Comic-Con 2010: Harry Potter Panel


Shed a tear all ye Harry Potter movie fans - this could be the very last San Diego Comic-Con where we see our favorite young wizards of Hogwarts promoting their latest movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the final entry in the acclaimed book-turned-movie franchise, and the anticipation for the two-part cinematic finale couldn't be higher - if the vibe at Comic-Con is anything to judge by.

From the Deathly Hallows trailers we've seen, this penultimate chapter of the Harry Potter saga is going to be a dark, action-packed, emotional thrill ride. Check out what went down at the 2010 Comic-Con Harry Potter Panel:

[This panel should begin around noon PST - check back for updates!]


Tom Felton came on stage to present the new footage. There was no panel, only a thank you to the fans from Felton and the footage. Felton spoke briefly about how it's been a long and emotional journey for himself and the rest of the cast over the last 10 years. He also mentioned that this was his first year at Comic-Con and he was very excited to see all of the fans in Hall H.


While some of the footage shown has already been seen somewhat in the trailers, there was a wealth of new material for Con attendees. There was a ton of terrific action sequences, including massive aerial battles and plenty of eye-popping magic. It was particularly satisfying to see Hagrid roaring through the air in his flying motorcycle.

In addition to the impressive action sequences, the footage contained several moments that hinted at the intensity of the film, as well as the young cast's considerable growth as actors. One scene showed a confrontation between Ron and Harry. Ron yelled at Harry that he doesn't know what it's like to worry day in and day out whether or not his family is in danger because he "has no family." The two fight briefly before Hermione breaks them up.

Describing the scene makes it sound less impressive than it actually was, but it was an excellent example of how these last two films really ratchet up the emotional stakes for the characters. When we see Harry face down Voldemort for the last time in this film, I expect it to be a very powerful moment for the audience.

Overall, it looks like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will live up to expectations and provide a fitting send-off to the blockbuster film franchise.

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