Harry Potter: 15 Things That Every Potterhead Needs (And 2 Only Voldemort Would Want)

With Harry Potter being one of the biggest franchises in fiction history, no one can turn a corner without running into a Potterhead. In daily life, anyone can find fans wearing applicable scarves, shirts, and necklaces. Whether some people like it or not, J.K. Rowling's wizarding world has become a vital aspect of our pop culture. And even for people who aren't huge fans, they have to admit the world she built is pretty neat.

As time has gone on, though, the Harry Potter mania has decreased some, which can make it hard to find items to express one's love for the saga. After all, even if the media isn't constantly talking about it, it's ingrained in a lot of people's daily lives. Harry Potter helped shape who they are and they want to represent that. There are constantly new Harry Potter fans coming into the world — after all, there are plenty of new readers, or new movie-goers every day.

Fear not, though. Places on the internet like Amazon have stepped in to give a platform for neat, sometimes niche products to warm magic-loving hearts. Even muggles deserve to revel in the Hogwarts they loved. If you're a fan yourself, or looking for a perfect gift for the Potterhead in your life, these will speak to any Harry Potter fan out there.

Along with our guide Harry Potter: 15 Things That Every Potterhead Needs (And 2 Only Voldemort Would Want)

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17 For Potterheads: Hogwarts Starry Night Print

Get It Here: $20

Hogwarts is already beautiful and inspiring, a school that delighted fans in the books and the movies. Whenever a character describes it, the grandeur and wonder alone are captivating. However, fans can have a truly artistic view of Hogwarts with this print. An artist rendered the visage of Hogwarts in the style of Van Gogh, making a magical starry night every Potterhead would appreciate.

Though the wizarding school isn't real, the combination of the classic painting and the fictional place are a real treat. A devoted fan could put this over their bed to encourage sweet dreams of their favorite magical place.

16 For Potterheads: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

Get It Here: $17

Not all the best Potter presents are a mix of muggle and wizard style. If there's a fun gift that all Potterheads should have at least once, it's Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. These fun, trickster jelly beans delight wizards and fans alike. Even Dumbledore ate earwax and found it fascinating, albeit a bit gross.

This is the classic version of the jelly beans, with the iconic in-film box and everything. However, if a cheaper option is preferred, there are two-packs in a simpler package for about $5.

Whether it's popcorn or rotten egg, these beans are always a perfect wizarding gamble.

15 For Potterheads: Hedwig Theme Music Box

Get It Here: $8

By far, Hedwig is one of the most beloved creatures in all Potter-dom. When Harry's wizarding journey began, she was the one always by his side. However, in the seventh book, Hedwig tragically fell during a chase. Both Harry and the fans mourned losing her, a sweet bird that accompanied his childhood.

With the Hedwig music box, though, Potterheads can remember the lost owl. It plays Hedwig's theme, sending the listener back to simpler times with the fluffy snow owl. As memorial items go, this one does a great job honoring her.

14 For Potterheads: Fantastic Beasts Hufflepuff Scarf

Get It Here: $20

While the Fantastic Beasts films haven't had the best reception, fans do love its lead, Newt Scamander. Most heroes are brash and brave, but Newt is a friendly Hufflepuff that only wants to make the world a better place. He's shy, awkward, and connects better to animals than people. That's one unique protagonist on a hero's journey.

For any Hufflepuffs proud of their representation, or just Newt fans in general, this Scamander specific scarf is just what they need. Not only can they wear the same monogrammed scarf, but they also can keep their neck warm and cozy, just like a Hufflepuff would.

13 For Potterheads: Elder Wand In An Ollivander's Box

Get It Here: $37

As the series went on, the magical items that became the most important were the Deathly Hallows, a triage of artifacts that were said to be the most powerful in the world. While Harry inherited the Invisibility Cloak, Dumbledore held the Elder Wand for the entirety of his Headmaster tenancy. Eventually, the wand fell to Harry, who used it to end Voldemort's reign of terror once and for all.

Amazon offers a unique version of this iconic wand. This replica comes also with the classic Ollivander's box. Though it's a relic of legend, it also gives that feeling of new school jitters and wonder. After all, the wand chooses the wizard.

12 For Potterheads: Harry Potter Plush

Get It Here: $20

When it comes to cute, few things are as adorable as plushes. Even better, Amazon has an abundance of them. For fans of all things soft and squishy, having a plush Harry Potter might be the perfect addition to the collection. Not only is he cute, but he's also soft and small enough to fit anywhere.

Though Harry's life eventually gets a lot darker and gloomier than it started, this plush reminds fans of the good ole' days of being eleven. He just got accepted to Hogwarts, his eyes were saucers walking down Diagon Alley, and the entire wizarding world was his to explore. Gives those warm and fuzzy feels, doesn't it?

11 For Potterheads: Lego Harry Potter Whomping Willow

Get It Here: $60

One of the most iconic and impressive scenes in the Harry Potter movies is when Ron and Harry crash into the Whomping Willow. Though they know by now the dangers of the castle, the tree is a stark reminder early on that there is still so much danger they don't know yet.

While impressive enough on its own, Lego really did a great job encapsulating classic Hogwarts scenes with their creations. The Whomping Willow is one of the most innovative, using many oddly shaped pieces to put the scene together again. It even comes with its own flying car, perfect for any young Potterhead to enjoy.

10 For Voldemort: Tom Riddle's Diary

Get It Here: $16

Any Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets super-fans reading? Well, then there is a piece of wizarding lore that can't be missed. Like Ginny Weasley in the aforementioned story, Tom Riddle's Diary can be an ominous new member of any library. With a black leather cover, gold trim, and the original name of the Dark Lord himself, it's an impressive replica.

Be wary if it starts whispering, though. That might mean Voldemort is a little too attached to the diary and it might be best to get rid of it. After all, it's supposed to be a cool present, not an insidious conduit for He Who Must Not Be Named.

9 For Potterheads: Harry Potter Throw

Get It Here: $22

One of the most beloved aspects of the Harry Potter world are its houses and aesthetic. The series, film or book, are dedicated to an older, more medieval look to its tapestries, maps, and crests. Thousands of fans are dedicated to their specific house and love picking up new gear.

Lucky for them, Amazon offers a wide arrange of Harry Potter throws. While they can pick classics like their preferred house, there are also versions for the Yule Ball or the Marauder's Map. Each throw is intricate and decorative, adding some serious Hogwarts flair to any household. If the couch is looking pretty bare, this would be a perfect Potterhead solution.

8 For Potterheads: Funko Pop Dobby

Get It Here: $9

In the second book and film, fans met Dobby, a determined little house elf who didn't always do what his master told him. At least, not perfectly. Though self-destructive, kind Dobby tried to protect Harry from the dangers of the Malfoy house. Dobby's sacrifice broke hearts that appreciated his kindness, and bravery.

While Dobby is buried by the sea, fans can have their own little version to remind them to be strong and save the world. Equipped with his own tiny sock, Funko Pop sells a cute, wide-eyed Dobby perfect for shelves or desks. Whenever a Potterhead is in need of support, he'll always be there.

7 For Potterheads: Marauder's Map Dinnerware

Get It Here: $180

For the posh Potterheads who prefer clever home decor, a little bit more money might go a long way for them. This snazzy Marauder's Map dinnerware set is trimmed with gold and looks just as classy as any other fancy plate-set.

These plates capture the essence and style of the map without losing any style points. While there are some people who love their rooms smattered in Funko-Pops and house scarves, others may prefer tasteful throws and dinnerware. Both are great and fans can find both through the internet.

Any Potterhead table will look elegant and nerdy with these plates on them.

6 For Potterheads: Hungarian Horntail Plush

Get It Here: $55

For many people, the fourth book is their favorite. After all, it's easily one of the most diverse and fantastical of the series. Here, the wizarding world is expanded to include different schools, different species of dragons, and finally reveals Lord Voldemort in the full-born flesh.

While all of the book's creatures and characters are great, the Hungarian Horntail dazzled fans. Vicious and intimidating, the creature doesn't hold back when fighting Harry. Despite its aggressive ways, though, Potterheads still love it. They can adore the scaly beast in a safe environment with a Hungarian Horntail plush, just as dazzling but far less dangerous.

5 For Potterheads: Vinyl Record Clock

Get It Here: $36

There's a bit of a rising artform on the internet that not everybody knows about, and that's vinyl record clock making. With vinyl records relegated to hardcore music fans or dumpsters, they've been re-purposed for new cool products. Some artists have taken to carving the vinyl records into fictional homages and adding clock hands.

Of course, this Harry Potter item has some extra oomph to it. This version not only has several options of back-lighting, but also includes several staples of the universe, most importantly Hogwarts castle. Whether a Potterhead loves the light or not, they can't deny that it's a neat hybrid creation that makes any fans' room better.

4 For Potterheads: Cauldron Mug

Get It Here: $18

If there's one thing most book lovers also adore, it's a good cup of coffee. That, or another favorite hot beverage. Either way, they enjoy cuddling up with their mug and a good story. Sometimes, it only makes it better if the cup reflects one of your favorite stories.

This mug not only has the Hogwarts insignia embossed on the front in gold, but also is in the shape of a cauldron. Perfect for any witch's brew, all Potterheads can appreciate its aesthetic. In a cozy room full of books, it will fit right in. Something that represents the book and its audience so well is simply perfect for all Hogwarts fans.

3 For Potterheads: Time Turner

Get It Here: $49

When it comes to Harry Potter fandoms, replica items are always a huge draw. Whether it's Hermione's Yule Ball earrings, various wands, or personalized robes, Potterheads love immersing themselves in their favorite story. However, few replicas are as elegant and downright cool as the time turner. Vital to the plot of the third book, time turners have become a favorite of fanfiction and speculation.

When it comes down to Harry Potter jewelry, there's nothing quite like the time turner. If a fan is into heavy necklaces, the time turner is a beautiful wizarding item to keep on them.

2 For Potterheads: Lego Hogwarts

Get It Here: $400

While all the different pieces of Lego's Harry Potter series are fascinating apart, they are magnificent put together. At the hefty price of $400, the entire Hogwarts Lego set is one of the grandest building sets Lego has to offer. With all their film collaborations, it's impressive how much detail and care they put into their constructions. Hogwarts is no different.

For any fan interested but not dedicated to the whole Lego set, getting one piece is a good idea. However, for the hardcore Potterheads ready to have an impressive 3D build, Lego's Hogwarts is the best way to go.

1 For Voldemort: Death Eater Temporary Tattoos

Get It Here: $5

While Harry and friends won the war, that doesn't stop some fans from being interested in the dark wizards of the world. After all, just from knowing the Malfoy family alone, they can be more complicated than simple, evil, people. Well, except maybe Lucius. He was pretty evil.

Whether it's for a little fun or a dedicated cosplay, Potterheads flirting with the dark side can get these temporary Death Eater tattoos to try it out a little. However, considering they're all probably muggles, they should be wary. Voldemort's not exactly their biggest fan, even if his buddies have really cool tattoos.

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