Harry Potter: 10 Crazy Techniques He's Kept Hidden

Harry James Potter is easily among the top 100 greatest heroes in history - probably even among the top 10! The guy's kind, intelligent, and strong-willed enough to beat evil wizards without turning to the Dark Side himself. However, that doesn't mean that Harry's flawless - or that he doesn't know a few hexes and spells he'd rather keep secret.

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Today, we're going to unveil ten of Harry Potter's craziest secret techniques - ranging from the ability to speak with snakes, to spells that can kill enemies in an instant! We'll also include a few of Harry's goofier techniques to lighten up the mood.

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10 Toenail-Growing Hex

This feels like less of a spell and more of a mean prank, in our opinion. The Toenail-Growing Hex is such an underappreciated spell that on one even remembers what its incantation is! At best, you could probably ruin someone's plans for a beach date - until they break out a pair of toenail clippers, that is.

Harry used the spell once, way back in 1996. The psychopath in training Vincent Crabbe got hit with this hex when he tried to bully Harry.

9 Melofors Jinx

Melofors Jinx lets you magically summon a pumpkin around your target's head. We highly recommend not using this one on an opponent that's trying to kill you - unless you've got some crazy plan that requires pumpkins, for whatever reason.

We genuinely don't know how useful this spell, outside of helping create killer Jack Skellington cosplays. Sure, one might argue that this spell could create a diversion - but there are plenty of other options that are much more accessible. Harry, Ron, and Hermione used this spell to punk a bunch of Erklings and Dumbledore even used it in 1996, so we guess it has practical uses after all.

8 Leg-Locker Curse

Okay, now we're cooking with Fiendfyre! The Leg-Locker Curse isn't one of the most dangerous spells in the Pottermore universe, but it's very effective. This spell binds its target's legs together, making them hobble around like a beached mermaid or selkie.

The Leg-Locker Curse severely hampers a target's mobility - kind of like tossing a bola around their legs. We saw Malfoy use it on Neville way back when both of them were children. Later on, in 1997, Harry tried to return the favor when he and Draco dueled in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Harry gimped his shot - allowing Malfoy to walk away with his legs untangled.

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7 Full Body-Bind Curse

This spell is an upgrade of the Leg-Locker Curse - making its victims feel like an entombed mummy! Speaking of the undead, Harry first used this spell against an Inferni while he and Dumbledore were in the Crystal Cave. Harry would go on to cast this spell on Corban Yaxley and Fenrir Greyback later in life.

The Full Body-Bind Curse goes both ways - it's an excellent way to end a fight with nonlethal means, as well as end a helpless opponent's life! Being the pacifist that he is, Harry only ever used the Full Body-Bind Curse to achieve that first end.

6 Blasting Curse

Lacking the eloquence of other spells, the Blasting Curse (aka Confringo) simply makes stuff go boom. The Blasting Curse is also much harder to use than you might think - namely because you can potentially blow yourself up in the process! Hermoine can attest to that latter claim, thanks to her battle with Nagini.

Harry, on the other hand, only used the Blasting Curse once -during the Battle of the Seven Potters. Specifically, he used it to knock off the sidecar from Sirius Black's motorcycle. But if one had murderous intent, they could potentially kill multiple targets at once - making this spell especially dangerous.

5 Parseltongue

Speaking to snakes probably doesn't sound all that intimidating, but remember that basilisks exist in the Pottermore universe! Harry used this ability numerous times during his tenure at Hogwarts, though he first used this power at the Surry Zoo. Despite his proficiency with this skill, Harry had to keep it hidden; most other wizards look down on Parseltongue because of its association with Dark Magic.

But, by the end of the day, you can't deny how useful this skill proved to be for Harry. Ominous origins aside, the ability to communicate with animals will always be valuable.

4 Sectumsempra

Do you want to know how scary this spell is? Its nickname is the 'Vivisecting Spell.' In one of his darkest moments, Harry used Sectumsempra on Draco Malfoy - nearly killing him outright!

In fairness, Harry didn't know what Sectumsempra would do - he saw it earlier and used it in the heat of the moment. Still, Harry very nearly took a life because of his carelessness. Even though he and Malfoy were nemeses, Harry wouldn't have taken any pleasure in killing the boy - and he wouldn't have been able to fix that mistake either.

3 Cruciatus

If you think the 'Vivisecting Spell' is a visceral nickname, try the 'Torture Spell.' Cruciatus is one of the Three Unforgivable Curses - an array of spells so vile, their use will send you straight to Azkaban.

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Harry successfully used it once in his life - against the Dark Wizard Amycus Carrow. Carrow made the mistake of spitting on Minerva McGonagall's face while Harry was present. Prof. McGonagall was always one of the kindest teachers at Hogwarts - even typing about Carrow makes our blood boil. Harry probably felt the same way but wanted Carrow to feel as if his blood truly was on fire!

2 Imperius

Mind Control is a powerful ability in any story - Hell, the Jedi almost solely rely on this power more than any other! But the Jedi don't force their thralls to commit heinous acts in their name. The Dark Wizards who've used this spell, on the other hand, won't hesitate to.

Harry used the Imperius Curse multiple times on May 1st, 1998. That was the same day he also used Cruciatus against Amycus Carrow.

1 Avada Kedavra

No other spell is feared more than Avada Kedavra - the infamous Killing Curse! Lord Voldemort loved this spell - casting the Killing Curse against multiple victims without a moment's hesitation.

Harry did indeed learn to cast Avada Kedavara, but he never did - a true show of his character in our opinion. Over the years, Harry came close to giving into darkness the more he fought Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Resisting the temptation of Avada Kedavra showed that Harry wasn't willing to sink to Voldemort's level in the end.

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