10 Harry Potter Characters Sorted To Their Myers-Briggs Personality "Houses"


The Harry Potter characters are all very deep, and it’s part of what makes the series so great. Each with their own distinct personalities, it’s clear that J.K. Rowling put a lot of time and work into making each of the characters believable and relatable. This means that they come across like real humans—which makes it possible to pinpoint their Myers-Briggs personality types!

This is just for fun. Some may disagree with these types, some may disagree with the whole Myers-Briggs system—but if you know your type, you just might be able to come here and find out which characters you’re most like.

10. Harry Potter: ISTP, The Craftsman

Despite being the main character of the series, Harry is a hard character to pin down. His tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve and have outbursts frequently means it’s all too easy to mistake him as an extrovert—but when you look closely, Harry is very guarded, with a tendency not to let too many people get too close, and he doesn’t like to talk about his problems.

He is, however, spontaneous and unpredictable, but still hard-working when he has a goal in mind—which makes him the absolute perfect ISTP. It’s just easy to mistake him for something else, which is fair. He’s been through a lot of trauma.


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9. Severus Snape: INTJ, The Mastermind

INTJs like to be alone and work best that way. They’re rational humans who enjoy problem-solving and putting things together to come up with a solution and are generally not too empathetic. They don’t open up to people and aren’t much concerned with human interaction making them come off as cold and aloof. Often, they’re the people most likely to be mistaken for evil because of the way their personality is.

Sounds familiar when it comes to Snape, who successfully fools even Lord Voldemort with his poker face. He’s definitely a good enough problem solver to be an INTJ. Even his chosen subject, potions, involves a lot more rationale than usual magic.


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8. Ron Weasley: ESFP, The Performer

There are many, many moments when Ron doesn’t exactly seem like a performer. He gets nervous initially when trying out for keeper, which almost forces him to miss out on a spot on the Quidditch team, and his habit of getting embarrassed easily means that he can often come across as insecure—which he definitely is.

But he undoubtedly loves attention and has a habit of showing off, and this is exactly what makes Ron a blatant ESFP. He laps up the attention he eventually gets through Quidditch and other things. At one point, it even goes as far as him conducting a chorus of ‘Weasley Is Our King’.

7. Hermione Granger: INTP, The Thinker

Hermione is pretty much an unmistakeable INTP, and the one least likely to be debated. INTPs aren’t quite as cold as INTJs but still absolutely brilliant thinkers who love logic. They also problem solve better than most, which sounds exactly like Hermione. Their keen eye for picking up on things mean they’re a great judge of character and makes it a bad idea to lie to them. Hermione was always able to read people in the series far better than the other characters. They love expressing their own genius and, as we know, Hermione was always a bit of a show off.

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6. Albus Dumbledore: ENFJ, The Teacher

Dumbledore is a mystery in many ways, but he seems to be an extrovert judging by the way he interacts with others. He’s also highly charismatic and personable, which makes ENFJ the perfect choice for him.

ENFJs are also very good at listening to feelings rather than logic and following their intuition, which Dumbledore seems to have a knack for. He manages to connect with a wide range of people as an ENFJ would do, even going so far as to try and connect with Draco Malfoy. It wasn't an easy task since Draco was joining the Death Eaters at the tie. He’s also highly principled—at least these days. Maybe not so much when he was running around with Grindelwald.

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5. Tom Riddle: ENTJ, The Commander

It’s debatable if Lord Voldemort would even have a Myers-Briggs type since he seems so far beyond humanity, but if he does, he’s an ENTJ.

ENTJs are commanders and have to be the leader in all ways. Even at Hogwarts, we know Riddle was manipulating the teachers, never content to sit and be educated by someone else. They have long-term goals that they tend to doggedly stick to and execute by any means possible—and in Voldemort’s case, this was blood supremacy.

They also tend to be charismatic and while it’s difficult to imagine Voldemort being likable by the time the books roll around when he was younger, he definitely did manage to persuade people to his side with worrying ease.


4, Minerva McGonagall: ESTJ, The Supervisor

McGonagall was a beloved character in the series. Even though she was often strict with Harry and harsh with her students, it was never in the same way as Snape—it was always obvious she meant well and wanted the best for them. They are honest and dedicated, very focused on what’s “right”. For example, even though it clearly pained her, McGonagall eventually came around to saying the name Voldemort when very few other people would. She knew it was the right thing to do and she was dedicated to maintaining morals that opposed him.

They also tend to be leaders of the pack, and McGonagall was definitely a good leader.


3. Ginny Weasley: ESTP, The Doer

We didn’t see too much of Ginny at the start of the series. She was just Ron’s little sister who had a crush on Harry because of his fame—but she eventually grew into her own and became a valued part of the series, and the woman who would end up marrying Harry and having three children with him.

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ESTPs “leap before they look”, which seems apt when you think of Ginny and Riddle’s diary. She’s also clearly extroverted due to her fierce nature and the way she handles confrontation, as well as the way she seems to crave social interaction more than the other characters. Ginny is very much a ‘doer’.


2. Luna Lovegood: INFP, The Idealist

Luna is a strange character, and a hard one to pinpoint based on our first encounter. She appears in book five as a somewhat harmlessly insane girl, with big dreams that make absolutely no sense in reality—and yet she seems like a truly good, well-intentioned person. She’s one of the few friends that Harry actually enjoys the company of when he’s going through difficult times. Probably because she’s also an outcast and seemingly can relate.

This makes it fairly obvious that she’s an INFP, who are nothing if not dreamers and fantasists. She’s clearly lost in her own world most of the time, which makes her personality type glaringly obvious.

1. Rubeus Hagrid: ISFP, The Composer

ISFPs are the introvert type that might not strike you as an introvert until you get to know them on a deeper level. They’re so warm and approachable that they masquerade as extroverts, and tend to live life to the absolute fullest.

Sound like someone?

Hagrid is definitely an ISFP. He’s friendly towards everyone that hasn’t wronged him, and he throws himself into things that he shouldn’t—like adopting magical creatures that definitely can’t be tamed. ISFPs love seeking out new experiences, and Hagrid has enough injuries to prove that he’s constantly doing just that.

Don’t mistake Hagrid for an extrovert! He’s just similar to one.

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