Harry Potter: The 10 Easiest Spells To Perform

After reading or watching the Harry Potter series, nearly every person who was compelled by the story also dreamed of becoming a witch or wizard themselves. And that comes as no surprise, because who hasn't at least once fantasized about what it would be like to have magical powers or live in a world where that kind of magic was real?

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However, the wizarding world of Harry Potter doesn't make things easy for the average witch or wizard. Yes, they're gifted with magical powers, but they still have to learn how to use those magical powers and actually execute the spells and charms that are designed to achieve their particular aims. There are many spells in the Harry Potter world that are actually quite difficult to do properly and do well, but of course there are some spells that even the most inexperienced witch or wizard can pull off easily. And these are the 10 easiest spells to perform.

10 Engorgio

Within the wizarding world of Harry Potter, there are very few spells that are simpler and easier to master than the engorgio spell, which is a simple charm for making something bigger.

The spell requires very little magical talent or learned skill in order to pull off because of its simplicity. It's a spell that requires no transformation or creation of anything, all the witch or wizard needs to do in order to successfully pull it off is make something that already exists bigger. The only possible pitfall of this spell is that actually nailing the exact size that the spell caster is aiming for can be somewhat tricky.

9 Reducio

Harry Ron Hermione doing homework at Hogwarts

As many people may be able to surmise on their own, while the engorgio charm spell is designed to engorge whatever object is being charmed in question, the reducio spell is meant to reduce the size of a certain thing.

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And while, obviously, both spells are two sides of the same coin, the reducio spell is just a smidge easier than the engorgio spell simply because making something smaller takes less magical power to accomplish than making something bigger does. But the potential pitfalls of the reducio spell are the same as the engorgio spell as well, because reducing something's size isn't that difficult but getting the size exactly right can be tough.

8 Confundus

When a witch or wizard is attempting to perform a spell on an actual human being, it can be extremely hit or miss. And, while most spells on people are extremely difficult to nail, the confundus charm is considerably simpler.

What makes the confundus charm so much easier to pull off than the average spell directed at a person is that, while most spells are meant to push someone's mind or body in a certain direction, a confundus charm is just designed to confuse someone. Inspiring a momentary brain fart in someone is more creating an absence of something than inspiring an actual idea or behavior, which is why even first years at Hogwarts seem to have mastered it.

7 Muffliato

In a similar vein of the confundus charm, the muffliato spell is one of the easier spells to pull off in the Harry Potter universe because it's more about creating a void of something than it is about actually creating something new.

The muffliato spell is a charm that is intended to conceal a conversation from any potentially prying ears, and, instead of the eavesdropper being able to hear the conversation that they're trying to spy on, they will just hear a faint buzzing sound instead. It's a simple concept and a simple execution, which is why it's one of the easiest spells for any witch or wizard.

6 Cheering Charm

The Wizarding World is full of a lot of complex spells that are designed to do relatively complex things, but it's nice that one of the easiest spells to do is one of the nicest that any witch or wizard can do.

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The cheering charm is exactly what it sounds like, it's a charm that makes the target of said charm feel cheerful and happy. But, like many of the charms and spells that are intended for a specific human target, often times the ease of the spell relies on the target of the spell, and specifically how happy or sad the person who is being charmed feels at the time.

5 Expelliarmus

This particular spell is the favorite of Harry Potter himself, and that is likely because the spell is incredibly simple but also very effective. Expelliarmus is a spell that disarms a witch or wizard's opponent in a wizard's duel, it literally expels their arms (arms as in weapons, not literal arms) by forcing their opponent's wand out of their hands.

Expelliarmus is the easiest way and simplest way to end a fight (or at least postpone one) with an attacking witch or wizard, which is undoubtedly why Harry Potter seemed to have this spell down pat before he had even reached his teenage years.

4 Alohomora

Harry Potter Bellatrix Lestrange wand

The alohomora charm is also known as the unlocking charm, and is also colloquially referred to as the thief's friend. And it's easy to see where it got that nickname from since it's a spell that is simply designed to unseal any locked doors.

Any spell that is one single step and results in one single action is clearly one of the easier spells to get right, and there are few things that are simpler than just clicking a lock. Hermione demonstrates just how easy it is to learn because, while she is the brightest witch of her age, she still mastered the alohomora charm in her first year at Hogwarts.

3 Accio

Within the Wizarding World, there are few spells that a simpler, easier, and handier than the accio spell. The accio spell is summoning charm that just brings whatever object a witch or wizard is looking for straight to them.

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In order to execute the spell successfully, the spell caster only needs to say "accio" followed by the name of whatever they're looking for. So, for example, if they're looking for their glasses they would just say "accio glasses". The only possible hurdle to successfully executing the spell is likely related to the proximity of the actual object, because, if a witch or wizard is trying to summon something on the other side of the planet, the charm seems pretty unlikely to work.

2 Lumos

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter With Illuminated Wand in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Every witch and wizard in the world is born with an innate magical power, but it's their wand that allows them to more easily and powerfully channel that power into a specific spell. And the lumos spell is one of the easiest spells in the entire Wizarding World because it's a spell that doesn't even need to leave the wand. It's using an already inherently magically charged object that is deeply connected to the witch or wizard who possesses it and creating light within the wand.

It's actually surprising that there aren't more spells and charms of this nature, because magic that never goes further than the wand is so easy.

1 Nox

Harry Potter being chosen by his wand at Gringotts

So, like nearly every spell in the world of Harry Potter, every spell that does a certain thing has another spell to counteract or counterbalance that specific thing. While the lumos spell is designed to light up a wand, the nox spell is designed to extinguish the light from that wand. And it's difficult to imagine a spell that is easier to accomplish than that, because it's simply ceasing the small amount of magical energy that is keeping the wand alight.

Taking a wand back to its natural state is barely even doing magic, which is why the nox charm is the easiest spell in the Wizarding World.

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