Harry Potter: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Harry Potter And Cho Chang's Relationship

Some of the relationships in the Harry Potter universe just don't make sense. Cho and Harry is definitely one of them. Romance doesn't seem to be J.K. Rowling's forte. Though the author manages to create some cute relationships, overall most of them don't make a lot of sense. This is mostly due to a lack of buildup and romantic tension. Though Cho and Harry have some buildup, they definitely do not have as much as a couple like say Ron and Hermione. And their buildup is definitely not as interesting a journey to go on as Ron and Hermione's story is. As for romantic tension, again there is a little, but not enough to keep the couple interesting. So Harry and Cho are doomed to confuse fans.

Whether it's the fact that they got together in the first place or the fact that neither of them was in the right place in their life for a relationship, this is one of those plot holes in the Harry Potter series that doesn't make much sense.  This relationship did not really fit either character, which likely leaves many fans wondering why it existed in the first place. The characters had very little chemistry, which makes the relationship a bit hard for fans to wrap their heads around. Also, neither character is really the other's type if you think about it. In general, Harry and Cho are mystifying for many fans.

Welcome to 25 Things That Make No Sense About Harry Potter And Cho Chang's Relationship. 

25 The Fact That They Got Together In The First Place

This relationship worked just fine as a one-sided crush on Harry's side. But once they get together, the trouble begins. Their relationship is full of drama and does not do any favors for either character. Though some might argue that it leads to character development on Harry's side, we can't help but think that there must have been another way to develop Harry's character. Besides, it's unfair to Cho that she's just there to improve Harry as a person. And from Harry's side, it's unfair that he has to deal with all the drama in the relationship. Poor Harry has enough to deal with, between Voldemort and his life with the Dursleys.

24 Cho Was Still Grieving Cedric

Harry Potter Couples Cedric and Cho

There's nothing that puts a damper on a relationship like missing your previous boyfriend. Though it is neither Cho's fault nor Harry's that Cedric passed away, it really put a damper on the whole relationship. Cho wanted to get some closure for her relationship with Cedric and poor Harry could not really offer it. Cho probably should have waited to enter into a relationship with anyone. Especially someone like Harry who was so connected to Cedric because of the Triwizard Tournament. So perhaps Cho and Harry's relationship was doomed from the start.

23 Harry Didn't Want To Talk About Cedric

Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter in Goblet of Fire

And you can't really blame him. The subject was a downer and was something that Harry himself was still dealing with. He probably didn't know what to say to Cho. And since he was still dealing with the aftermath of Cedric's demise, including the return of Voldemort to full power, he probably was feeling quite traumatized himself. Especially since he witnessed Cedric's passing. Harry is not always the best at dealing with his emotions, we admit, but anyone would have found all of that difficult to deal with. Especially as a teenager.

22 Cho Really Wanted To Talk About Cedric

She wanted closure for the relationship and for his passing. And that is understandable. Though Harry is probably not the best person to go to for said closure. As is mentioned before, Harry himself was traumatized from Cedric's passing. He did witness it, after all. Though Cho wanting closure makes sense, her expecting to get it from Harry doesn't. She should have understood Harry's feelings as well and respected that he didn't want to talk about such a traumatic experience.  If the situation had been reversed, Cho would probably not have wanted to talk about it very much either.

21 Cho Wasn't In The Right Place In Her Life For A Relationship

Though Harry wanting to date Cho does make sense given his crush on her, Cho wanting to date Harry doesn't. She was not in the right frame of mind to enter into a relationship with anyone. Especially someone like Harry who was also going through a traumatic experience. She needed someone different, if she was going to enter into a relationship. Someone who could understand her feelings but help her through them. Not someone who was equally traumatized and didn't know how to deal with it. Perhaps someone who had been close to Cedric and therefore would understand her grief but would help her through it. Not someone who would do what Harry did, which didn't help at all. Poor Cho.

20 Harry Also Wasn't Ready For A Relationship

Poor Harry was going through enough during his fifth year at Hogwarts, he did not need to add a girlfriend on top of everything else. If Cho herself hadn't been traumatized by Cedric's passing, it might have been fine. But she was. And quite understandably too. To know of the passing of anyone you knew well would be traumatic, but especially if you loved them as Cho loved Cedric. Harry, though, was also traumatized by Cedric's passing. He didn't need to add Cho's trauma on top of his own. What he needed was someone to help him through his own conflicting feelings.

19 Cho Defended Her Friend Who Sold Out Dumbledore's Army

Though Cho's loyalty to her friend Marietta Edgecombe is admirable, it's also hard to understand for many fans. After all, in the Harry Potter books, most of the members of Dumbledore's Army know what they're signing up for. They know the dangers and the risks associated with joining such a group. So why was Marietta not with the program? And why did Cho defend her?

Sure, Marietta's punishment was perhaps a bit too cruel, but she should have been punished in some way. Maybe having the word "sneak" on your face is a bit much, but she did sneak around and tell on Cho and Harry and all of the rest of the members of Dumbledore's Army. Cho should have been more angry with her friend, instead of just defending her. Whatever the reasons for defending her friend, this definitely ended Cho and Harry's relationship.

18 In The Movies, Cho Betrayed Dumbledore's Army Herself

Though unlike her friend Marietta in the books, she did not get the word "sneak" across her face. Guess the movies decided to leave that part out. Still, this makes Cho and Harry's relationship make even less sense. Why would Cho betray her boyfriend? Perhaps Harry wasn't the best boyfriend all the time, but he tried. That should count for something. And Cho herself wasn't the best girlfriend either. She was always mentioning Cedric, making Harry feel like her second choice. No wonder they broke up. That relationship was definitely doomed from the start.

17 They Had Nothing To Talk About, Except For Quidditch

quidditch champions

Ah, Quidditch. The sport where players fly around on broomsticks and try to score goals with the Quaffle while the Seeker searches for the elusive Snitch. Though Cho and Harry are both Seekers for their respective house teams, it's got to be boring talking about Quidditch all the time. No matter how much you love a sport, everyone needs to talk about other things sometimes. Especially with their significant others. Harry and Cho both deserve to be with someone who they can truly connect with. Someone who they could talk about a variety of topics with and truly enjoy themselves.

16 ...Which Made Any Dates Very Awkward

Teenage relationships tend to be awkward. Yet Cho and Harry are on another level. They have absolutely nothing to talk about besides Quidditch, making their level of awkwardness very high. Poor Cho and poor Harry deserve better. They both deserve someone they can each really talk to. Someone who will bring out both of their true selves. Someone who will love them both for who they are. Cho and Harry are far too awkward even for an immature teenage relationship. Cho needs someone who can make her smile and laugh. And so does Harry. The two of them together just winded up being depressing.

15 The Relationship Didn't Fully Fit Harry's Character

Cho and Harry's relationship has been described in this article as an immature, teenage relationship. The problem is that Harry is actually quite mature for his age. He was forced to grow up fast because of all of the events in his life. First, there was his parents' passing. Then there was Voldemort. And then there was Cedric's passing. All of these events aged Harry far beyond his years. Perhaps it's because we, as fans, can see into Harry's head but it doesn't seem to us like Harry would be involved in a relationship that wasn't going anywhere.

14 The Relationship Didn't Fully Fit Cho's Character Either

Cho is in Ravenclaw, the house known for its wisdom. So surely Cho would be wise enough, even as a teenager, to know when she wasn't ready for a relationship. She should have waited, taken her time to grieve Cedric before jumping into a relationship with anyone, especially Harry. If she really liked Harry as much as she thought she did, she would have taken time to get into a relationship with him. She would have given herself time to truly get over Cedric. Instead, she jumps into a relationship with Harry and it ends up being almost traumatic for both parties.

13 Harry Wasn't Very Considerate Of Cho's Feelings

Yes, he was a teenager. But he's still Harry Potter. He's the hero of the whole story and he should've known better. He should've been kinder to Cho and understood her feelings. Especially since he was dealing with some similar ones himself. He should have helped Cho get through her grief, not made it worse. Of course it does make sense in a way that Harry didn't want to talk about Cedric. It's a difficult topic. Yet Harry still should have found some way of offering Cho some closure.

12 They Couldn't Laugh With Each Other

And both of them could have used a laugh. Both of them need partners that can bring out their sense of humor, not partners who are going to sink them further into a depression. Harry needs someone he can laugh with and so does Cho. Perhaps it was just the wrong time for these two to enter into a relationship. Maybe they would have had loads of laughs had it not been for Cedric's passing. But as it is, their relationship was no fun for either of them or for the fans.

11 Their Relationship Was Almost Traumatic For Both Of Them

Harry Potter, Cho Chang and Ravenclaw students at Hogwarts

Poor Cho. Poor Harry. Neither of them was in the right place in their life for a relationship. If Cho had just waited a while or if Harry had been more considerate of Cho's feelings, they might have worked. As it is, though, they were a huge mess. Though Cho does not seem to have any hard feelings towards Harry, as she still offers to help him during the final battle in the books, it would make sense if she did. Their relationship was simply depressing for both of them and neither of them needed that, especially at such a difficult time in their life.

10 They Had Very Little Chemistry

Harry Potter Cho Chang

When you think of couples with chemistry in the Harry Potter universe, Harry and Cho are definitely not one of the couples that would pop into your head. Their relationship is quite bland, actually. They don't have much to talk about. Don't have much romantic tension. They get together relatively quickly and easily considering all that's going on. Both members are in the wrong time in their life to be in a relationship. Neither of them can make the other one laugh. Their relationship is almost traumatic for both parties and not that much fun for the fans either.

9 Cho Was Not Really Harry's Type

Yes, that's right. Harry thought she was his type. A bubbly, confident, outgoing girl. Yet that turned out not to be her actual personality once Harry– and the fans– got to know her. She is a lot more sensitive, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but just doesn't work well for Harry. He needs someone who can distract him from his tumultuous emotions, not someone who is going to add to them. Harry needs someone who is stronger than he is. Who knows how to deal with their emotions and can help him deal with his.

8 Harry Was Not Really Cho's Type Either

We think Cho thought of Harry as Cedric's natural successor to the title of her boyfriend. Yet Harry and Cedric are not the same person. Harry's a bit edgier, more sarcastic, and needs someone who can handle that. Cedric, on the other hand, was a Hufflepuff, a house that is known for their loyalty and hard-working natures.  He was probably softer than Harry is, more sensitive to Cho's feelings, which is what she needs. She should have looked for someone like Cedric, yes. But Harry is not that person.

7 Harry Was Overshadowed By Cedric Throughout The Whole Relationship

Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter

No one likes to be a rebound. Especially for someone who's passed away. Yet that's what Harry was to Cho. She was still not over Cedric and tried to use poor Harry to get over him. The only problem is it didn't work. Harry wouldn't cooperate and talk about Cedric like she wanted. Therefore, the rebounding didn't work at all. While Cho was trying to get over Cedric, Harry was looking for a real relationship. Poor Harry. Poor Cho, too. It was bad timing all around for this couple.

6 Cho Was Harry's First Crush

Aww, young love. So sweet. Or not, when it's Harry and Cho. Though teenagers often have crushes on people who they later cringe about, you'd think Harry would be above such nonsense. He is the protagonist of the story, after all. We're supposed to root for him and he's supposed to be a hero. Heroes don't have cringe-worthy crushes. At least, not ones that we know about. Perhaps that's the point, though. To humanize Harry and to take him off of the pedestal that fans might put him on.

5 ...But Harry Was Not Cho's

Poor Harry. He was a second choice for Cho. Since Cedric passed away, Cho moved on to Harry. Yet she never got over her first love, Cedric. Harry deserved to be with someone who would choose him over anyone. And Cho deserved to be with someone who would understand and make space for her grieving Cedric. Both of them did not get what they needed in this relationship and it shows in how dysfunctional it is. Luckily for the fans, it didn't last too long.

4 Cho Is Not A Very Interesting Character

Sorry Cho fans, it's true. What do we really know about Cho? Besides Harry's crush on her, what do we really know about her personality? Harry first views her as a bubbly, outgoing girl but is that really who she is? Or is that just what she appears to be on the outside? We know for a fact that she's athletic because she's a Quidditch player. And she's a Ravenclaw so she's probably very smart. Yet that's really all that we know about her. And a couple of personality traits does not make a well-developed character. If Cho was really meant to be written as Harry's love interest, she should have been developed better. Then fans would have enjoyed the relationship a lot more.

3 Cho Is Not Very Emotionally Stable

As is mentioned before, Harry needs someone who will distract him from and help him deal with his emotions, not someone who will add on to them. Ginny is a much better match for someone like Harry since she knows how to deal with her own emotions and can help Harry deal with his. She also has a sense of humor and can distract him when he needs it.  Cho needs some help dealing with her emotions, which would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that Harry needs that help as well. Harry and Cho together are just a mess of confusion and emotions that are too big.

2 Harry Is Not That Sensitive And Understanding Of Her Feelings

Harry tried his best but he was not a good boyfriend to Cho. The two of them were just not a good match. Harry should have been more sensitive and understanding of her feelings. Sure, they might have been overwhelming for Harry, but he still should have tried harder. He should have understood her grieving and helped her through it. Instead, he probably made it somewhat worse. Poor Cho. She just wanted some help dealing with her overwhelming feelings. And Harry should have given that to her. Cho needs someone who can help her through her feelings and can distract her when she needs it. She's somewhat similar to Harry in that way. Perhaps that's another reason they didn't work.

1 Harry And Ginny Are A Better Match, Though Not By Much

As is mentioned before, Harry needs someone who can help him deal with his emotions. Ginny is that person. He needs someone strong who can handle his sarcasm. Ginny is that person. Yet their relationship does not make much sense, even with it being a more compatible one than Harry and Cho. Yes, Harry and Ginny make a cute couple but them getting together is rushed. They don't have much buildup before they get together. If they had been closer as friends before getting into a relationship, their relationship would have been a better one.

Do you know any other things that don't make sense about Harry and Cho's relationship in Harry Potter? Let us know in the comments!

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