9Rubeus Hagrid - ISFP

HP Hagrid Powerful

Sweet, lovable Hagrid captured our hearts from the moment he busted down the door of that old shack. Hagrid is a man who prefers to let others take the spotlight and shys away from direct conflict whenever possible. Our favorite Groundskeeper and Care of Magical Creatures professor is an ISFP

personality type.

Hagrid sees the good in all living things, even dangerous creatures that others have deemed ugly or monstrous. He is one of the most loyal companions you could ever ask for and, despite his large exterior, is a big old softy on the inside. He is an excellent judge of character and will work hard to protect the things he cares about. ISFPs will be the first to offer you a Rock Cake if you're feeling down and because it's them you'll take a few since just making them happy makes you happy too.

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