Harry Potter: 20 Wicked Things Only Potterheads Know Draco Did At Hogwarts

Draco Malfoy spent his formative years at Hogwarts, but tormenting Harry Potter wasn't the only thing he did.

When readers first met Draco Malfoy within the pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first book in the series, the character immediately made an impact on fans. Draco was the first bully that Harry had to face at Hogwarts, a pure-blood wizard who went on to become one of Harry's biggest enemies at the school. Draco consistently belittled and challenged Harry, Ron and Hermione, all because he was a mean, entitled boy who came from a "pure" wizarding family that was widely respected-- or at least, feared.

At first, Draco seemed a stereotype, but as the books progressed, so did his character. Because he was the son of Lucius Malfoy, he was always expected to take up the mantle of his father to become a Death Eater and play a part in Voldemort's return. But as Draco became more involved with the Death Eaters, he began to have a change of heart. Voldemort specifically ordered him to destroy Dumbledore, but in the end, Draco couldn't do it, showing readers that there was much more to this character than met the eye.

That doesn't, however, take away from the bad things that Draco did during his time at Hogwarts, nor does it clear him from being a bully for most of his young life, but he was still an accomplished wizard who grew up to become a better person. Even as a student at Hogwarts, Draco got up to some pretty crazy stuff that was overlooked by many.

Here are 20 Wild Things Only Potterheads Know Draco Did At Hogwarts.

20 He mastered Occlumency

Draco Malfoy Occlumency

Occlumency is not an easy skill for a young wizard to master. It involves closing your mind so that wizards with the ability to read it cannot do so. Although Professor Snape worked tirelessly with Harry Potter on Occlumency, it's something that Harry continued to struggle with.

However, Draco was adept at Occlumency and picked it up fairly quickly. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Draco told Snape he learned to use it to keep the professor from learning about his plot to take out Professor Dumbledore. Snape later surmised that Draco learned the skill from his aunt Bellatrix Lestrange. It makes sense that this was one skill that Draco excelled at, where Harry failed.

19 He uncovered Harry’s plot to smuggle Hagrid’s dragon out of Hogwarts

Draco First Year

When readers first read about Draco Malfoy, the initial impression was that he was a horrible bully. Those readers were not wrong: Draco spent much of his first year at Hogwarts being horrible to people, especially to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He was also a sneak and uncovered Harry's plan to help Hagrid smuggle a pet dragon out of Hogwarts.

Draco told Professor McGonagall about the plan, but she gave him detention for being out past curfew. His punishment was to help Hagrid, Harry and Hermione find a wounded unicorn. Draco didn't like this because he felt that it was "servant's work."

18 He bought his way onto the Slytherin Quidditch team

Quidditch is the most popular sport in the wizarding world. The best position on any Quidditch team is Seeker, the player responsible for finding the Golden Snitch. Any team that catches the Golden Snitch immediately wins the game. In his second year, Draco became Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team, although he wasn't that good at the game. However, his father had bought the entire team Nimbus 2001 brooms, and that basically bought his place on the team.

Draco was why Slytherin lost its match against Gryffindor: he was too busy taunting Harry Potter to notice when the Golden Snitch flew right next to his face. Had he been paying attention, his team would have won the game.

17 He was a member of the Inquisitorial Squad

Harry Potter Inquisitorial Squad

In Draco's fifth year, Professor Umbridge, who was also the Ministry of Magic's High Inquisitor, hand-picked students from Hogwarts to become part of her Inquisitorial Squad. Their duties included spying on students and reporting on those who indulged in any "wrongdoing" or any who might have rebellious thoughts against the Ministry.

Considering that the squad was made up of entirely Slytherin students, the position was often abused. The Inquisitorial Squad helped to discover the existence of Dumbledore's Army as they fled from the Room of Requirement. The squad eventually brought Harry and his friends to Umbridge's chambers, where she threatened to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry.

16 He dueled with Harry

Draco and Harry duel

During the short-lived Duelling Club that was started by Professor Snape, Draco and Harry dueled each other. Of course, Draco believed that he had the upper hand, being a wizard from a family with an excellent reputation and already well-versed in some offensive spells.

Draco, feeling he was being clever, conjured a snake, hoping to frighten Harry so that he could easily win. However, unbeknownst to anyone, Harry had a conversation with the snake, discovering that he was a Parseltongue. This freaked everyone out, particularly Draco, because students started gossiping that Harry might be the heir of Slytherin. Interestingly enough, Harry, Ron, and Hermione believed Draco to be the heir, though they were, of course, proven wrong.

15 He was a prefect for Slytherin House

Draco and Gang

Becoming a prefect at Hogwarts means that a student has earned the trust of the school's faculty as a responsible and loyal person. Although many might not think of Draco as such, he still managed to become a prefect for the house of Slytherin during his fifth year. The position, which lasts until the student leaves Hogwarts, comes with additional responsibilities and roles that include keeping fellow students in line.

Obviously, having this kind of job suggests that a prefect can easily abuse the position, which is precisely what Draco did. Along with his fellow Slytherin prefect, Pansy Parkinson, Draco mistreated first-year students and deducted points from students he didn't like. Ron and Hermione were prefects for Gryffindor during this time.

14 Draco was an informant to Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter was a journalist for The Daily Prophet who reported on the Triwizard Tournament, or more importantly, reported on Harry and how he managed to get entered into the competition. She ended up writing some not-so-nice things about Harry and his friends, slanderous articles that were also sensationalistic.

It was evident that Rita was somehow getting information about Harry that she should not have. Although part of the reason she had this information was that she was an unregistered animagus and could easily spy on people, she also had an informant in Draco. She wrote a lot of her articles at Draco's request because he knew that she was an unregistered animagus: he held that above her head as a threat.

13 He wrote the song “Weasley is our King”

Draco and Gang

One might think that Draco would have grown out of all his brutish behavior by the time he was a fifth-year student at Hogwarts, but it seemed that he was intent on getting even meaner as he grew older. Although he was a supposedly model student, he still spent a lot of time making fun of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

He abused his privileges as prefect and even wrote a song about Ron that mocked his abilities on the Quidditch field called "Weasley is Our King." The lyrics went: "Weasley is our King, Weasley is our King, He always lets the Quaffle in, Weasley is our King."

12 Draco learned to block jinxes nonverbally

Draco with wand

Although Draco had a lot going on during his sixth year at Hogwarts, he was still a reasonably adept wizard. His studies began to take a backseat to his worries about completing his mission to destroy Dumbledore, a mission given to him by Voldemort, he was still better at magic than many of his peers.

One thing that he learned during his sixth year was nonverbal magic, particularly nonverbal magic that blocked jinxes. He spent much of his sixth year training and learning what he would need for the upcoming battle the Dark Lord had planned.

11 He learned to perform the difficult Protean Charm

Draco Malfoy

Draco seemed to excel in his knowledge of witchcraft and wizardry by his sixth year. He was a very skilled wizard and managed to cast some fairly difficult spells that other wizards his age often had trouble with. Of course, it probably didn't hurt that he had Bellatrix Lestrange, his aunt, teaching him skills like Occlumency.

Draco also mastered the Protean charm, which allows a wizard to link several objects together to serve a common goal. For example, Hermione, who learned the spell a year earlier, used it to link the coins together for Dumbledore's Army. Draco used the Protean charm for a similar task.

10 He was pressured to join the Death Eaters

Draco with Dark Mark

It was not a massive surprise that Draco eventually became a Death Eater. Lucius Malfoy, Draco's father, was a Death Eater, too, and expected his son to follow in his footsteps. Not to mention, Bellatrix Lestrange was his aunt.

When Lucius went to jail, Draco took up the Dark Mark and became a Death Eater at the age of 16. He began bragging to his fellow Hogwarts students about a special mission given to him by Voldemort, as readers later learned, that mission was to destroy Dumbledore. However, Draco didn't have it in his heart to take out the Hogwarts headmaster. Although he did not end Dumbledore himself, he reluctantly continued to participate in Death Eater activities until the Battle of Hogwarts.

9 He used a Full Body-Bind Curse on Harry

Draco Malfoy

Draco joining the Death Eaters added even more wickedness to the character. Although he went around bragging to his fellow Slytherins about his special mission from Voldemort, he did not want anyone outside of that circle knowing about his plans. When Harry overheard a conversation about the mission, Draco used a Full Body-Bind curse on him, which paralyzed Harry.

Then Draco stomped on Harry's face and crushed his nose; a move made out of revenge for his father being imprisoned, Draco then decided that Harry had not heard enough, though, to turn him in. This act, of course, made Harry hate Draco even more.

8 He fixed the Vanishing Cabinet that let Death Eaters into Hogwarts

Draco testing vanishing cabinet

It is traditional to think of bullies as having less of an intellect than their peers, but Draco never fit into that particular mold. Draco was a good wizard who was also pretty smart.

The Vanishing Cabinet was an instrument for transport that connected Hogwarts to a similar cabinet at Borgin & Burkes-- before Peeves broke it. Not only did Draco discover the connection between the two cabinets, but he realized that he could use the cabinets to sneak Death Eaters into Hogwarts. He formulated a plan and fixed the cabinet, which allowed his aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, along with other Death Eaters into the school. His plan had worked.

7 He survived the Sectumsempra curse

Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry discovers that his textbook for Defense Against the Dark Arts has some interesting notes penned in it, including some creative spells. One of those spells was Sectumsempra, a very dangerous curse that acts as a sort of invisible sword, slashing at the enemy and leaving deep wounds, and can be a fatal curse.

Harry used this spell against Draco, which left the Slytherin student broken and bloody. Harry eventually learned that Professor Snape invented the spell. Fortunately, Draco survived the attack, and Harry got kicked off the Quidditch team for using it against a fellow student.

6 He kept Madame Rosmerta under the Imperius Curse

McGonagall Madame Rosmerta

Draco learned many of the Unforgivable Curses during his time at Hogwarts, though it's likely that Hogwarts wasn't where he learned such spells. The Curses were common among the followers of Voldemort, and Draco's family was full of people devoted to Voldemort and his return.

These are difficult spells to master, but perhaps that sort of magic runs in Draco's blood because he learned them quickly enough, setting him apart from his peers. He used the Imperius Curse on Madame Rosmerta, owner of the Three Broomsticks, for nearly a year. During that time, he used her to smuggle a cursed necklace into Hogwarts, as well as to poison some mead meant for Dumbledore.

5 He mastered the Elder wand

Draco disarms Dumbledore

Professor Albus Dumbledore was considered to be the most accomplished wizard of all time, so one might think that taking him on was a fool's errand. In fact, there is much debate in the Potterhead community that Voldemort knew this when he sent Draco after Dumbledore: he expected the boy to fail and shame his family further.

Instead, Draco proved that he could hold his own against Dumbledore and successfully managed to disarm the headmaster, although many might argue that he could only do this because Dumbledore was already weakened and willing to let it happen. It was this disarming that made Draco master of the Elder Wand, although he didn't know it.

4 He became the man of the house when his father went to Azkaban

Lucius Malfoy

During Draco's fifth year, a battle ensued at the Ministry of Magic in its Department of Mysteries. Draco's father, Lucius, was spotted fighting as a Death Eater, which resulted in his arrest and imprisonment at Azkaban. Lucius' imprisonment left the Malfoy family shamed and without a head.

Draco was forced to step up and take over as the family's leader, which also meant taking on new responsibilities with the Death Eaters to restore his family name. Draco hoped that by taking the mission to eliminate Dumbledore, he could do so. Although Draco did not take out Dumbledore directly, Voldemort did arrange for Lucius to escape Azkaban as a reward to Draco for his part in the headmaster's passing.

3 He excelled in potions

Draco in Potions Class

One class that Draco excelled in at Hogwarts was potions, perhaps because Professor Snape, who taught the class, seemed to have an affinity for students from Slytherin house. It's even possible that Snape, as potions master, gave Draco extra help in the subject so that he would become better at it than his peers, especially Hermione Granger.

Draco easily passed the potions part of his O.W.L. examination, although by the time Professor Slughorn took over the class, Draco had begun to lose his interest in not just potions, but his entire education, in general. At this point, he had a lot on his mind, including the mission given to him by Voldemort.

2 He mastered the Cruciatus curse

Draco and Narcissa

One of the more difficult Unforgivable Curses to master is the Cruciatus Curse. It is also one of the most dangerous spells that a wizard can cast. When cast, the curse causes unimaginable pain. Its use is considered so bad by the wizarding world that anyone caught casting it will land themselves in Azkaban.

Draco, coming from a long line of Death Eaters, attempted to cast it on Harry when he caught Harry eavesdropping on him. Harry, though, responded with Sectumsempra, which resulted in Draco being sliced apart as if with a sword. Later, Harry had a vision of Voldemort ordering Draco to use Cruciatus on Thorfinn Rowle as punishment for not catching Harry.

1 He confided in Myrtle

During Draco's second year at Hogwarts, he was the one who told Harry about the first Muggle-born who perished when the Chamber of Secrets opened for the first time. That young wizard was Myrtle, who went on to haunt the second-floor girls' bathroom at Hogwarts, although she often haunted other bathrooms in the school, too. The ghost was known as Moaning Myrtle.

What's most interesting is that when Draco was stressed out in his sixth year, it was Myrtle who became his confidant. He visited her regularly, despite his prejudice against Muggle-born wizards, and told her about his anxiety over his mission for Voldemort. He cried in her presence and treated her as a friend, despite his hypocrisy.


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