• Dementors were a metaphor for depression in the Harry Potter series. 1 / 12

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  • Dementors were Dark creatures that sucked the happiness out of humans while bring dread and despair. 2 / 12

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  • The Dementor's Kiss had the power to suck the soul out of a human while leaving them in a vegetative state. 3 / 12

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  • Dementors initially served as prison guards at Azkaban but they later switch their allegiance to Lord Voldemort. 4 / 12

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  • While writing the first Harry Potter book, J.K. Rowling was diagnosed with clinical depression. 5 / 12

  • She has stated that depression inspired her to create dementors. 6 / 12

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  • Dementors brought feelings of hopelessness, despair, immense sadness, just like depression. 7 / 12

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  • They could take away the light and happiness in the air the same way that depression could cloud a person's mindset. 8 / 12

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  • Dementors and depression are both difficult to overcome. 9 / 12

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  • Muggles could feel their wrath but not see them directly as if they were an unexplained emotion. 10 / 12

  • Rowling was known for using many of her life experiences as inspiration for the Harry Potter series. 11 / 12

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