love for Prisoner of Azkaban and believe she couldn't have gotten a better tattoo to represent the 3rd installment in the series.


In a way, this is the most classic Harry Potter tattoo out of all of the HP related tattoos you could possibly get. This is one of the very first Potter images the world has ever been exposed to, way back in the '90s, before we ever even heard of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe.

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It almost makes one want to tear up due to how innocent this picture is, representing the very beginning of a future generation of avid readers, thanks to the phenomenal series. It brings us back to childhood and represents a time of imagination, excitement, and pure joy.

Do you have any Harry Potter tattoos? Share what kind you have below!

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