Disney Heroes And Princes Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Join us as we help Disney heroes like Prince Eric, Aladdin, and Li Shang find their place at Hogwarts, by sorting them into their houses.

Disney Heroes Aladdin Prince Eric And Hercules

The Harry Potter franchise would have you believe that all heroes need to be brave and bold to get the job done. Bravery can come in many different forms, and sometimes, there are skills that outweigh sheer bravado, as demonstrated by many of the Disney heroes. In fact, if the Disney heroes were sorted into the Hogwarts houses of the Harry Potter franchise, not many of them would make the cut as Gryffindors - the house for those motivated by their bravery.

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Instead, quite a few of the Disney animated heroes would wind up in one of the other three houses. Slytherin is a great home for those looking to live beyond their assigned station in life. Ravenclaw is for those who manage to think their way out of tough situations as a result of their love of learning. Hufflepuff is for the just, hardworking, and those who put everyone else before themselves. Let's see who belongs where. 

10 Aladdin: Slytherin

Disney Hero Aladdin Slytherin

Aladdin spent his entire life living on the streets of Agrabah. It’s no wonder he became a slick thief. If he wanted to survive, he had no other choice. His ambition - to find a way out of his situation - isn’t hard to understand either. He also manages to trick the genie into giving him a free wish, and he even surprises the genie when he still sets his friend free from his bond to the lamp.

9 Prince Naveen: Ravenclaw

Disney Hero Prince Naveen Ravenclaw

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When the Princess and the Frog’s story begins, Naveen is pretty shallow, and he has a strong dislike for work. His only ambition in life is to be free to have a good time. Despite all of that, once he finds himself turned into a frog, he quickly begins to make plans and study the world around him differently. If he didn’t have the ability to solve problems and logically consider his options, he and Tiana might never have met - or become human again.

8 Jim Hawkins: Gryffindor

Disney Hero Jim Hawkins Gryffindor

Jim is a smart kid who learns his way around machinery, and he’s loyal to his mother above all else. He’s also reckless and has his own strict moral code. Though he’s willing to throw in with pirates to find a legendary treasure and save his mother’s business, he’s not willing to become a pirate himself. 

7 Flynn Rider: Slytherin

Disney Hero Flynn Rider Slytherin

Like Aladdin, Flynn is also a dreamer who just wants a better life. Also like Aladdin, Flynn finds love and some of his previous ambitions don’t seem quite as important. The two have a lot in common. They’d probably enjoy chatting about their Slytherin ways and trying to pick one another’s pockets.

6 Prince Eric: Hufflepuff

Disney Hero Prince Eric Hufflepuff

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Eric is a prince by birth, unlike some of the other Disney men who marry into royalty. He could have sat back and ruled his kingdom in comfort. Instead, he learns to play the flute, which he uses to clear his mind and think over his problems. He also learns to sail and sets out to explore the world. Eric also never turns his back on a person in trouble - even if it’s a strange mute woman who likes to use forks in her hair. Sweet and hardworking, he’s a true Hufflepuff.

5 Hercules: Gryffindor

Disney Hero Hercules Gryffindor

Of course, Hercules is also willing to “go the distance” without that super strength. His bravery and willingness to dive in headfirst for the people he cares about definitely make him a Gryffindor.

4 Milo Thatch: Ravenclaw

Disney Hero Milo Thatch Ravenclaw

Milo, unlike the rest of the team sent on his expedition, wasn’t there for a paycheck. He was there for what he could learn about a lost culture. Milo is the kind of guy who becomes so obsessed with a subject that he needs to learn everything he can about it. He’s your typical academic - or a Ravenclaw.

3 Prince Adam: Gryffindor

Disney Hero Prince Adam AKA The Beast Gryffindor

His library full of books shows he’s an educated prince, and his staff is certainly loyal to him. The bulk of his personality traits are appropriate for a boasting Gryffindor. He’s proud when he first meets the witch, and as a result, finds himself cursed. He bravely goes after Belle when she rides through the dangerous forest on her own, and he fights valiantly against the villagers who think he’s a monster. He’s not a traditional Gryffindor, but he’s a Gryffindor all the same.

2 Li Shang: Gryffindor

Disney Hero Li Shang Gryffindor

While Shang is hardworking, and undoubtedly loyal to his country, we can’t truly sort him as a Hufflepuff because he does initially turn his back on Mulan when he knows the truth about her. His bold actions and need to be the hero himself definitely mark him as a brash Gryffindor. 

1 Dimitri: Slytherin

Disney Hero Dimitri Slytherin

Though Dimitri is hard working and loyal to those close to him, he keeps most people at arm’s length. He also always has a plan that involves a con to help him get what he wants. Dimitri’s only ambition in the movie is to make enough money to get out of Russia. Of course, he falls in love, and that ambition doesn’t matter anymore. He’s still the best con artist of the Disney heroes.

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