Harry Potter Extended Edition Re-Releases on the Way?

Hey Harry Potter fans! You're in for a surprise - according to /Film, via RopeofSilicon, all of the Harry Potter films are going to get special extended edition re-releases. What exactly the extended editions will include is unclear at this point. It is also unclear whether or not they will be re-released on DVD, Blu-Ray, or (dare I say it) to theaters.

Either way, they're sure to have some extra goodies that weren't in the theatrical release.

Okay, here comes the buzzkill. Unlike the extended edition releases of Lord of the Rings, which included hours worth of additional material, Harry Potter doesn't have that many deleted scenes to add.In fact, as /Film points out, most, if not all, of the extended footage for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone included in the television broadcast premiere on ABC. Could it be that Warner Brothers is just trying to milk the Harry Potter franchise for more money?

Call me a cynic, but I'm always a little bit leery of special-edition DVDs. As much as I love behind the scenes featurettes and production stills, I find it difficult to spring for an extra $20 for a copy of a movie I already own. Unless there is substantially more footage, as in the Lord of the Rings re-releases or the upcoming Watchmen Ultimate Collector's Edition, I'm more apt to stick with my original copy.

Then again, as much as I love Harry Potter, I wouldn't call myself a fanatic. On the other hand, I know there are plenty of Screen Rant readers out there who are, so why don't you guys let me know what you think of these extended editions - are you excited about the possibility of seeing more Harry, Ron, and Hermione?

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