Harry Potter Creatures Ranked

There are so many amazing creatures within the Harry Potter books and films. Some are seen briefly, during magical moments, while others are around quite often and play pretty big roles.

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In this list right here, we will be ranking the top creatures from this story. We will take into consideration what they do, how they look, their interactions with those around them and, of course, the adorable factor (since cuteness goes a long way). And in the end, everyone will have a comprehensive ranking of some of the coolest beings, introduced thanks to the tale of Harry Potter.

10 Centaur

Centaurs are part human, part horse, and they are seen in Harry Potter. Specifically, these creatures are seen in the Forbidden Forest at different times, such as when the kids finally got rid of Umbridge! Centaurs are in the number ten spot on this list for a couple of different reasons.

First, they just look super cool. They also seemed pretty helpful and nice in this story, even though they are warriors of sorts, with their bows and arrows, as well. While we believe there are other characters with even more amazing traits, these certainly belong on this official ranking.

9 House-Elf

House-elves are little guys with rather large eyes and ears - like Dobby’s here. These creatures serve powerful families in the witching and wizarding community, which is why they are usually dressed in rag-like clothing items.

They are supposed to show extreme loyalty to the humans in charge of them, until they are freed by being given clothes. Some may compare Dobby to Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars franchise (meaning some people consider all house-elves to be super annoying, especially Dobby), but most fans think these beings are cute and caring.

8 Goblin

Goblins are smart humanoids that speak in Gobbledegook and run Gringotts Wizarding Bank. This financial institution is a fascinating one, and it is neat that these creatures are in charge of it all. However, goblins can be a bit snappy and sometimes even rude - but we are sure that is just because they have a no-nonsense attitude.

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Furthermore, they don’t even need wands to do magic, which certainly earns them a spot on this list. The wizarding world would not be the same without them, so they set in the eighth spot of this ranking we have put together.

7 Pixie

The blue, tricky creatures in this image are pixies, and most people probably associate them with Gilderoy Lockhart; he brought some Cornish pixies to school, while he was teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Of course, though, everything went wrong, resulting in a funny scene that showed off how much these flying beasts love playing jokes and picking up people by their ears. While they may not be helpful or even beneficial, they are a staple in this world, so here they are! But, stay tuned for even more amazing aspects of this story down below...

6 Merpeople

Mermaids are super popular, so the merpeople of these films and books belong within this ranking. They live underwater, so at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they can be found in the Blake Lake.

These creatures are quite mysterious, and that allure draws people in, for sure! During the Triwizard Tournament, they kept people in an enchanted sleep, until participants swam down to rescue them. These scenes show a feisty side (and sort of a not-so-nice side) of merpeople, but fans would have loved to see even more of them, such as their babies and their homes.

5 Ghost & Ghost-Like Beings

There are a variety of ghosts seen via Harry Potter. First, there are those associated with houses, such as Nearly Headless Nick and the Grey Lady. In the book, readers hear about the mischievous Peeves. In the movies, there are several scenes featuring Moaning Myrtle.

There are also ghost-like beings; yes, we are going to include dementors in this entry. We don’t like dementors, due to what they are capable of, but they are very interesting, to say the least. Therefore, we are clumping these floating creatures in with ghosts, which can be found all over this fascinating and fictional world.

4 Thestral

Thestrals are horses that have wings, skeleton-like bodies and faces that look reptilian. Their looks alone are unique, and they themselves are quite rare. The British Ministry of Magic considers them to be dangerous, and they are said to represent misfortune, since only those who have witnessed someone passing away can see these creatures.

They are not the prettiest or the happiest beings on this list, but they are another part of the Harry Potter books and movies that really drew us in when reading and when watching - so they, too, have earned a spot within our ranking.

3 Dragon

Okay, we have made it to the top three! First, we have dragons, which are some of the coolest things (as fans of Game of Thrones know). Charles Weasley was a dragon keeper - a job that would have been dangerous yet awesome.

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Hagrid had a baby Norwegian Ridgeback named Norbert - a pet we would have loved to own. Harry, Ron and Hermione flew out of Gringotts on the back of a Ukrainian Ironbelly - a super exciting moment. And four were used in the Triwizard Tournament - when fans were surely nervous for the students yet in awe of these beasts.

2 Unicorn

Another mystical creature that humans, wizards and witches seem to appreciate is a unicorn. As everyone knows, they are white horses with a horn on their heads - but they aren’t just around to look pretty. Their tails are often used in wands, and their blood can keep someone alive, even if they are an inch from death… but at a price.

Unfortunately, we only really got to see this side of this creature, and fans would have surely loved more unicorn scenes in these flicks! Either way, these pure animals belong in the number-two spot on this ranking we have here.

1 Hippogriff

The best creature from this world would be a hippogriff, which is a combination of several other creatures; its front legs, wings and head look like an eagle, and its body, back legs and tail look like a horse. As fans know, Hagrid brought one into his Care of Magical Creatures class, and Harry was worthy enough to win one over.

Yes, he flew on Buckbeak… but not before Buckbeak “hurt” Draco and received his sentencing. With the Time-Turner, though, Harry and Hermione undid this sentence, and Buckbeak later helped Sirius Black escape. So many reasons to love these guys!

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