Harry Potter: The Dungeons and Dragons Classes Of Gryffindor House Members

When it comes to fusing two completely separate fictional universes, it's hard to imagine a better match up than the worlds of Harry Potter and Dungeons & Dragons. It's easy to picture the lovable characters of the Harry Potter 'verse existing within the Dungeons & Dragons mythology, and we can only imagine how much ass the Harry Potter squad would be kicking if they were forced to confront the aforementioned dungeons and/or dragons.

Pretty much every Harry Potter character we know is well seasoned in battle, but it's an irrefutable fact that current and former students of the Gryffindor Hogwarts house are the witches and wizards who are most inclined to rush head first into any confrontation they can find. So, out of every Gryffindor alumni that we know of, which characters are best suited to which Dungeons & Dragons character classes? If you've ever wondered how your lion-hearted fave might fit into the D&D world, then just read on!

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Robbie Jarvis as a young James Potter in the Harry Potter films
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10 James Potter: Fighter

Robbie Jarvis as a young James Potter in the Harry Potter films

James Potter may have been a naturally gifted wizard, but if you were to ask him he'd probably prefer to be an all around badass instead of just a master of magic. It's for this reason that James seems like a perfect match for the Dungeons & Dragons fighter class.

The elder Potter definitely wasn't always a charming prince and clearly was a downright bully to some, but he was also a pretty tough cookie. James always loved to play by his own rules and was never the type to back down from a fight, no matter how badly the odds seemed to disfavor him.

9 Rubeus Hagrid: Druid

When you think of the word druid and then think of Harry Potter, it's more likely than not that Rubeus Hagrid is the first character that springs to mind. The druid character class is a type that wields nature-based magic, and there is no one who loves nature more in the Harry Potter universe than Hagrid.

From the mighty hippogriff to the modest flobberworm Hagrid has a deep affection for every magical creature in the world, and since he was banished from using more typical magics as a child his only real magical outlet has been through the magic of nature.

8 Minerva McGonagall: Rogue

When it comes to classifying Minerva McGonagall, she's really one who exists in a class of her own. She could deftly maneuver through any one of the D&D character classes, but the class that seems to suit her the most is the class of rogue.

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Rogues are extremely adaptable and resourceful, and they're especially renowned for their sneakiness. And while Minerva seems like a strait-laced gal, she really is a resilient and clever woman who isn't above playing some tricks in order to pull out the win. And come on, just think about our introduction to Professor McGonagall, she pretends to be a cat just to suss out what her students are really like when she's not around. Sneaky!

7 Lily Potter: Sorcerer

With most Gryffindors, you could slip them into one of a few different D&D character classes and make a fair argument for why they belong there, but that's not the case with Lily Potter. Lily is the absolute definition of a sorcerer.

The sorcerer is a powerful magician, but their magical power comes from instinct rather than knowledge, and the ancient magic they naturally tap into is the most powerful magic in the D&D universe. Lily and the sorcerer are thus an unsurprising match since Lily's ability to tap into the deepest and oldest love magic managed to turn Harry Potter from one of Voldemort's many victims into the boy who lived.

6 Sirius Black: Ranger

Sirius Black might have some serious magical mojo, but if you're looking for a character in the Harry Potter universe who seems just as likely to punch someone in the face as they are to wave their wand at them, Sirius is your guy.

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And while the rangers might be skilled fighters, they also tend to be loners, which matches Sirius to a T. Even after Sirius managed to escape the lonely, dreadful life of a prisoner of Azkaban, he spent most of his time alone and seemed to only really want the company of one person, his godson Harry.

5 Albus Dumbledore: Wizard

Let's be real, there's no way that there is any Gryffindor who represents the class of wizard more than Albus Dumbledore. The fighting skills of the wizard class might leave something to be desired, but when you consider their magical knowledge and ability, why would they even bother fighting in the first place? If Dumbledore existed in the Dungeons & Dragons universe then you can guarantee he'd pretty much be the OG wizard, and it doesn't matter what kind of enemy or dangerous creature he was confronting, it's also pretty much guaranteed that he winds up winning the fight all day, every day.

4 Neville Longbottom: Warlock

Neville Longbottom didn't just barely make it into Gryffindor by the skin of his teeth, he barely became a wizard at all. But nearly everyone and everything vastly underestimated Neville's magical abilities (and abilities in general), and nearly everyone was proven completely wrong.

Luckily Neville isn't as dark of a character as you might expect a D&D warlock to be. His thirst for knowledge is shown in his passion for Herbology, he is one of the few to wield the Sword Of Gryffindor and by the end of the series, he shows that he can rally the troops against the Dark Lord.

3 Ron Weasley: Paladin

Ron Weasley has always played the role of the knight in HP golden trio, so it should come as no surprise that he would also fall into the D&D version of a knight class, the paladin.

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Paladins are devoted to doing the right thing, and they are actually a pretty versatile combo of a good fighter and a skilled magician. Paladins are traditionally champions of a certain god, but we think that being a champion of a certain BFF is a good enough substitute to make Ron qualify for the role. Ron might not be quite as holy as these holy warriors, but he's as close as any Gryffindor could get.

2 Hermione Granger: Cleric

Clerics are another Dungeons & Dragons class that is particularly versatile, which is why it's such a good match for the brightest witch of her age, Hermione Granger. Although the religious overtones of the cleric might seem like it doesn't quite match up with Hermione, their dogmatic attitude towards pretty much everything is very much Miss Granger. Clerics are also masters of hunting down evil creatures, and honestly,

Hermione is probably better at that than Harry and Ron ever were. The wisdom of the cleric is also pretty much unparalleled, which makes the character class an absolutely perfect match for Hermione.

1 Harry Potter: Bard

The bard is one of the most well-rounded classes when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons character classes, so it should come as no surprise that Harry Potter falls into that category. Despite being the "chosen one" of the series, Harry actually isn't exceptional at much besides flying.

However, he is pretty good at a lot of different aspects of wizardry. Ironically that is probably what makes him such a perfect foil for Voldemort, and why he ends up victorious in the end. No wizard could ever match Voldemort's power, so the wizard that defeated him had to outplay and outwit him in a lot of different ways.

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