10 Charlie’s Angels Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

On film & TV, Charlie's Angels are butt-kicking women, hired for their unique skill set. Where would Harry Potter's Sorting Hat put them at Hogwarts?

Charlies Angels Original Trio Kelly Sabrina And Jill

In 1976, Charlie’s Angels made its television debut in 1976 with a trio of women working for a man on a speakerphone. Charlie Townsend hired these women for his private investigation firm because of their diverse skill sets, high levels of intelligence, and because they knew their way around a punch. 

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Over the course of the original series, six different women were star angels, solving crimes, making bad guys pay, and looking amazing while doing it. The 2000s movies saw three more Angels in action — and one who turned her back on the Townsend Agency. If these ladies went to Harry Potter's  Hogwarts, perhaps they would have been saying, “Good morning, Dumbledore” as members of the Order Of The Phoenix instead.

10 Jill Munroe: Gryffindor

Jill In Charlies Angels Series Gryffindor

One of the original Angels, the character of Jill Munroe left the series when Farrah Fawcett wanted to move on to other projects. Fawcett had difficulty leaving the show behind since producers didn’t want to let her go. She made guest appearances over the following seasons, so Jill wasn’t gone from fans’ minds completely.

Jill was practically fearless. She loved fast cars and jumping into investigations with both feet. When Jill left the Angels behind, it was actually to pursue a career in racing — and to follow her heart. Bravery, impulsiveness, and wearing her heart on her sleeve are sure signs Jill was a Gryffindor.

9 Sabrina Duncan: Hufflepuff

Sabrina In Charlies Angels Hufflepuff

Though she was the de facto leader of the first trio of Angels, Sabrina had more in common with Hufflepuffs than she did the typical leaders in Gryffindor.

During her time on the show, Sabrina was the one most likely to get her fellow investigators to reach a compromise when they disagreed on how to handle a case. Her peacemaking skills also extended to when her fellow Angels tended to get emotionally involved with clients or suspects. Sabrina left the group not to pursue a new career, but because she wanted to retire from the fast-paced lifestyle to start a family.

8 Alex Munday: Ravenclaw

Alex In Charlies Angels Movie Ravenclaw

In 2000, Alex Munday was part of a new generation of Charlie’s Angels in the big screen adaptation. Of the movie trio, she was the one most likely to be stuck in her head instead of following her gut in the field. That’s only one part of what sorted her into Ravenclaw.

Not only was Alex intelligent enough to fix a drive-thru speaker with chewing gum, but she was actually an astronaut before joining Charlie’s team. If something interested her at all, or if she could think of a way to improve a piece of technology in front of her, Alex went after it. That drive to know and apply her knowledge certainly reinforces her as a Ravenclaw.

7 Madison Lee: Slytherin

Madison In Charlies Angels Full Throttle Slytherin

Madison Lee had a single appearance in the Charlie’s Angels franchise. She was a fallen Angel in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. It’s not, however, simply her villain status that has her sorted into Slytherin. 

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Madison is someone who clearly enjoyed messing with people’s heads. She took a strange pleasure in confusing Natalie about her allegiances. Madison was likely the kind of Angel who enjoyed the con aspect of the job the most. The whole need for revenge and her ability to command a room — even as the bad guy — were just icing on the Slytherin cake.

6 Julie Rogers: Gryffindor

Julie In The Charlies Angels Series Gryffindor

Julie was the last of the original Angels. She joined the series in its final season as a former model who just wanted to help. Though she wasn’t a former police officer like so many Charlie’s Angels, she brought a lot to the table, and she was definitely sorted into Gryffindor. 

Julie took the initiative to investigate crimes against her fellow models on her own, even before the Townsend Agency was brought in to do the job. She also, with no training, dove on top of a car to ride along with the villains to keep them from getting away — and that was in her first appearance. Like Jill before her, Julie dove in with her entire heart.

5 Natalie Cook: Hufflepuff

Natalie In Charlies Angels Movie Hufflepuff

Though Natalie had a lot of specialized interests in the Charlie’s Angels movies, she didn’t quite fit in with Ravenclaw. Unlike Alex, Natalie didn’t aim to learn everything she could to excel at different subjects. She was also possibly the nicest of the Angels to ever grace any screen, which is largely why the Sorting Hat placed her in Hufflepuff.

Natalie avoided confrontation unless it was explicitly part of her case. She also was willing to play peacemaker if necessary, though the women of the movies didn’t seem to disagree as the women of the series. Even Natalie’s hobbies, like bird-watching, were non threatening ones that required patience and perseverance. She’s the epitome of a Hufflepuff.

4 Tiffany Welles: Ravenclaw

Tiffany In Charlies Angels Season 4 Ravenclaw

Tiffany joined the team after Sabrina made her departure, only staying with the Townsend Agency for the fourth season of the series — but she definitely made an impression. Her logical sensibilities and her ability to retain even the strangest details made her a shoe-in for Ravenclaw.

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Tiffany was one of the few Angels who didn’t only work as a police officer before joining the agency. She also had a university degree (though in what field wasn’t specified), and was an accomplished musician. Her interests were far and wide, and Tiffany had no problem attending trucking school in a short amount of time for a case. 

3 Dylan Sanders: Gryffindor

Dylan In Charlies Angels Movie Gryffindor

Of all the investigators in the Charlie’s Angels franchise, there’s not a single one who followed her heart more than Dylan Sanders. She often fell for the bad guys despite her superior investigation skills. Her knack for leading with her heart instead of her head might have got her into trouble a time or two, but it also sorted her right into Gryffindor at Hogwarts.

A rebellious childhood and teenage years meant Dylan picked up a lot of skills that most people wouldn’t. She had some great hand-to-hand combat skills, but her impulsiveness often made her more hit first, ask questions later.

2 Kris Munroe: Hufflepuff

Kris In Charlies Angels Series Hufflepuff

Kris got her introduction to the Townsend Agency because her big sister was original Angel Jill. While Jill was all about the thrills, Kris was all about the camaraderie. Cheryl Ladd stuck with the series until the very end, making Kris the second longest-running Angel. She’s also a very strong Hufflepuff.

Kris wasn’t always the peacemaker since she often worked with Angels more experienced than her, but she was always willing to be a team player. It didn’t matter what job another Angel (or Charlie, himself) proposed for her; she did it. She also clearly thought of all of the Angels as family, being one of the first to welcome new members of the team.

1 Kelly Garrett: Slytherin

Kelly In Charlies Angels Series Slytherin

The longest-running Angel of the franchise, Jaclyn Smith played Kelly Garrett through the entire run of the series. She also cameoed in the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle movie to give Dylan Sanders a little advice. Kelly often had a maternal attitude toward the other Angels, but she didn’t wind up in Hufflepuff. Instead, Kelly was sorted in Slytherin, which might be surprising to a lot of fans.

Despite being as sweet as pie, Kelly had a bit of an edge to her. Her favorite part of the job, admitted early on in the series, is conning men for information. Kelly was often the most duplicitous of the bunch, posing as a reporter, or any number of other professions to get information out of her marks. She didn’t need the thrill of the chase, but loved the thrill of subterfuge.

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