Harry Potter: 5 Creatures We'd Want As Pets (& 5 We Definitely Would Not)

Ever since we saw Hagrid buy Harry an elegant white owl in Sorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling knows that she's already hooked us in her make-believe world where every ten-year-old gets their own magical pet. Suffice to say, it was what everyone wanted and the pets of the Wizarding World made dogs and cats look boring (never thought I'd say that).

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Hagrid, meanwhile, has a broader idea of which creatures in the Wizarding World can be tamed; he's like everyone's spirit character in that regard. He sees a magical creature and immediately thinks to befriend it. Regardless of how much of a Hagrid you are, however, some creatures are simply off-limits. If you're going to channel your inner Hagrid, make sure to do so discriminately. Here are five creatures you don't want as pets and five more to satiate your inner Hogwarts gamekeeper tendencies.


Harry Potter and Buckbeak the Hippogriff, One of Many Fantastic Beast

Look, they're not dangerous at all, are they? They're just like overgrown owls... with the lower half of a horse and they can easily kill a werewolf. Alright, maybe they're dangerous, but if you give them enough mutual respect and politeness, then Hippogriffs can be the most loyal pets ever.

They tend to stick around and will surely help you out of a deadly situation. Oh, and how could we forget, they can take you anywhere since they can fly. Imagine riding your Hippogriff around while whipping your long and wavy hair and showing off just how majestic you are to hapless Muggles. It's enough to make even Godric Gryffindor jealous.


Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood standing behind a Thestral

These things are not exactly the official polar opposites of Hippogriffs but they may as well be. They're dark, emaciated, and they signify death more than anything else. Moreover, their wings are just too creepy. The joy of having a pet or a non-human friend is also letting it socialize with other people, that can be a big problem with the Thestral.

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Thestrals only make themselves visible to people who have physically witnessed death. It's mostly senior citizens or traumatized people you'll be sharing your Thestral pet with. So, unless you're Tim Burton, you really don't have any business wanting a Thestral.


demiguise fantastic beasts and where to find them

Everyone wants an invisibility cloak, right? Harry definitely used it generously (even mischievously at times). Sadly, an invisibility cloak is no pet but its fabric was actually taken from a magical creature that can also turn invisible. That creature is the Demiguise.

Imagine if you had one as a friend or pet, as you can make unlimited invisibility cloaks from their fur sheddings alone. Demiguises can also see the future and it's not unlikely that they'll encompass you with that ability of theirs if you befriend one. Of course, they're also simply just adorable and wise-looking creatures.


You might not want an Obscurus as a pet creature but you'll likely have no choice on the matter. An Obscurus is a parasite that manifests when a magical person represses their own magical abilities. Such was the case with Credence Barebone in the Fantastic Beasts movies.

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The ugly thing about Obscuri (or is it Obscuruses?) is that they're abstract forces and they tend to lash out like a person's bottled-up anger especially when their host, called an Obscurial, loses control. As you can guess, they're powerful enough to destroy whole cities. They're really more like a bomb than a pet.


Richard Harris as Dumbledore with Fawkes the Phoenix in Harry Potter

Any pet owner knows the sadness and loss when a dear pet departs the world and goes to pet heaven. Such is the case with dogs or cats. Now, if your pet is actually a Phoenix, you don't anything to grieve about; they're functionally immortal regardless of which lore or fantasy world they inhabit.

The Wizarding World's phoenixes are no exception. When they're ready to die, they simply burn up in a glorious blaze (better not put their cages near curtains or carpets) and then leave behind an egg from which they'll rise again. Moreover, they can extend this immortality to you through their tears which can heal any wound as it did with Harry's Basilisk bite.


Pet snakes are cool and all, but then they start getting too big and too instinctive and it's only a matter of time before they start hunting. Both Voldemort and Salazar Slytherin surely know the dangers of keeping a Basilisk around yet they did anyway... in a school, of all places.

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As a result, the Basilisk went rampant and started petrifying anyone who looked at it. That's another reason why you can't and shouldn't want a Basilisk-- the damn snake can give you a stroke if you so much as glance at its adorable face. Besides, the only way to be friends with a Basilisk is to learn Parseltongue.


Hungarian Horntail Dragon in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Yes, we're aware that Dragons are nearly as dangerous as Basilisks but they're actually more tame-able than those fat treacherous snakes. There's even an official recommendation on which dragons you can turn into pets. Turns out, some dragon species are more peaceful than the rest and one of them only prefer sheep as food.

The only downside in having a dragon as a pet is the space it takes. For them, you'd need something bigger than your house, probably something the size of a mountain. In any case, who would turn down a chance to have a pet dragon? Head on over to Hog’s Head pub and get yourself an egg from a mysterious stranger.


Alan Rickman as Severus Snape Taking the Form of Nevilles Boggart

No one has seen what a Boggart looks like and no one is likely to. They take the shape of whatever or whoever their beholder fears the most, meaning they really don't make for great pets or friends. They're like a walking Halloween prank of the Wizarding World.

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There's also the fact that you can't snuggle or cuddle with them because why would you do that to the thing you fear the most? There is, however, a way to make a Boggart less scary, you could bring a friend to face it and then it will try to combine both your fears and come out funny. Still, that doesn't make it any cuddlier.


Think of the House-elf as less of a pet and more of an in-house friend. They are sentient and highly intelligent beings of the Wizarding World and they also have magical powers to rival adult wizards and witches. All in all, they're handy as both friends and bodyguards.

How you might acquire one as a friend is a little questionable, though. It seems Harry was the only person to actually win the loyalty of a House-elf without enslaving them. Once you win their loyalty, you'll have the most powerful being and friend you can have in the Wizarding World.


If you fancy a ghastly undead-looking phantom that takes a bite out of your soul and joy every now and then, by all means, get yourself a Dementor. They are among the foulest creatures in the Wizarding World and many wizards good or bad alike fear them. They're not only ugly, but their nutrition source is also impossible to sustain since they literally feed on human happiness. After they feed on you you're left with a depressing feeling and sadness-- that is if they don't outright kill you.

It's worth noting that most creatures in this list are forbidden by the ministry to be owned as pets. So for now, stick with the owls, toads, cats, and rats (or should we say Pettigrews?).

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