18HURT: Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort

Fiennes portrayal of the Dark Lord was too theatrical. He turned a truly menacing character into a cowardly fool that had absolutely no chance of defeating a young boy.

Harry Potter exposed a battle between good and evil that existed right underneath our Muggle noses. While the hero performed exceptionally well, the villain didn’t particularly impress fans.

It took a while for Ralph Fiennes to agree to play Voldemort. He admits that he knew nothing about the books and didn’t

find the first Harry Potter movie appealing or interesting. However, his sister called him and told him that he had to play Voldemort simply because it was a major role and that her kids were reading the books.

Fiennes’ sister was entirely correct about the role being a major one. With his pale skin, missing nose, and pointed teeth, Voldemort has become one of the most iconic villains in pop culture.

He has a horrifying look that would haunt you in your nightmares. However, his personality isn’t so terrifying and that is entirely due to Fienne’s performance.

Through his expressions and overly used hand motions, Fiennes made Voldemort more comical than scary and undermined his cold and calculating nature that was built up in the books.

In fact, many fans preferred young Tom Riddle to the manic Voldemort that he grew up to become. At least when he was younger, Voldermort embraced his true deceptive nature.

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