Harry Potter Characters Who Share Your MBTI®

Harry Potter cast

The true magic of Harry Potter has always been its ability to capture our imagination. Spells feel like they fly off the page and we've learned to view the characters as our best friends. As time's gone on, it's become easier to understand and dissect the psychology and inner mentality of these characters. We know what motivates and drives them, along with how they view the world around them.

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So, we decided to Accio over their Myers-Briggs® personality test results to see what a few of our favorite Harry Potter characters might be categorized as. Here are just a handful of the Harry Potter Characters MBTI results!

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HP Hagrid Snape
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10 Severus Snape - ISTJ

HP Hagrid Snape

Severus Snape is crafty, resourceful, and holds himself in higher regards than most other people. He is a serious and quiet man, and will not tolerate any foolish wand waving in his classroom. The professor of the subtle sciences of potion making (and double agent for the Order of the Phoenix) is most definitely an ISTJ.

He is certainly an introvert and prefers to work alone, albeit towards a higher goal. He is a logical thinker and planner, constantly putting himself one step ahead of others so he can continue doing what he needs to. Severus Snape defines the ISTJ's Duty Fulfiller archetype, as his one goal in life was to make sure Lily Evans' child would be kept safe no matter what the cost, giving his own life to do so.

9 Rubeus Hagrid - ISFP

HP Hagrid Powerful

Sweet, lovable Hagrid captured our hearts from the moment he busted down the door of that old shack. Hagrid is a man who prefers to let others take the spotlight and shys away from direct conflict whenever possible. Our favorite Groundskeeper and Care of Magical Creatures professor is an ISFP personality type.

Hagrid sees the good in all living things, even dangerous creatures that others have deemed ugly or monstrous. He is one of the most loyal companions you could ever ask for and, despite his large exterior, is a big old softy on the inside. He is an excellent judge of character and will work hard to protect the things he cares about. ISFPs will be the first to offer you a Rock Cake if you're feeling down and because it's them you'll take a few since just making them happy makes you happy too.

8 Fred and George Weasley - ESFP

Fred and George Weasley Goblet of Fire

The Weasley Twins particular brand of chaos makes figuring out their personality as obvious as a Wildfire Whiz-bang. Loud, spontaneous, and passionate in their attempts to break or bend the rules? Fred and George Weasley are ESFPs, or the "Performer" personality type.

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These agents of mischief are the center of attention and enjoy making people laugh and giving everyone a good time. They are loyal and proud of their family and friends and are determined to make the lives of their enemies hell on earth. With quick wits and strong personalities, ESFPs like Fred and George are usually the life of the party. Just be cautious if things are quiet for too long when they're around.

7 Luna Lovegood - INFP

Luna Lovegood Reading the Quibbler from Harry Potter

Luna Lovegood's ability to have her head in the clouds might make you forget that she still has her feet firmly planted on the ground. Even though she's quiet and reflective, she can be strong and passionate when she needs to be. Her ability to see and believe in what others can't make her a strong candidate to be an INFP.

Known as "The Idealists", INFPs are curious, clever-minded individuals. Nargles and Blibbering Humdingers are not outside the realm of possibility for Luna, and why should they be? She holds fast to her beliefs because she sees what others don't; a more fun and creative world. Even if these creatures don't exist, believing in them is half the fun. Despite many calling her "Looney", the world would be a much more interesting place if there were more Luna Lovegoods around.

6 Neville Longbottom - ISFJ

How far our little Neville comes throughout the series. From a timid Gryffindor to a confident leader, Neville shows that courage is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of it. Despite the fear he feels, he helps his friends and protects them whenever he can. Kind, forgetful Neville Longbottom is certainly an ISFJ.

Neville's character arc is one that grows slowly across the series, to the point that the Neville in Book 1 who slept alone crying in a hallway because he couldn't remember the dormitory password is almost unrecognizable to the Neville who uses the Sword of Gryffindor to kill Nagini at the end of the story. He is determined to protect Harry and his friends, and shows immense bravery over the last year at Hogwarts. He has a strong moral compass and like other ISFJs works to make sure everyone is okay. But he's content with not taking the spotlight and is happy to do what he can to help.

5 Ginny Weasley - ESTP

Even though she starts out quiet and shy around Harry, we are able to see that Ginny is passionate and driven. When she eventually becomes comfortable around him, we see her for the confident and determined young woman she always was. As such, it's safe to say that Ginny Weasley can be categorized as an ESTP.

ESTPs are people who can go with the flow and adapt to most situations fairly well. They are quick-witted, passionate, and live in the here-and-now. Ginny becomes Harry's driving purpose in the last few books, giving him motivation and the courage to make the difficult choices he needs to make. The only girl of 7 siblings, Ginny Weasley is her own boss and doesn't let her brothers tell her what to do. ESTPs are doers and that title fits Ginny Weasley like a Weasley Christmas jumper.

4 Albus Dumbledore - ENFJ

Albus Dumbledore is certainly a contradictory figure. He can be quiet and contemplative or he can command a room's attention with a single word. Dumbledore may be a quiet man, but he enjoys chatting with others and sharing nightcaps with people. He is both popular and sensitive at the same time, which makes Dumbledore an ENFJ candidate.

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ENFJ is among the rarest MBTI type for men, so it makes sense though that this unusual personality type would belong to someone as equally as unusual as Dumbledore. ENFJs are extremely in tune with how others are feeling and view things from an emotional, human angle. Dumbledore is an enormous source of empathy for the plights of others and works hard to provide a space where all can learn and be safe under his guidance.

3 Hermione Granger - INTP

The smartest witch of our age would probably be the first to tell you what her Myers-Briggs result would be, having taken it years ago. Hermione is logical, extremely intelligent, and quick to come up with her own theories and ideas. There's no better candidate for being an INTP than Hermione Granger.

Known as "The Thinker" (because obviously), INTPs like Hermione are usually individualistic and dislike social interaction. For Hermione's many talents, she is certainly not a people person. However, she uses her clever mind and logic to help those she cares about, standing behind her beliefs with a firm conviction. Undoubtedly the brains of the Golden Trio, Hermione is there to make sure Harry and Ron don't get themselves killed...or worse, expelled.

2 Ron Weasley - ENFP

Ron would most certainly think that MBTIs are some strange Muggle inventions and think they're a waste of time. However, even Ron can't deny that he embodies many of the traits and virtues that make ENF's like him such stalwart friends and individuals, as well as determined and capable leaders in their own right. Weasley is our king, after all.

ENFPs are categorized by the idea that they are "Inspirers". These are people who bring out the best qualities in others. Ron is quick to speak his mind and tell you what he thinks of a plan, and despite being quick to rush into things is able to adapt to a situation when he needs to. Even if his ideas or choices don't work, they allow others to work off of and pivot from what he's done or thought of. Though the youngest of the Weasley boys, he is the one that inspires everyone around him to be braver and better.

1 Harry Potter - ISTP

The Boy Who Lived. The Chosen One. Public Enemy Number One. Harry Potter has gone by many titles during the seven books we follow him through. When looking at Harry's personality type, a new title emerged for him; "Craftsman", the personality type for ISTP's.

Despite the name, Craftsmen don't have to necessarily make or create things. Rather, they're determined individuals with a core belief system that they unwaveringly follow. Even though they are introverted by nature, ISTPs are able to lead and command others to follow their example. They're not afraid to break the rules if it means doing the right thing and they enjoy taking risks to see what might happen. All of these things are the qualities we've come to know and love about Harry in the years we've been introduced to him, and are the reason he makes for such an interesting protagonist.

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