Harry Potter: 10 Fan Fiction Relationships We Wish Were Real

If you're a massive Potter fan like us, chances are you're already well aware of Harry Potter fanfiction. This widespread platform offers the opportunity for us mere muggles to use our wild imaginations in order to invent scenarios at Hogwarts that fulfill our heart's desires.

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There are hundreds of unique "ships" that can be found in HP fanfiction, yet here are the ten that have grabbed our attention the most.


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One of the most popular fanfiction ships in Harry Potter is between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. This pairing, aka "Dramione", expresses the thin line between love and hate. Many people have theorized that the reason Draco is so cruel to Hermione is due to the fact that he secretly has feelings for her, and he doesn't know how to properly communicate his emotions.

"Dramione" is one of the most passionate pairings out of all the ships created in the Potter universe. It became so popular and well-known, that the hit stage play A Very Potter Musical incorporated Draco's crush on Hermione into the show. Plus, the internet is currently blowing up with rumors that Tom Felton and Emma Watson are secretly dating in real life. We honestly don't know if our muggle hearts can TAKE IT!

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Draco and Harry represent another insanely popular ship in the Harry Potter fanfiction universe. Similar to Draco and Hermione, this relationship reveals how easy it can be to confuse love and hate. They are one and the same, both fueled by passion and endless tension.

Draco and Harry seem to be obsessed with each other throughout the series, and maybe this is due to some underlying feelings that neither of them is willing to express? It seems unlikely that this was Rowling's intention, but we can dream, can't we?


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Harry and Luna are quite the popular ship in the HP fandom, and it isn't too difficult to understand why. Luna is one of the very few people at Hogwarts who is able to see Harry as a human being rather than simply "The Boy Who Lived". She sees him as he truly is and Luna refuses to treat him any differently than anyone else at the school just because he is considered special.

Plus, Harry and Luna have an incredibly unique friendship, and hasn't the Harry Potter series taught us that the best foundation for any worthwhile relationship is a solid friendship? The Nargles totally agree with us on this one.

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Art by RohanElf

Admit it. You cried like a baby when you discovered Snape's true feelings for Lily. Snape may seem like a hard shell on the outside but once you get to know the true Severus, you will discover that he's got the heart of a hopeless romantic.

He never stopped loving Lily throughout his entire life and that kind of love only comes once in a lifetime. Although Lily ultimately chose James, we know the real passionate romance of the series comes from Snape x Lily... Always.


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There's a rather large chunk of Potter fans who are still furious over the fact that Harry and Hermione failed to end up together at the end of the series. Even JK Rowling has expressed the belief that perhaps Harry and Hermione would have been better suited for each other.

There are many reasons why people think these BFFs would've made the perfect couple, one of them being, they can always rely on each other. They consistently seem to have each other's backs and would never dream of putting the other down. Harry and Hermione are a solid team, and perhaps they would make wonderful romantic partners as well.

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Ron x Luna is a fascinating ship because these two seem like such an unlikely match, yet at the same time, the thought of these characters together is strangely perfect. It is not easy to earn Ron Weasley's respect and he tends to be very selective of who he lets into his world.

Yet miraculously he seems to have a sincere soft spot for Luna, even if she is quite different from the rest. Luna seems to bring out a more carefree and tolerant side of Ron that we don't get to see very often. Perhaps exploring a potential relationship between these two would have been quite interesting to witness.


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A number of people think Fred and Hermione would make the perfect pair in the Potter universe and we are kind of sort of fully on board? For some reason, the idea of Fred and Hermione as a romantic pairing seems so strangely right despite the fact that there isn't much evidence of these two having any passionate feelings for each other.

They seem like they would totally work because Fred would help Hermione loosen up and teach her not to take life so seriously, while Hermione would help Fred learn how to act more mature. Opposites attract, ladies and gentlemen, and we'd personally love to discover more of a romance between Fred and Hermione.


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Neville and Luna may have ended up together in the movies (thank god) but in the books, they did not. While Neville ended up marrying Hannah Abbott, Luna married a man named Rolf Scamander. The movies introduced a ship that we never knew we needed, and it was the work of pure genius.

Neville and Luna are both outcasts throughout the series so it makes sense that they would gravitate towards each other in order to properly embrace their dorky/lovable personas together.


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Although Hermione Granger and Pansy Parkinson fail to interact much in the Harry Potter series, luckily enough, Potter fans have the wildest imaginations when it comes to their fictional pairings. Pansy and Hermione are far from the expected match, but the idea of these two in a romantic relationship is pretty awesome nonetheless.

We can totally see Pansy teaching Hermione how to live a little, while Hermione can teach Pansy how to be a better person. Plus, the look on Draco Malfoy's face if he found out his ex-girlfriend was with Granger would be an absolutely incredible sight.


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Harry and Fleur don't have much of a relationship when it comes to the Potter canon, but this is far from the case in the wonderful world of fanfiction. There are countless shippers who insist Fleur Delacour is actually the ideal match for HP.

People think she shares his history of receiving constant attention from others, even if that attention is far from desired. Move aside Weasleys, you're getting in the way of Harry and Fleur's potential romance!

Do you have a favorite Harry Potter fanfic relationship? Let us know in the comments!

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